LAOS – Vang Vieng – Khmu Village, Discover the Everyday Life of the Laotian People

A cultural immersion in a rural Khmu village near Vang Vieng, ideal for those looking for a deeper understanding of one of Laos’ main ethnic groups.


Art & Culture, Classic, Sustainable

Country - City

Laos - Vang Vieng

Market segment

Groups, Thematic Leisure

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All year round

Arrival city

Vang Vieng

Departure city

Vang Vieng


Be immersed in the local culture on a day trip to a rural Khmu village near Vang Vieng. Learn about the Khmu ethnic group’s culture and their animistic traditions as well as their daily activities such as knife-making and “Lao Hai” whisky distillation. Enjoy a traditional lunch with a Khmu family at their home before visiting a nearby cave and learning about the importance of agriculture in their everyday life. This experience is an excellent opportunity to connect with the local inhabitants and to experience firsthand their way of life.

Can be combined with

Thematic Leisure

Selling points

  • An immersive insight into the local life and the daily activities of the Khmu ethnic group.
  • An immersive educational experience ideal for individuals, small groups, and families.
  • An activity away from the hustle and bustle of the town center in a rural community.
  • A full-day leisure activity with the option of starting either by boat or by kayak for a more leisurely or active experience.

Level Of The Excursion

High – This activity strongly supports local communities and/or helps preserve the culture and environment

The Impact Of This Excursion

Social/cultural Impact

Cultural Conservation

Involving minorities

Economic Impact

Local individual benefits

Community benefits

Additional Information

This product supports local communities in an area that would not normally receive any benefits from tourism. It provides a sustainable income for the villagers involved while helping them keep their culture and traditions alive.

Time And Transportation

From To Km By Duration Road condition
Vang Vieng Boat/Kayak Start Point Approximately 15km Tuk-tuk 30 minutes Good


  • Total duration: 7-8h
  • Approximate pick-up time: 09:00
  • Approximate drop-off time:16:30

Min pax


Max pax


How to sell it

  • To be sold as a full-day leisure visit.
  • Depending on the client’s preference, the start can be done by boat or kayak.
  • Possible to combine it with an early morning or an evening hot-air balloon flight.
  • Possible to combine with a sunset drink at the hotel to end the day.
  • To be included in programs for clients looking for a local and immersive experience.
  • To be included in programs for clients who wish to discover Vang Vieng in a leisurely manner, not an active way.

Why this activity

  • Developed by Easia to provide a local and immersive experience outside Vang Vieng’s town center.
  • Developed to cater to the growing demand for leisure experiences in Vang Vieng now that the railway connects this region.

Good to combine with

Do not combine with

  • Any other activities in Vang Vieng that take place during the daytime.

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Competitor comparison

  • Initially developed by Khiri Travel and operated by one of their staff with local connections in the area. Khiri travel’s name to promote the product is “The Different Facets of Vang Vieng.”
  • The product is available to be sold by all other DMCs.


  • Easy to organize.
  • The supplier speaks excellent English.
  • ESG is provided as part of the package, so it can be done without an Easia guide for clients who can speak English.
  • It fills a gap in our production by providing a full-day leisure activity instead of the usual active products we usually offer in Vang Vieng.


  • Not a unique product for us as it was developed and is currently offered by Khiri Travel.
  • Limited availability in the high season – we need to check carefully.
  • It’s expensive due to all the different components (transport, boats, kayaks, guides, locals, meals, etc.).


  • The first part of the activity can be done either by kayak or by boat. Both options are possible and can be chosen based on the client’s needs.

Price range

60$+ depending on group size.

Quotation guideline


  • Vang Vieng > Activity > Khmu Village Experience
    • active – with kayak
    • leisure – with boat


  • 7 days prior to the start date of the tour
  • Currency must be paid in USD
  • BCEL BANK Account in USD 010120100366300001 Mr Phet Successful

Children Policy:

  • Children under 9 years old 50% charge and 9 years old above charge as an adult.


