MYANMAR – Mandalay – Sunset Cocktail Boat at U Bein Bridge

Crossing Taungthaman lake over 1.2 kilometer, U Bein is best admired from a Sampan boat where one can capture the whole length of the bridge, in privacy. And what is better than a cocktail to top off a sunset experience?


Classic, Family, Honeymoon

Country - City

Myanmar - Mandalay

Market segment

Groups, Thematic Leisure

Price Level


Max pax

100 persons


Best season from October to April

Arrival city


Departure city



U Bein bridge is a must-see from Mandalay region, especially at the end of the day when the sun is setting on the horizon, casting shadows of the locals crossing the bridge to go home. The scene is best captured from the distance, in a private boat where one can enjoy the peaceful atmosphere despite the surrounding buzz. The experience will be topped off with a refreshing cocktail and some snacks.

Can be combined with

Thematic Leisure

Mandalay – Amarapura Walking Tour


Selling points

  • U Bein Bridge is a must-see, particularly at sunset. Experiencing the sunset from the Sampan boat allows for a more private and special experience
  • From the boat, the travellers can better capture the whole length of the bridge and take the famous picture of the bridge with the sunset setting on the other side
  • Though Sampan boats can be rented on spot to cross the lake, they do not offer the special set up we will prepare for the travellers with cocktail and snack
  • We are working with a fleet of boat operators we trust to make the experience the most enjoyable – take time for the travellers to take picture and enjoy the moment
  • Despite the surrounding buzz at the bridge, hopping on a boat always remain a special moment of quiet
  • Travellers will have time to both walk along the bridge and hop on the boat for the best photo opportunities from both point of view
  • Must-do for photographers to capture the best shots

Time And Transportation

From To Distance By Duration
Mandalay U Bein Bridge 11 kilometers Car 25 mintues
Ava jetty U Bein Bridge 12 kilometers Car 25 minutes


30 minutes to 45 minutes (Evening)

Min pax

1 person

Max pax

100 persons

How to sell it

  • Only sell in the evening at sunset
  • Suitable for FIT – GIT and INCENTIVE
  • 4 pax maximum per boat: the boat can have 4 pax – advised to quote 2 pax per boat if the group is not big (Incenvite will be 4 pax per boat)
  • Add it in your program for clients with higher budget: clients often don’t like to arrive at U Bein and see that it is possible to have a private boat but that they were not offered the option
  • The difference between booking a boat on spot and booking this service with us: we prepare a cocktail set up on the boat (normal boats do not have mini tables with cocktail)
  • Must recommend for photographer tours!!! The best location to take picture of the whole length of the bridge
  • Inform clients that travellers will have time to both walk along the bridge and go on the boat if they want to
  • The boats are located on Amarapura side of U Bein
  • Always busy in high season, it is a “must see” for many travellers – not a Signature from us
  • Not advised for guests with mobility issues (wheel chairs, etc.)

Why this activity

  • A must do for most travellers – booking the service with an agent allows for a special cocktail set up on the boat (normal boats do not offer anything – just the cruise)
  • We also make sure to work with the same fleet of boats where the operators are used to take their time and be careful while paddling
  • Ideal to take picture of the bridge in its full length – not possible from the ground!

Good to combine with

  • At the end of the day after a classic Mandalay tour
  • At the end of the day after Ava
  • Arrival day from another town if clients arrive by road at the end of the afternoon (be very careful with sunset timing in winter!!)
  • Amarapura to Ava by bike: possible to combine even if clients start the biking tour at Amarapura, they can still come back to the bridge on the drive back to Mandalay ONLY if they started the biking tour in the afternoon!!

Do not combine with

  • Any other evening activity in Mandalay – timing will be too tight: oil lamp ceremony, Sunset Talk at Yankin Hill, Evening chanting, etc.
  • IMPORTANT: if clients want to see the bridge without any tourists, they will need to come in the morning but obviously there will be no sunset so the landscape is less impressive. For photographers, you can offer to come at both times (early morning and sunset time), for other travellers, do not offer both.

