THAILAND – Bangkok – Bangkok Family Discovery

From a klong tour to beautiful Wat Saket, experiencing local transportation and iconic thai food along the way. An immersive and interactive day for parents and kids to share and discover some symbols of Bangkok and Thailand.


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All Year Long – Might be hot in April

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A family-focused Bangkok highlight discovery tour. The tour will start in afternoon with a peaceful stroll along the Bangkok Yai canal to a charming 200 year old traditional house by the khlong. Kids and parents will be able to put their skill and creativity to the test while decorating papier-mâché masks.
Once back on the old Bangkok riverbank there will be a chance to discover the colorful Pak Khlong Talad, the biggest wholesale and retail fresh flower market in Bangkok. It will be an occasion to buy flowers and have a family competition to see who is the most talented in flower folding, an art that all Thai people are initiated in from an early age. The exploration continues after a scenic tuk-tuk ride to the Golden Mount temple from where there will be a nice view over the city at the end of afternoon. The tour will finish amongst locals while savoring one of the delicious local dishes in a little family restaurant which has been recommended by Michelin.

Selling points

  • A different approach to discover Bangkok by combining sightseeing and guests’ creativity.
  • A tour specially dedicated to families with young kids.
  • Ideal timing for a family by having a morning at leisure and finishing early.
  • The iconic symbols of Bangkok and Thailand: klong tour with the Artist House, the flower Market, a tuk tuk tour, one of the nicest temples of Bangkok and one of traditional street food experiences accessible even to a westerner’s and kid’s palate.

Time And Transportation

From To Duration km by Road condition
Bangkok Riverside Area Yodpiman pier 15 min 5 – 6 car Good – Often Traffic Jam
Saphan Taksin Yopdman pier 12 min 3 Local Ferry or longtail boat River
Bangkok Sukhumvit Area Yodpiman Pier 35 – 45 min 10 – 12 car Often Traffic Jam
Silom/Sathorn Area Yodpiman Pier 20 – 30 min 6 – 8 car Often Traffic Jam
Sukhumvit / Silom/Sahorn Area Sanam Chai MRT Station 25 min 10 MRT (underground) Subway


  • Duration: approximate 7 hours 30 – from 12:30 to 20:00 – Excluding transfer to pier

Min pax


Max pax


How to sell it

  • Private only for families – no join-in option
  • Recommended for Family groups of 2 families – Configuration 2A + 2C
  • But can be also proposed to anybody.
  • Easia Signature
  • A reasonable pace for family.
  • A different approach: Bangkok highlight but offering to kids and parents a moment of creativity (mask painting, flower folding) and interaction (Baan Silapin Puppets show if happening and falling on good days)
  • An ideal location for guests staying on riverside area or Chinatown (Riverpier access)
  • As dedicated for family: recommended to let morning at leisure
  • The street food experience at the end is consistent enough so streetfood dinner is considering as a real dinner. (Especially for children). No need to combine with restaurant after.
  • The tour is normally limited to 8 pax which is the maximum capacity of Quick Garland making workshop by Expique. So ERP will be limited to 8 pax. But in case of more capacity it seems that exceptionnally Expique could agree to extent the capacity of the Quick Garland making workshop to 16 pax as long as our Easia Guide assists Expique Staff.

Why this activity

  • To propose a family day activity for a different discovery of Bangkok.

Good to combine with

  • Siam Ocean World in the morning
  • If children are old enough maybe a last drink at Printing House Poshtel Rooftop

Do not combine with

  • Any too tough morning (think about most of the time children will be 2)
  • Any restaurant after the tour
  • Any biking Tour.

Market suggestion















Competitor comparison

  • The tour is a combination of some highlights of Bangkok easy and already sold by Competitors.
  • Easia uses it own suppliers and guide except the Garland Making which is provided by Expique – The Market Experience.


  • An ideal rhythm for family with children
  • In a half day, all highlight of Bangkok with local transportation
  • Ideal directions: departure from Riverside: easy to propose from Saphan Taksin, Riva Surya, River City, Ratchawong.
  • An interative and creative dimension in this tour: Mask Painting / flower folding / Puppet Show
  • A sustainable dimension: Sustainable human / using local transportation / local restaurant


  • Outside activity (longtailboat / Tuk Tuk / Wat Saket): submitted to weather
  • Might be hot in April
  • Puppet show cannot really be guaranteed and used as a selling point in the program text. (Can be cancelled)
  • Puppet show isn’t daily.
  • If flower folding is in the local flower shop (often shophouse), space could be restrictive.
  • In afternoon, lotus might not be easy to find.
  • Could be hot for children in afternoon.
  • In case of more than 2 children, capacity of Tuk Tuk could be an issue.
  • Climbing in Wat Saket could be difficult for small children (as it will be the end of the tour.)
  • Might be hot in April
  • Ann Guai Tiaw Kua Gai restaurant doesn’t accept booking: Guests might to have to wait (very popular local restaurant) but if guides call in advance the owner can try to organize to block table but won’t be able to do it too long.


