LAOS – Muang Ngoi – Visit the Muang Ngoi Viewpoint

Located on a hilltop overlooking the Nam Ou River, the viewpoint offers spectacular views of the lush jungle and winding river.



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Laos - Muang Ngoi

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Groups, Thematic Leisure

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October to May (possible in the rainy season though not recommended)

Arrival city

Muang Ngoi

Departure city

Muang Ngoi


Pha Noy Viewpoint is a popular spot in Muang Ngoi, Laos. Located on a small hilltop (“Pha Noy” means small hill) overlooking the Nam Ou River, the viewpoint offers spectacular views of the lush jungle and winding river. The perfect spot for a morning or afternoon walk, the viewpoint is accessible by a winding path and is surrounded by dense forest and stunning limestone cliffs.

2h / 2.3km / +140m – the top can be reached in 40-45 minutes. The trail starts and ends in the town. The trail forks halfway, with a steeper, more adventurous route to the top going to the left and an easier way going to the right.

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Thematic Leisure

Selling points

  • The views over the town are beautiful and really lets visitors get a feel for where they are.
  • It is an easy walk that is accessible to most travelers.
  • The route is varied, passing through farmland, coffee plantations, forest, and rocky areas.

Level Of The Excursion

Low - This activity impacts local community, culture and/or environment in a small but meaningful way

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Community welfare and health

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Economic Impact

Local individual benefits

Community benefits

Additional Information

This activity benefits the local community through the collection of a small entrance fee. The entrance fee supports the local families who maintain the trails, bridges, and viewpoints.

Time And Transportation

From To Km By Duration Road condition
Nong Khiaw Muang Ngoi 18 Boat 1h15 (upstream) 1h (downstream) Wet, it’s a river
Muang Ngoi Hike to Ban Na and back 10 Walking 4-5 hours Dirt track and trails, sometimes dusty.
Muang Ngoi Hike to viewpoint and back 2.3 Walking 2 hours Mountain trail, steep in places.


  • The Muang Ngoi Viewpoint – Pha Noy – Easy
    • Duration: 2 hours, depending on the fitness level of the customers and time spent at the viewpoint.
    • Sample timings: 45 minutes up / 30 minutes at the viewpoint / 25 minutes down.

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How to sell it

  • This walk is recommended to be proposed as a time-filler activity. The main activity in Muang Ngoi is still the Hike to Ban Na Village.
  • It is also suitable for classic tours should the travelers be willing to experience a short outdoor physical activity.
  • Suitable for people interested in a walk in nature to see an amazing hill-top view.

Why this activity

  • The walk is really worth the effort; the view at the top is amazing and gives a very nice overview of the village of Muang Ngoi.
  • Wonderful vistas of the surrounding area – rivers, mountains, jungle, village.

Good to combine with

  • The hike can easily be combined with the Hike to Ban Na Village  (though note that this will add 3km to the already 10km hike)
  • It can also be done on the same day that travelers arrive in Muang Ngoi, or before they depart from Muang Ngoi, (by boat LAOS – Nong Khiaw – Boat Cruise on the Nam Ou River) as the hike starts and finishes in the village and takes just a few hours.
  • Note that if the travelers are not planning to stay a night in Muang Ngoi and need to return to Nong Khiaw on the same day, it may be too much to do the 2 boat trips + the Hike to Ban Na + the viewpoint.

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Competitor comparison

  • This hike is available to and offered by all companies.


  • Easy to arrange.
  • The hike is the best way to see Muang Ngoi from above.