  • 7 Days priority arrival no charge
  • 3 days’ priority arrival 50% charge
  • 24 hours’ priority arrival 100% charge
  • In case of cancellation, please submit your cancellation in written form and you must receive our acknowledgment in written form.


  • Kayaking or boat depending on the option chosen.
  • English-speaking guide
  • Tuk-tuk pick-up and drop-off at the hotel
  • Lunch at a local family’s home.
  • Rice wine making demonstration fee.
  • A bottle of whiskey (Lao Hai).
  • Blacksmith visit fee.


  • Personal expenses
  • Tips
  • Other expenses not mentioned on the itinerary
  • Insurance
  • Easia Guide

Important notes


  • Please check availability in advance.
  • The tour is only available for on a private basis. Join-in tours are not available.
  • The booking must be sent and confirmed by email.
  • Note that this activity is called “Laotian Local Life Experience” by Easia Travel, but it is also known by the supplier as “Vang Vieng Culture Infused” or “The Different Facets of Vang Vieng” (Khiri Travel name)

Special Guide notes

  • Easia guide can join FOC to translate if necessary.
  • The supplier already provides an ESG for the activity.

Different Choice

  • There are currently no other full-day pure leisure products in Vang Vieng.




Khmu Village – Discover the everyday life of the Laotian people

Head out of town by tuk-tuk and start a leisurely journey down the Nam Song River, floating alongside the stunning karst limestone formations for which Vang Vieng is so famous. Arrive shortly after in a local riverside village where you will spend the day seeing how the Khmu ethnic group live.

To begin, you will visit one of the elderly villagers who works as a blacksmith and who uses techniques that have been passed down through the generations. Watch and learn how he makes knives to earn an income, but make sure to pay attention as it will be your turn next!

Then, continue to the home of one of the Khmu families where you will be invited to join them for a typical Khmu lunch in their house or garden. Learn about their culture and the animistic traditions that are practiced not only by the Khmu but also by many of the other ethnic minorities in Laos. After spending some time chatting with the family, move on to learn how they make the local rice wine, known in Lao as “Lao Hai”.

Later in the afternoon, follow your guide through the rice paddies to visit a cave on the other side of the river, passing farmers working in their fields. On the way, take a break in one of the local rice-farm huts and try some of the rice wine that you learned how to make earlier, while discussing in more detail the importance of agriculture in Laos.

Once back in the village, say goodbye to the friendly locals and head back to Vang Vieng after your full day of cultural immersion.

Distance of the transfer (one way): Approximately 15 kilometers – 30 minutes
Duration of the full activity: approximately 7-8 hours (pick-up time 09:00 / drop-off time 16:30)
Note: For those who opt for the kayaking, the duration of this will be about 1h. For those who travel by boat it will be about 30min.


Village de l’ethnie Khmu – A la découverte de la vie quotidienne des Laotiens

Départ en tuk-tuk afin de regagner la rivière Nam Song où vous commencez un voyage tranquille, flottant le long des étonnantes formations calcaires karstiques qui font la renommée de Vang Vieng. Vous arriverez peu après dans un village local au bord de la rivière où vous passerez la journée à observer le mode de vie de l’ethnie khmu.

Vous ferez connaissance d’un forgeron qui vous fera une démonstration des techniques transmises de génération en génération. Observez et apprenez comment il fabrique des couteaux et surtout restez attentifs car ce sera votre tour ensuite !

Continuez ensuite vers l’habitat d’une famille khmu où vous serez invité à vous joindre à eux pour un déjeuner khmu typique, dans leur maison ou leur jardin, selon la météo. Vous découvrirez leur culture et les traditions animistes qui sont pratiquées non seulement par les Khmu, mais aussi par de nombreuses autres minorités ethniques du Laos. Après avoir passé un peu de temps à discuter avec la famille, vous apprendrez comment ils fabriquent l’alcool de riz local, connu en lao sous le nom de “Lao Hai”.