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Competitor comparison

  • Mostly operated by Cruise companies (such as Sanctuary Ananda for example) where cruise clients get a glass of champagne on the boat


  • Offers a sense of privacy and special experience despite U Bein being one of the most touristy place of the country
  • Best way to get the pictures of the bridge we see everywhere


  • Not available in rainy season
  • Crowded in high season – clients will not be alone on the lake (even if the other boats do not have cocktail and snacks)

Price range

19 USD/pax (based on 2 pax)

Quotation guideline

  • On ERP “Sunset Cocktail Boat at U Bein”


  • Cocktail or Punch or Rum sour (2 cups) + 1 Myanmar Beer (upon request)
  • Snacks (French fried, Vegetable Tempura, Peanut and Tea leaf salad)
  • Boat Fees – can fit 4 pax per boat – advised to quote 2 pax per boat if the group is not big (Incenvite will be 4 pax per boat)


  • Easia Guide Fee
  • Transportation for clients

Important notes

  • Cocktail and snacks are organised by Unique Myanmar Cocktail
  • Boats are provided by Ava Maria
  • Check with Sales team if there are any guests with mobility issues

Special Guide notes

  • Reconfirm with Mandalay Office at least one day ahead and request contacts of boat driver and restaurant
  • Coordinate with boat driver to make sure clients experience the best views of sunset
  • Check with OP Team if there are any guests with mobility issues.


  • Cocktail and snacks are organized by Unique Myanmar Cocktail
  • Boats are provided by Ava Maria
  • Mandalay office coordinate the service


Sunset Cocktail Boat at U Bein Bridge

As the sun sets on the city of Amarapura, you will enjoy the special atmosphere on the legendary U Bein bridge, said to be the longest teak bridge in the world. Built in 1782, while Amarapura was still a royal city, the bridge is still used daily by locals to head home in the evening. From a small local boat, you will admire the sun casting long shadows of the villagers crossing the bridge. Enjoy some refreshing cocktails and delicious snacks to celebrate the end of a perfect day before returning downtown.


Cocktail et coucher de soleil au pont U Bein

Une fois que le soleil commence à se coucher vous pourrez commencer à flâner le long du légendaire Pont U Bein, le plus long pont en teck du monde, qui a été construit en 1782 lorsque Amarapura était le centre de l’attention royale. Empruntez une petite barque pour une balade sur le lac peu profond de Taungthaman. Profitez de l’atmosphère très particulière des lieux en dégustant une bière locale ou un cocktail ainsi que quelques mets locaux.


Atardecer en el puente de U Bein con cócteles y pinchos

Mientras que atardezca sobre la ciudad de Amarapura, disfrutaréis el ambiente especial que tiene el puente legendario de U Bein, conocida como el puente más largo de teca en el mundo. Construida en 1782, mientras que Amarapura todavía era una ciudad real, el puente todavía es usado diariamente por los residentes para regresar a casa. Desde una lancha pequeña típica de la zona, admiraréis el sol dando sombras a los pueblanos cruzando el puente. Disfrutad de algunos cócteles refrescantes y pinchos deliciosos para celebrar el fin del día perfecto antes de regresar al centro.


Cocktail al tramonto in barca a il ponte U Bein

Una volta che il sole comincia a tramontare potrete cominciare a passeggiare lungo il leggendario ponte U Bein, il più grande ponte in teak del mondo costruito nel 1728 quando Amarapura era il centro della vita reale. Salite su una piccola barca per una gita sul lago di Taungthaman. Approfittate dell’atmosfera particolare al tramonto gustando una birra locale o qualche specialitál posto sulle rive del lago.


Sonnenuntergangs-Cocktail-Boot an der U-Bein-Brücke

Kurz vor Sonnenuntergang geht es nach Amarapura, Myanmars vorletzte königliche Hauptstadt, auch „Stadt der Unsterblichkeit“ genannt. Sobald die Sonne anfängt zu sinken, führt ein kurzer Spaziergang zur Ubein Brücke, die 1782 erbaut wurde, als Amarapura noch das königliche Zentrum war. Sie steigen in ein kleines Fischerboot um und genießen eine Fahrt auf dem See. Genießen Sie Ihren Cocktail in dieser einmaligen Atmosphäre während die Sonne langsam untergeht. Lassen sie sich diese Kulisse zum Sonnenuntergang nicht entgehen.