MYANMAR – Nyaung Shwe – Quarry Dinner



Country - City

Myanmar - Nyaung Shwe

Market segment


Price Level


Max pax

100 persons


October to April

Arrival city

Nyaung Shwe

Departure city

Nyaung Shwe


A short drive from Nyaung Shwe lies an ancient stone pit with delightful and elegant setting, serving Shan barbecue dinner, unlimited open bar, entertainment with Shan folk show, music, dance floor and private artisan night market to stroll around and discover traditional craftsmanship. A stunning location and atmosphere to enjoy an extraordinary gala dinner.

Selling points

  • A surprising setting for an outdoor gala dinner which stands out from the more traditional options offered around Inle Lake
  • An unusual location creating a guaranteed “wow effect” as the set-up and lighting highlights the dramatic rock formation
  • Fun and casual night where a craft market, traditional BBQ and traditional dance are offered as entertainment before transitioning into a night disco with DJ
  • Exclusively for Incentive groups looking for an extraordinary last night in Inle Lake…without being on the lake

Time And Transportation

From To Distance By Duration Road condition
Nyaung Shwe Quarry Dinner / Bus 15 Minutes Good
Hotels from Eastern shore  Quarry Dinner / Bus 45 Minutes Good



  • Starting time is around 6 pm.
  • Ending time is midnight.

Min pax

40 person

Max pax

100 persons

How to sell it

  • Almost exclusively for Incentive – can be offered to GIT with a high budget
  • Recommend to offer from October-April for perfect weather
  • Only schedule on the last night on Inle Lake as a climactic experience
  • The location of the quarry is not on the lake, but nearby Nyaung Shwe, clients will have to go there by bus – advised to have a hotel with access by road
  • All logistics taken care of by ViewPoint Lodge

Why this activity

  • To have a unique alternative for gala dinners
  • Unparalleled setting and atmosphere
  • Flexibility on duration (available until midnight)
  • Quality food with unlimited open bar to enjoy

Good to combine with

  • Classic sightseeing around Inle Lake
  • Suitable as special farewell dinner

Do not combine with

  • Any dinner activities in Inle Lake or Nyaung Shwe
  • Floating hotels in Inle Lake

Market suggestion















Competitor comparison

  • This service is arranged by Viewpoint Eco Lodge and it offers to other DMCs as well


  • An exclusive event and experience
  • Easily accessible from Nyaung Shwe or hotels on the shore of Inle Lake
  • Dramatic dinner setting and quality food
  • Flexibility on duration


  • Depends on weather (not available in rainy season, May to September)
  • Not suitable for travelers who stay at floating hotels
  • Travelers with mobility issues will have difficulties since ground of the quarry is uneven for wheelchairs to move smoothly


  • Recommended maximum pax is 100
  • Shan BBQ Hot Pot (set menu) is served during the dinner with unlimited portions
  • Drinks included: welcome cocktail, wine and unlimited open bar
  • Inform supplier in advance about food allergies or special dietary requirements
  • Please be careful – this service is not available during rainy season
  • Please always offer hotels in Inle Lake which are accessible only by car when this service is included because the dinner will finish at late night
  • Recommend to confirm and book the service as early as possible since the organizer requires 1 month to do preparations

Price range

7,000 USD per event

Quotation guideline

  • On ERP
  • 7000 USD per event 1 to 4 pax
  • Extra 100 USD per pax from 5 to 100 pax


  • Event Set ups
  • Entertainment
  • Facilities & Equipment
  • Meals with welcome cocktail, wine and unlimited open bar

Remark: Please see the details of all inclusions in Remark Section.


  • Transportation
  • Zone Fee
  • Easia Guide


Detail Inclusions

Event Set Up

·Bamboo furniture construction: chairs, tables, benches, 1 shed per table.
· Construction of the night market.
· Construction of the bamboo amphitheater
· Construction of the bar
· Set-up of dance floor
· Decoration, light logistic
· Construction of kitchen and production area
· Land and access road preparation: we blow with explosives the surface of the quarry. Note the quarry is still in function.


· Shan folk dance show and orchestra
· Disc-jokey
· Artisan night market: Umbrella making, Ironsmith, silk waving, silversmith, etc.

Facilities & Equipment

· Full table service and kitchen equipment
· All tribal costumes of Shan State
· Lighting, petrol lamps, candles and campfires
· Sound system and DJ station
· Generator
· Chemical toilet
· Transportation


· Welcome cocktail at the night market with Shan tapas and finger food
· BBQ Hot-Pot dinner
· Selected white and red wine during the dinner
· Full Open bar served without limit of consumption.


Important notes

  • Reservation is required to make by Easia Yangon office
  • Recommend to confirm and book the service as early as possible since the organizer requires 1 month to do preparations
  • Recheck with Sales Team for food allergies or special diet and guests with mobility issues
  • Payment will be settled by Easia Inle office

Special Guide notes

  • Provide restaurant contact to guide
  • Recheck if there are travelers with food allergies or special diet and guests with mobility issues


Viewpoint Ecolodge

Address: Corner of Heaven Road, Yone Gyi St, Nyaungshwe, Inle Lake, Shan State.

Phone: 09450006601 (Reservation), 09428359004 (F&B Manager), 09254227546 (Resident Manager)



Special Information

Shan BBQ Hot Pot Dinner Menu

Tapas starter

  1. Tofu fritter with green pepper dipping sauce
  2. Spring onion fritter with tamarind dipping sauce
  3. Roasted fresh peanuts with crispy leek roots

Fish and meat

  1. Fresh water prawn with lemongrass
  2. Garail fish fillet with fresh mint and chili
  3. Chicken thigh seasoned chili and sesame oil
  4. Duck breast glazed with honey
  5. Pork loin marinated with Shan coffee
  6. Beef tenderloin with herbs and peppers garnishing
  7. Citrus salad with roasted peanut powder
  8. Chickpeas tofu salad with paprika and chilli pepper
  9. Warm aubergine salad with fresh pounded tomato
  10. Tomato salad with sweet basil with roasted rice crackers
  11. Creamer potatoes tempura with fresh bay leaf
  12. Brown rice cracker


  1. Pumpkin custard
  2. Chocolate mousse lemongrass crème brûlée


Taking a break from the quiet waters of Inle Lake, your group will celebrate a special night dining under the stars in the most unusual location: a rock quarry! Bamboo tables, elegantly decorated, are set up among dramatic rock formations subtly illuminated to create a cozy, yet impressive, atmosphere. Cocktails, traditional barbecue and Pa O traditional dance will top off this unique night of celebration!


Eloignez-vous un instant des eaux paisibles du lac Inle pour un diner d’exception sous les étoiles dans un lieu des plus insolites : une carrière à deux pas de Nyaung Shwe ! Au cœur de la carrière, des tables en bambou, ont été dressées élégamment pour une soirée de gala unique. Cocktails, barbecue traditionnel et danse Pa O, ethnie vivant aux abords du lac, promettent une soirée de gala festive. Les formations rocheuses, illuminées discrètement, créeront une atmosphère à la fois intime et impressionnante.