THAILAND – Pai – A Visit to Paem Bok Community and Bamboo Bridge

Guests have the opportunity to have a look beyond the impressive bamboo bridge that was built as an act of merit-making by the Paem Bok community as they spend time with villagers to learn about their culture, crafts, and daily life.


Art & Culture, Classic, Family, Sustainable

Country - City

Thailand - Pai

Market segment

Thematic Leisure

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Level of difficulties


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Possibly year round, but not recommended during March-April (hot season)

Arrival city


Departure city

Chiang Mai


The Kho Ku So bamboo bridge is undoubtedly the main attraction of Paem Bok Village. And while a regular visit to the scenic bridge is excellent in its own right, adding a visit to the neighboring community offers a much more complete and immersive experience. The impressive bridge is a welcome source of extra income for the community, but it doesn’t define their society. During a community-based visit to the village and surrounding fields, guests will get a unique insight into the bridge’s history, the culture of the Shan people, and their livelihoods.

Selling points

  • An excellent half-day activity for travelers staying overnight in Pai.
  • Adds a more immersive dimension to a regular visit to the bamboo bridge.
  • Combines exciting encounters with a famous sight (the Kho Ku So bamboo bridge).
  • Community-based, suitable for a wide range of profiles.

Level Of The Excursion

Medium – This activity offers tangible positive contributions to the local community, culture and/or environment

The Impact Of This Excursion

Social/cultural Impact

Cultural Conservation

Empowerment and education


Involving minorities

Community welfare and health

Economic Impact

Local individual benefits

Community benefits

Additional Information

Positive impacts:

This activity is community-based and supports the traditional crafts and lifestyle of the community both directly and indirectly through the activities that guests will partake in.

Negative impacts:

No negatives.

Time And Transportation

From To Km By Duration Road condition
Pai Paem Bok community 10 Car 25 minutes Good, but the last part is mountainous and a bit rough
Chiang Mai Paem Bok Community 135 Car 3 hours 15 minutes Good but mountainous, the last part is a bit rough
Paem Bok Community Paem Bok Waterfall 2 Car 5 minutes Mountainous and quite rough in some sections


Approximately 4 hours (from 09.00 – 13.00, excluding transfers)

Min pax


Max pax


How to sell it

  • As a nice half-day trip from Pai town.
  • As a morning visit before a transfer between Pai and Chiang Mai.
  • A community-based experience suitable to a wide range of profiles.
  • An upgraded visit to a classic sight near Pai town (Kho Ku So bamboo bridge).

Why this activity

  • To expand the portfolio of options in the outskirts of Pai.
  • To support local communities located near a famous tourist sight.
  • To offer more interactive, lesser-known experiences on the Mae Hong Son loop.

Good to combine with

  • A transfer back to Chiang Mai.
  • A visit to Pai Canyon.
  • A free evening in town.

Do not combine with

  • Other half-day activities that include lunch.
  • A visit to Paem Bok Waterfall (famous by name, but after the recent price increase not worth the money).

Market suggestion















Competitor comparison

Currently, this activity is not offered by any competitors. Most visitors only visit the bridge (which is a famous sight in the surrounding area of Pai), and virtually nobody visits the community. The main exception is domestic tourists arranging hikes to the nearby Doi Miang via the community. That being said, we don’t have any exclusivity agreement, so the product may be copied over time.


  • A nice add-on to a classic sight in the area surrounding Pai.
  • Fun and interesting activities that can appeal to a wide range of travelers, including families.
  • Directly supports the local community.
  • Can easily be included when staying overnight in Pai, or on the way back to Chiang Mai.


  • Most of the activities are outdoors, so subject to weather conditions.
  • No exclusivity, risk of being copied over time.


  • The bridge is over 800m long, and some walking is required for the activities in the community. Basic physical fitness is required.

Price range

1150THB/pax (based on 2 pax), 330THB/pax (based on 10 pax)

Quotation guideline

Pai → Activity → Easia Signature → A Visit to Paem Bok Community and Bamboo Bridge, incl. lunch.

Pai → Activity → Easia Signature → Compulsory Easia Signature Supplement – No Report to Payment.


  • Village tour with explanations.
  • 3 demos / workshops in the village and surroundings (broom making, chili dip making, vegetable garden).
  • Khantoke lunch.
  • Transportation by motorbike sidecar.
  • Entrance fee to the bamboo bridge.


  • Transportation.
  • Easia Guide.

Special Guide notes

  • It is important to encourage interaction with the locals and overcome the language barrier.
  • Please reconfirm and recheck the program with the community a couple of days in advance.

Different Choice


Kho Ku So and Paem Bok community

Contact K. Em 063 165 64 43


Are you ready to venture out into the breathtaking countryside surrounding Pai and discover the Paem Bok community? While the Kho Ku So bamboo bridge is undeniably the main attraction of the village, you will go one step further as you visit the neighboring community for a truly immersive experience. During your visit, you’ll meet friendly locals, explore the village and surrounding fields, and gain a unique insight into the history of the bridge, the culture of the Shan people, and their livelihoods. You’ll enjoy a delicious lunch featuring a selection of tasty local dishes, all while taking in stunning views of the bridge. And of course, there will be ample time to explore the famous bridge that crosses the rice paddies from the village all the way to a small temple on the other side of the valley.