  • Outside activity, subject to the weather (too hot, cold, rainy etc.)
  • During rainy season, the activity is not recommended because the path is quite slippery and there are a lot of leeches!
  • No loop; guests have to walk back the same way down (unless they are adventurous and take the left hand trail, but this has more steep ascent and wooden ladders)


  • The Muang Ngoi Viewpoint – Pha Noy – Easy
    • Duration: 2 hours, depending on the fitness level of the customers and time spent at the viewpoint.
    • Sample timings: 45 minutes up / 30 minutes at the viewpoint / 25 minutes down.
    • Total distance 2.3km.
    • Ascent +140m.
    • Descent -140m.
    • Opening hours: 06:30 – 16:00
    • Terrain: we recommend to follow the right hand trail from the coffee plantation – easy dirt trails in the forest with steps cut into the soil. More adventurous clients may wish to follow the left hand trail on the way up, though this is steeper and has wooden ladders and ropes to assist.


  • We recommend avoiding the hike during the hot hours of the day, especially from March onwards when the weather is very hot in Laos.
  • The hike is best done in the early morning, with the possibility of returning to the hotel for a shower before checking out (unless they are staying another night or not staying at all in Muang Ngoi)

Price range


Quotation guideline


  • Muang Ngoi > Entrance Fees > Entrance Fees in Muang Ngoi > Muang Ngoi Viewpoint (Pha Noy)


  • Entrance fee.


  • Transportation fee. Note that transportation to the hike start point is not necessary as it starts in the village.
  • Meals. We just recommend that clients take some water and snacks if they want any. It’s a very short hike.
  • Guide. Easia guide should escort the clients. Local guide is not necessary.

Special Guide notes

  • Guide should remind guests to fill their water bottles before heading out for the hike.
  • It is recommended that the guide take an extra bottle of water in case clients need more.

Different Choice

  • There are no other suitable viewpoints for our clients in Muang Ngoi.


  • Payment at the entrance, no contact.


Visit the Muang Ngoi Viewpoint
Located on a small hilltop called Pha Noy overlooking the Nam Ou River, this viewpoint offers spectacular views of the lush jungle and winding river. It’s the perfect spot for a morning or afternoon walk, and is accessible by a winding path surrounded by dense forest and stunning limestone cliffs. Start the walk from the village of Muang Ngoi, before passing through farmland and a small coffee plantation and then starting the ascent. At the coffee plantation take the right-hand trail for an easier hike, as the left-hand trail is a lot steeper and has lots of wooden ladders, handrails, and ropes. Once at the top, enjoy the stunning views of the town and surrounding countryside before descending back down the trail to Muang Ngoi.


  • Duration: 2 hours, depending on the fitness level and time spent at the viewpoint.
  • Approximate timings: 45 minutes up / 30 minutes at the viewpoint / 25 minutes down.
  • Total distance 2.3km.
  • Ascent +140m.
  • Descent -140m.
  • Opening hours: 06:30 – 16:00


Visitez le point de vue de Muang Ngoi
Situé au sommet d’une petite colline appelée Pha Noy et surplombant la rivière Nam Ou, ce point de vue offre une vue spectaculaire sur la jungle verdoyante et la rivière sinueuse. C’est l’endroit idéal pour une promenade le matin ou l’après-midi, et on y accède par un chemin tortueux entouré d’une forêt dense et de superbes falaises calcaires. Commencez la promenade depuis le village de Muang Ngoi, avant de traverser des terres agricoles et une petite plantation de café, puis de commencer l’ascension. Au niveau de la plantation de café, prenez le sentier de droite pour une randonnée plus facile, car le sentier de gauche est beaucoup plus raide et comporte de nombreuses échelles en bois, des rampes et des cordes. Une fois au sommet, profitez de la vue imprenable sur la ville et la campagne environnante avant de redescendre par le sentier vers Muang Ngoi.