  • We recommend a minimum age 6 for children to really enjoy the experience.
  • Ideal configuration for this tour is 2A+1C or 2 ADT+2C


  • Any allergies or food restrictions should be told to operations and guides. Especially shrimps and eggs allergies
  • Puppet show might be not happening without prior notice. Be careful if you use it as an argument of selling.: Puppet show is usually scheduled at 14:00 but only Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Can be cancelled without any prior notice if artists are booked somewhere.

Important information

  • Don’t forget to propose a lunch before going to Yodpiman Jetty. Recommended to provide lunch in a restaurant near Yodpiman before the activity.

Price range

Base 4 (2ADT + 2 CHD) = 2900 THB / adt and 800 / CHD

Quotation guideline

Module to create: product composed by different services + Quick Garland Making by Expique

  • Boat fees
  • Pier fees and Tip for boatman
  • Material for Mask Painting workshop
  • Ice Cream at Baan Silapin
  • Activity Quick Garland Making by Expique the Market experience (to add in the module)\
  • Tuk Tuk Ride from Pak Klong Talad to Wat Saket – Guide will be on standby
  • Wat Saket visit
  • One Signature Dish @ Ann Guai Tiaw Kua Ga
  • 1 Drink / perso
  • Donation to Wat Saket
  • Tip to Driver
  • Extra will apply if drop off is required to Sukhumvit Silom Sathorn area



  • Longtailboat fees
  • Pier fees and Tip for boatman
  • Material for Mask Painting workshop
  • Flowers for folding activity
  • One Signature dish at local Restaurant
  • Tuk Tuk Ride from Pak Klong Talad to Wat Saket
  • Donation to Wat Saket
  • Tip to Driver


  • Transport in/out from hotel to Jetty.
  • Guide fees

Important notes

The tour is composed of

1- One klong tour 1 hour to Baan Silapin: meeting time is 12:30 (recommended at Yodpiman)
2- Baan Silapin: 13:30: Baan Silapin experience with Mask painting for kids
3- If operating day: 14:00 Puppet show at Baan Silapin
4- Drop off at 15:30 at Yodpiman
5- Pak Klong Talad visit (approximate 30 min to be at 16:00) by our Easia Guide
6- Quick Garland Making activity by Expique the Market Experience. 30 min)
7- 16:30: Tuk Tuk ride to Wat Saket
8- Wat Saket visit
9- Tuk Tuk ride to Ann Guay Tiaw Kua Gay

  • Easia Guide must by Mask and invite guests and kids to paint
  • Easia Guide must by Ice cream for guests at Artist’s House
  • Reservations will handle the booking with Expique ensuring the slot in private is well block for the group or family. But Operation must coordinate with Expique to double check the timings.

Special Guide notes

  • Guide must organize to be around 16:00 at Pak Klong Talad
  • Provide a short Pak Klong Talad tour – Approximate 30 minute
  • After Pak Klong Talad Tour guide must go to the Expique – Market Experience office located in the Flower Market
  • Guide must assists Expique Instructor and guide to translate and handle the families

Different Choicess

  • Regular Klong Tour with Baan Silapin


  • Tuk Tuk supplier: Tuk Tuk P Noy 083 139 8397
  • Expique – The Market experience: How to book:
    • Email to
    • Possible to call 085 873 3308
    • Online booking possible in case of emergency but payment will be requested at time of booking


Special Information

  • Any dietary restrictions must be advised upon booking


Family Discovery in Bangkok

This afternoon you will have the opportunity to discover the City of Angels with your family. Your private longtail boat will take you through peaceful khlongs until you arrive at the charming 200-year-old traditional artist’s house of Baan Silapin. Here you and your kids will be able to test your painting skills and creativity while decorating ‘papier-mâché’ masks for puppets which are usually used by artists during traditional puppet shows.
Back in the old quarter of Bangkok, during a short stroll through the colorful flower market of Pak Klong Talad, you will realize the importance of flowers and their different uses and symbols in the lives of Thai people. Let your kids challenge you with the art of folding flowers, a skill that all Thai people are initiated in from an early age! Then jump into a tuk-tuk and head to Wat Saket, better known as the Golden Mountain from where you can admire a panoramic view of the royal district and the ‘skyline’ of Bangkok which reveals a contrast of glittering temples and modern skyscrapers. A few meters away, you will mingle with locals who gather in the late afternoon for dinner. Steaming stoves, artists of Thai cuisine, intriguing aromas wafting down the street, your afternoon will end with these cooks preparing some of the best local specialties for you.

