CAMBODIA – Siem Reap – A Taste of Cambodian Cuisine

Experience the fastest and easiest way to discover Cambodian cuisine in a single evening by tuk-tuk. This is a great way to explore the Cambodian gastronomy and the cozy atmosphere of Siem Reap city center while dining on local delicacies in 3 different places.


Art & Culture, Classic, Family, Gastronomy

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Cambodia - Siem Reap

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Thematic Leisure

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All year round

Arrival city

Siem Reap

Departure city

Siem Reap


By blending subtle flavours and spices, Cambodian cuisine sets itself apart from the many other styles of food in Southeast Asia. We choose the best place to eat when travelling is not always easy. Still, we offer a “three in one” solution where we taste different flavours and atmospheres in one evening with a professional Tuk Tuk driver. This is a great way to explore Cambodian gastronomy, savouring local specialities in three curated venues.

Selling points

  • A food tour to discover three restaurants and their specialities in one single evening
  • Immersive dining in Cambodian cuisine
  • The charm of the transportation by tuk-tuk in Siem Reap city

Time And Transportation

From To KM Duration Road condition
Hotel in town Pou restaurant 2km 8 minutes Good
Pou restaurant The Sugar Palm restaurant 800 meters  4 minutes Good
The Sugar Palm restaurant Malis restaurant 1km 3 minutes Good


3hours evening dining tour with a private tuk-tuk

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Max pax


How to sell it

  • Medium or high-end budget profile
  • An evening dining tour for FIT or small GIT, from couple to family or friends
  • An exceptional evening dining experience in the best three Cambodian restaurants in town

Why this activity

  • A joyful dining experience from starter to main course and dessert within three Cambodian restaurants
  • A leisurely dining tour without the tour guide
  • The tuk-tuk driver had been trained and known the places well
  • The tuk-tuk driver can listen and speak English
  • The English or French information letter to explain each place is available on a tuk-tuk.

Good to combine with

Any day tour

Do not combine with

Evening food tour on the same day

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  • Reliable supplier
  • The tuk-tuk driver is well trained and knows the places well
  • The tuk-tuk driver speaks English
  • No need tour guide
  • A welcome kit is provided, giving some information about each step
  • Great opportunity to taste three different restaurant food and atmosphere in one evening


  • Not available on Monday



18:30 – 19:00: pick up from hotel and to Pou Restaurant (tasting starter platter including wrapped river shrimp, beef salad and num Kruk+ 1 drink)

19:00 – 20:00: Transfer to The Sugar Palm restaurant  (fish amok and grilled eggplant with minced pork+ 1 drink)

20:00 – 21:00: Transfer to Malis restaurant (Kampot pepper creme brûlée and Malis mousse infused with jasmine flower + 1drink)

21:00: Transfer to hotel


This tour isn’t available on Monday 

Important information

This evening dining tour doesn’t require a tour guide to escort clients as we already have information letters in English or French languages to explain each place.

Price range


Quotation guideline

Follow product name: A Taste of Cambodian Cuisine – Taste Siem Reap


  • Tuk tuk (1-4pax per tuk tuk).
  • 3 restaurants: Pou restaurant (starter + 1 drink), The Sugar Palm (main course + 1 drink), Malis (desert + 1drink) per pax.
  • Information letter in French or English languages.


  • Tips
  • Other don’t mention from above

Possible Extra

  • Additional drinks on the sport by client’s account.
  • Supplement charge for tuk-tuk drivers if clients want to use the same tuk-tuk driver to go somewhere else around town. This supplement is on the client’s account on the spot, and cash pays directly to the driver.

Important notes

  • This tour isn’t available on Monday.
  • Always send your request to the supplier with the product name: A Taste of Cambodian Cuisine.
  • This tour doesn’t require a tour guide, so always mention the exact name of the hotel, the client’s name, and the time to pick up the supplier.


Mrs. Evi Elli – Taste Siem Reap founder

Email: 017 479 162

Tel: [email protected]

Special Information

Some questions can be asked about this product:

Clients will not be accompanied by a tour guide. So how does it work exactly?

The Tuk Tuk Driver will of course take them around and drop them at the locations.

Will there be any explanations about the menu?

The staff will present each dish at the restaurants.

Is there a choose of menu at each location or a set menu? The food is pre-ordered so guests cannot choose.

We have worked with the chefs to select the signature dishes at each place. Also if guests were to choose it would take too long.

Can they choose between meat, fish, vegetarian, vegan?

All dietary restrictions can be catered for and we just need to know in advance, please check to be sure and note for reservation team.

Will they receive some information why certain dishes have been chosen and what is specific about them?

It’s the signature dishes chosen by the chefs in each place. In the welcome pack we also include a description about each place.

Could you give some examples which dishes will be served?

Pou – tasting starter platter including wrapped river shrimp, beef salad and num Kruk. Sugar palm – fish amok and grilled eggplant with minced pork. Malis – Kampot pepper creme brûlée and Malis mousse infused with jasmine flower.

What is special about these restaurants? Pls. advise why has Easia chosen exactly those restaurants?

These restaurants take you on a culinary journey in Siem Reap to discover some of the best Cambodian food in town.


A Taste of Cambodian Cuisine

It’s not always easy to choose the best place to dine in a foreign city, so we have a “three in one” solution. Enjoy a multi-stage dinner with starter, main course, and dessert in three different restaurants, carefully chosen for their flavors and atmosphere. One evening, the curious traveler will discover a selection of our favorite dishes and addresses in Siem Reap.

Included :

1. Pou – starter and one drink per person
2. The Sugar Palm – main course and one drink per person
3. Malis – dessert and one drink per person

Note :

– Every day except Monday


La cuisine cambodgienne pour les gastronomes

Il n’est pas toujours facile de choisir le meilleur endroit pour dîner dans une ville étrangère, nous avons pour cela une solution “trois en un”. Profitez d’un dîner en plusieurs étapes avec entrée, plat principal et dessert dans trois restaurants différents, soigneusement choisis pour leurs saveurs et leur atmosphere. En une seule soirée, le voyageur et gastronome curieux découvrira une selection de nos plats et adresses favorites à Siem Reap.

1. Pou – entrée et une boisson par personne
2. The Sugar Palm – plat principal et une boisson par personne
3. Malis – dessert et une boisson par personne

Note :

– Tous les jours sauf le lundi