Notes :

  • Durée : 2 heures, en fonction de la forme physique et du temps passé au point de vue.
  • Temps approximatif : 45 minutes de montée / 30 minutes au point de vue / 25 minutes de descente.
  • Distance totale 2,3 km.
  • Montée +140m.
  • Descente -140m.
  • Heures d’ouverture : 06:30 – 16:00


Visita al mirador de Muang Ngoi
Situado en una pequeña colina llamada Pha Noy que domina el río Nam Ou, este mirador ofrece espectaculares vistas de la exuberante selva y el serpenteante río. Es el lugar perfecto para un paseo matutino o vespertino, y se accede a él por un sinuoso sendero rodeado de densos bosques e impresionantes acantilados de piedra caliza. Comience la caminata desde la aldea de Muang Ngoi, antes de atravesar campos de cultivo y una pequeña plantación de café para iniciar el ascenso. En la plantación de café, tome el sendero de la derecha para una caminata más fácil, ya que el de la izquierda es mucho más empinado y tiene muchas escaleras de madera, pasamanos y cuerdas. Una vez en la cima, disfrute de las impresionantes vistas de la ciudad y la zona circundante antes de descender por el sendero hasta Muang Ngoi.


  • Duración: 2 horas, dependiendo del estado físico y del tiempo que pasen en el mirador.
  • Tiempos aproximados: 45 minutos de subida / 30 minutos en el mirador / 25 minutos de bajada.
  • Recorrido total 2,3 km.
  • Ascenso +140m.
  • Descenso -140m.
  • Horario de apertura: 06:30 – 16:00


Visita al punto di vista di Muang Ngoi
Situato su una piccola collina chiamata Pha Noy che domina il fiume Nam Ou, questo punto panoramico offre una vista spettacolare sulla giungla lussureggiante e sui meandri del fiume. È il luogo perfetto per una passeggiata mattutina o pomeridiana e vi si accede attraverso un sentiero tortuoso circondato da fitte foreste e impressionanti scogliere calcaree. L’escursione inizia dal villaggio di Muang Ngoi, prima di attraversare terreni agricoli e una piccola piantagione di caffè per iniziare la salita. Alla piantagione di caffè, prendete il sentiero a destra per un’escursione più facile, poiché il sentiero a sinistra è molto più ripido e presenta molte scale di legno, corrimano e corde. Una volta in cima, godetevi la splendida vista sulla città e sulla campagna circostante prima di scendere lungo il sentiero che porta a Muang Ngoi.


  • Durata: 2 ore, a seconda della forma fisica e del tempo trascorso sul punto panoramico.
  • Tempi approssimativi: 45 minuti in salita / 30 minuti al punto panoramico / 25 minuti in discesa.
  • Distanza totale 2,3 km.
  • Salita +140 m.
  • Discesa -140 m.
  • Orario di apertura: 06:30 – 16:00


Besuchen Sie den Aussichtspunkt Muang Ngoi
Dieser Aussichtspunkt liegt auf einem kleinen Hügel namens Pha Noy mit Blick auf den Nam Ou-Fluss und bietet einen spektakulären Blick auf den üppigen Dschungel und den mäandernden Fluss. Er ist der perfekte Ort für einen Morgen- oder Nachmittagsspaziergang und wird über einen gewundenen Pfad erreicht, der von dichten Wäldern und beeindruckenden Kalksteinfelsen umgeben ist. Die Wanderung beginnt im Dorf Muang Ngoi und führt zunächst durch Ackerland und eine kleine Kaffeeplantage, bevor der Aufstieg beginnt. An der Kaffeeplantage nehmen Sie den rechten Weg, um eine leichtere Wanderung zu machen, denn der Weg links ist viel steiler und mit vielen Holztreppen, Handläufen und Seilen versehen. Oben angekommen, können Sie die atemberaubende Aussicht auf die Stadt und die umliegende Landschaft genießen, bevor Sie den Pfad nach Muang Ngoi hinuntersteigen.


  • Dauer: 2 Stunden, abhängig von der Fitness der Teilnehmer und der am Aussichtspunkt verbrachten Zeit.
  • Ungefähre Dauer: 45 Minuten bergauf / 30 Minuten am Aussichtspunkt / 25 Minuten bergab.
  • Gesamtstrecke 2,3 km.
  • Aufstieg +140m.
  • Abstieg -140m.
  • Öffnungszeiten: 06:30 – 16:00