Plus tard dans l’après-midi, suivez les pas de votre guide à travers les rizières et visite d’une grotte de l’autre côté de la rivière. En chemin vous aurez l’occasion d’observer des fermiers travaillant dans leurs propriétés. Ensuite petite pause méritée dans l’une des cabanes de riziculteurs locaux où vous goûterez à l’alcool de riz que vous avez appris à fabriquer plus tôt, tout en ayant la chance de discuter plus en détail de l’importance de l’agriculture au Laos.

Une fois de retour au village, dites au revoir aux sympathiques habitants et retour à Vang Vieng après une journée complète d’immersion culturelle.

Distance du transfert (aller simple) : Environ 15 kilomètres – 30 minutes
Durée de l’activité complète : environ 7-8 heures (heure de prise en charge 09:00 / heure de dépose 16:30)
Note : Pour ceux qui optent pour le kayak, la durée de l’activité sera d’environ 1h. Pour ceux qui choisissent la croisière en bateau, la durée sera d’environ 30 minutes.


Aldea Khmu – Descubra la vida cotidiana de los habitantes de Laos

Salga de la ciudad en tuk-tuk e inicie un tranquilo descenso por el río Nam Song, flotando al lado de las impresionantes formaciones kársticas de piedra caliza por las que Vang Vieng es tan famosa. Poco después llegará a una pequeña aldea local ribereña, donde pasará el día viendo cómo vive la etnia Khmu.

Para empezar, visitará a uno de los ancianos de la aldea que trabaja como herrero y que utiliza técnicas que se han transmitido de generación en generación. Observe y aprenda cómo fabrica cuchillos para ganarse la vida, pero asegúrese de prestar atención, porque luego será su turno!

A continuación, continúe hasta la casa de una de las familias, donde le invitarán a unirse a ellos para un almuerzo típico Khmu en su casa o jardín. Conozca su cultura y las tradiciones animistas que practican no sólo los Khmu, sino también muchas de las demás minorías étnicas de Laos. Tras pasar un rato charlando con la familia, pase a aprender cómo elaboran el vino de arroz, conocido en laosiano como “Lao Hai”.

Por la tarde, siga a su guía a través de los arrozales para visitar una cueva al otro lado del río, pasando junto a agricultores que trabajan en sus campos. Por el camino, tómese un descanso en una de las cabañas de los arroceros locales y pruebe un poco del vino de arroz que aprendió a hacer antes, mientras se habla con más detalle de la importancia de la agricultura en Laos.

Una vez de vuelta en el pueblo, despídase de los amables residentes y regrese a Vang Vieng tras un día completo de inmersión cultural.

Distancia del traslado (sólo ida) Aproximadamente 15 kilómetros – 30 minutos
Duración de la actividad completa: aproximadamente 7-8 horas (hora de recogida 09:00 / hora de regreso 16:30)
Nota: Para los que opten por el kayak, la duración de éste será de aproximadamente 1h. Para los que se desplacen en barco será de unos 30min.


Villaggio Khmu – Scoprite la vita quotidiana del popolo laotiano.

Lasciate la città in tuk-tuk e iniziate una piacevole discesa lungo il fiume Nam Song, costeggiando le impressionanti formazioni carsiche calcaree per cui Vang Vieng è così famosa. Poco dopo, arriverete in un piccolo villaggio locale sul fiume, dove trascorrerete la giornata a vedere come vive il popolo Khmu.

Per cominciare, visiterete uno degli anziani del villaggio che lavora come fabbro e utilizza tecniche che sono state tramandate di generazione in generazione. Osservate e imparate come si guadagna da vivere con i coltelli, ma assicuratevi di prestare attenzione, perché poi toccherà a voi!