Duration: approximately 7 hours from 13:00 to 20:00
Meal included: 1 ice cream and 1 dinner in local restaurant


Découverte de Bangkok en famille

Cet après-midi, c’est en famille que vous aurez l’occasion de découvrir la cite des anges. En bateau longue queue, au fil de scènes de vie quotidiennes des paisibles khlongs, vous atteindrez la charmante maison traditionnelle d’artiste de Baan Silapin, vieille de 200 ans. Vous pourrez vous essayer avec vos enfants à la décoration de masques traditionnels tout en profitant de la vue paisible sur le canal.
De retour vers le vieux quartier de Bangkok, une balade à Pak Klong Talad, le marché aux fleurs, vous permettra de vous rendre compte de l’importance des fleurs et leurs différentes utilisations et symboles dans la vie des thaïlandais. Laissez vos enfants vous défiez à l’art du pliage de fleurs et de guirlandes. Vous sauterez ensuite à bord de votre tuk-tuk privé pour vous rendre au Wat Saket plus connu sous le nom de la Montagne d’or. Vous pourrez admirer la vue panoramique sur le quartier royal et la ‘skyline’ de Bangkok révélant un Bangkok tout en contraste entre temples scintillants et modernité des grattes ciels.
A quelques mètres de là, vous pourrez vous mêler aux habitants qui commencent à se réunir en fin d’après-midi pour le repas du soir. Poêles crépitantes, artistes de la cuisine thaï, arômes uniques embaumant la rue, votre après-midi s’achèvera par le spectacle dans une des petites gargottes de ces cuisiniers en train de vous préparer une de leur spécialités dont raffolent les habitants.

Durée de l’activité : environ 7 heures de 13h 00 à 20h 00
Repas inclus : 1 glace et 1 dîner dans un restaurant local


Alla scoperta di Bangkok con la famiglia

Questo pomeriggio avrete l’opportunità di scoprire la città degli angeli insieme alla vostra famiglia. Navigando a bordo di una barca privata a coda lunga assisterete a scene di vita quotidiana che si svolgono lungo i tranquilli khlong, fino all’incantevole casa tradizionale dell’artista Baan Silapin, un edificio risalente a 200 anni fa. Qui, voi e i vostri bambini potrete mettere alla prova il vostro estro pittorico e la vostra creatività nella decorazione delle maschere di cartapesta per i burattini solitamente utilizzati dagli artisti durante i tradizionali spettacoli.

Tornando nel centro storico di Bangkok, con una breve passeggiata nel colorato mercato dei fiori di Pak Klong Talad, scoprirete l’importanza dei fiori e dei loro diversi usi e simboli nella vita dei thailandesi. Potrete poi sfidare i vostri figli nell’arte di piegare i fiori, un’attività che tutti i thailandesi imparano fin da piccoli! Saltando a bordo di un tuk tuk vi recherete quindi a Wat Saket, meglio conosciuto come la Montagna d’Oro, da dove potrete ammirare una vista panoramica del distretto reale e dello skyline di Bangkok con i suoi templi scintillanti e i moderni grattacieli che danno vita a un curioso contrasto tra tradizione e vita moderna. A pochi metri di distanza, la gente del posto si dà appuntamento per la cena. Tra fornelli fumanti, artisti della cucina thailandese, profumi stuzzicanti che si diffondono per le strade, il vostro pomeriggio si concluderà con lo spettacolo di questi cuochi che prepareranno per voi uno dei migliori Pad Thai di Bangkok.

Duration: approximately 7 hours from 13:00 to 20:00
Meal included: 1 ice cream and 1 dinner in local restaurant


Notes for Sales:
Private activity.
Operates all year round.

Please advise any dietary requirement or food allergy.
Puppet show is usually scheduled at 14:00 but only Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Can be cancelled without any prior notice.