Proseguite poi verso la casa di una delle famiglie, dove sarete invitati a unirvi a loro per un pranzo tipico Khmu nella loro casa o nel loro giardino. Imparerete a conoscere la loro cultura e le tradizioni animiste praticate non solo dai Khmu, ma anche da molte altre minoranze etniche del Laos. Dopo aver chiacchierato un po’ con la famiglia, si potrà imparare come si produce il vino di riso, noto in laotiano come “Lao Hai”.

Nel pomeriggio, seguite la guida attraverso le risaie per visitare una grotta sull’altra sponda del fiume, passando accanto ai contadini che lavorano nei loro campi. Lungo il percorso, fate una pausa in una delle capanne dei risicoltori locali e assaggiate un po’ del vino di riso che avete imparato a fare in precedenza, mentre discutete più dettagliatamente dell’importanza dell’agricoltura in Laos.

Una volta tornati al villaggio, salutate i cordiali abitanti e tornate a Vang Vieng dopo un’intera giornata di immersione culturale.

Distanza del trasferimento (solo andata) Circa 15 chilometri – 30 minuti
Durata dell’attività completa: circa 7-8 ore (orario di prelievo 09:00 / orario di ritorno 16:30)
Nota: per coloro che optano per il kayak, la durata dell’escursione sarà di circa 1 ora, mentre per coloro che viaggiano in barca sarà di circa 30 minuti.


Dorf Khmu – Entdecken Sie das tägliche Leben der Menschen in Laos.

Verlassen Sie die Stadt mit dem Tuk-Tuk und beginnen Sie eine gemächliche Fahrt auf dem Nam Song-Fluss entlang der atemberaubenden Karstkalksteinformationen, für die Vang Vieng so berühmt ist. Kurz darauf erreichen Sie ein Dorf am Flussufer, wo Sie den Tag damit verbringen werden, das Leben der ethnischen Gruppe der Khmu kennenzulernen.

Zunächst besuchen Sie einen der älteren Dorfbewohner, der als Schmied arbeitet und Techniken anwendet, die über Generationen hinweg weitergegeben wurden. Schauen Sie zu und lernen Sie, wie er Messer herstellt, um ein Einkommen zu erzielen, aber passen Sie gut auf, denn als nächstes sind Sie an der Reihe!

Danach geht es weiter zum Haus einer der Khmu-Familien, wo Sie zu einem typischen Khmu-Mittagessen in ihrem Haus oder Garten eingeladen werden. Erfahren Sie mehr über ihre Kultur und die animistischen Traditionen, die nicht nur von den Khmu, sondern auch von vielen anderen ethnischen Minderheiten in Laos praktiziert werden. Nachdem Sie einige Zeit mit der Familie geplaudert haben, erfahren Sie, wie sie den lokalen Reiswein herstellen, der in Laos als “Lao Hai” bekannt ist.

Später am Nachmittag folgen Sie Ihrem Führer durch die Reisfelder zu einer Höhle auf der anderen Seite des Flusses, vorbei an Bauern, die auf ihren Feldern arbeiten. Unterwegs machen Sie eine Pause in einer der örtlichen Reishütten und probieren den Reiswein, dessen Herstellung Sie zuvor gelernt haben, während Sie die Bedeutung der Landwirtschaft in Laos näher kennenlernen.

Im Dorf angekommen, verabschieden Sie sich von den freundlichen Einheimischen und fahren nach einem Tag voller kultureller Eindrücke zurück nach Vang Vieng.

Entfernung des Transfers (einfache Strecke): Ungefähr 15 Kilometer – 30 Minuten
Dauer der gesamten Aktivität: ca. 7-8 Stunden (Abholzeit 09:00 Uhr / Rückkehrzeit 16:30 Uhr)
Hinweis: Für diejenigen, die sich für das Kajakfahren entscheiden, beträgt die Dauer etwa 1 Stunde. Für diejenigen, die mit dem Boot fahren, dauert es etwa 30 Minuten.