THAILAND – Khao Lak – Mountain Sunrise and Khao Lak’s Nature Delights

Guests get to experience Khao Lak’s natural beauty as they chase the sunrise from a mountaintop, glide serenely through the jungle on a bamboo raft, and visit a turtle sanctuary.


Beach Stay, Classic, Honeymoon

Country - City

Thailand - Khao Lak

Market segment

Thematic Leisure

Price Level


Level of difficulties


Max pax



Weather dependent, only possible from November to April

Arrival city

Khao Lak

Departure city

Khao Lak


Guests will embark on an exhilarating journey as they depart early from their hotel to reach a local village. Here, an adventurous ride in a rugged 4X4 truck awaits them, guiding them through jungles and rubber plantations where they might witness local villagers harvesting latex before sunrise. At the summit of Khao Khai Nui, or “Little Egg Mountain,” guests will behold a breathtaking sunrise casting a golden glow upon misty valleys below, all within a vast panoramic view. They can savor coffee and traditional local snacks while immersing in the beauty before descending the mountain in the off-road truck. A minivan will then transport them to the next adventure—a serene river rafting journey on artisanal bamboo rafts through the jungle, where they may have the chance to spot birds and small reptiles in their natural habitat. Following the rafting adventure, guests can indulge in a delectable Thai-style meal at a local restaurant and conclude the day with a visit to the Royal Thai Navy Sea Turtle Conservation Center, where they can marvel at baby turtles before returning to their hotel.

Selling points

  • Offers an alternative to well-known excursions in Khao Lak.
  • Great for people who love nature.
  • Includes many different things: sunrise trip by local 4×4 truck, bamboo raft ride, a turtle sanctuary.
  • A very early morning departure allows for free time in the afternoon.

Level Of The Excursion

Medium – This activity offers tangible positive contributions to the local community, culture and/or environment

The Impact Of This Excursion

Social/cultural Impact

Empowerment and education

Community welfare and health

Environment Impact


Economic Impact

Local individual benefits

Community benefits

Additional Information

Positive Impacts

This activity is community-based tourism and support local business such as a coffee shop, a restaurant, forest, and also an animal conservation center that both directly and indirectly through activities that guests participate in.

Negative Impacts

The local truck needed to access the village uses fossil fuel which causes Co2 emissions.


No sensitive topic.

Time And Transportation

From To Km By Duration Road condition
Khao Lak area 4×4 meeting point 20 Car 25 minutes Good
4×4 meeting point Mountain top 3 Local Truck 15 minutes Off-road, bumpy
4×4 meeting point bamboo rafting 12 Car 15 minutes Good
Bamboo rafting Turtle sanctuary 7 Car 10 minutes Good
Turtle sanctuary Khao Lak area 15 Car 20 minutes Good


6.5 to 7.5 hours, depending on sunrise times and situation on the spot (start – 04:30-05:30, finish – 11:00-12:00).

Min pax


Max pax


How to sell it

  • It is an excursion for people who want to do different things than just beach and sea excursions during their stay at Khao Lak.
  • An option for nature lovers.
  • To differentiate from our competitors.
  • It is an activity for travelers who want to escape Western crowds and enjoy local activities.

Why this activity

  • To show a nice place to visit but not yet well-known to Western tourists.
  • To differentiate from our competitors.
  • To have more excursion options in our portfolio in Khao Lak.

Good to combine with

Nothing. Because of the early departure, it is best to leave the rest of the day free so guests can relax and have a break.

Do not combine with

Other activities. It is best to only put this activity on a day so guests have the freedom to relax and rest.

Market suggestion















Competitor comparison

As of now, our competitors do not offer this activity. However, this activity is operated by a supplier, and we don’t have exclusivity. So other DMC’s may offer it also in the future.


  • The product is not yet well-known on the markets, it allows us to show our knowledge and innovation.
  • Operated by a well-established, reliable supplier.
  • Allows us to highlight Khao Lak as a diverse destination.


  • Relatively expensive, not for low-budget
  • Not accessible for everyone, essential fitness is required to get in/out of the 4×4 local truck and the bamboo raft.
  • Weather dependent, it can not be operated all year round.


Program from the supplier: 

  • Get picked up early from your hotel.
  • Drive to the village of Fai Tha to meet the 4X4 truck for the ride up the mountain.
  • Head off-road and up the mountain through the jungle and rubber plantations. Often, you can see local villagers harvesting the latex before the sun rises.
  • Arrive at the top of Khao Khai Nui (Little Egg Mountain) and enjoy a spectacular sunrise over the hills, with a 300-degree panoramic view of the misty valleys below.
  • Relax with coffee and some traditional local snacks while you admire the view.
  • Head down the mountain with the off-road truck to where the minibus will be waiting to take you to your next stop.
  • Glide gently down the river on hand-made bamboo rafts through the jungle. Often, you can see wildlife such as birds, reptiles, and other fauna in the trees.
  • Enjoy a delicious Thai-style meal in a local restaurant.
  • Visit the Royal Thai Navy Se Turtle Conservation Center to see the baby turtles on the way back to your hotel.

Practical information: 

  • Due to the early departure and adventurous ride in the back of a 4×4 pickup truck, the activity is unsuitable for young children (minimum recommended age 8).
  • Travelers need to be a bit adventurous due to the ride by 4×4 and bamboo raft ride.



  • Can only be operated from November to April.
  • Basic fitness is required to get in/out of the 4×4 and the bamboo raft.
  • The ride in the back of the 4×4 is a bit adventurous (no seatbelts, etc), for guests who are very sensitive to safety, this may be an issue.

Price range

4,400THB/person, based on 2 pax

Quotation guideline

Activity → Discovery Travel Khao Lak → (Private) Kho Lak Sunrise Trip


  • Return transfers.
  • Off road truck.
  • Fully licensed English-speaking guide.
  • All entrance fees.
  • Lunch.
  • Drinks & refreshments.
  • Insurance.


  • Alcoholic drinks.
  • Personal purchases and souvenirs.
  • Tips.

Important notes

  • Please ask the hotel to prepare a breakfast box so client can have breakfast along the way.

Different Choice

There no perfect alternative, because there are no other sunrise points in Khao Lak. However, bamboo rafting and turtle sanctuary visit can be organized separately and all year-round.


Discovery Travel Limited Partnership

72/20 Moo.3 Khukkhak, Takuapa, Phang Nga 82220

Tel: +66(0) 93 7748355 +66(0) 89 2762852

Email: [email protected]


Get ready for an early start from your hotel and head to a local village, then hop in the back of a 4X4 for a ride up a mountain. Along the way, enjoy views of green jungle and rubber plantations, where often you can see locals harvesting latex at dawn. At the top of the mountain, enjoy a stunning sunrise with a vast panoramic view as you sip coffee and savor local snacks. After descending and changing back to your regular transportation, experience the jungle up-close and float along a river with a bamboo raft, a great opportunity to spot reptiles, birds or other wildlife. Satisfy your taste buds with a delicious local meal and visit the Sea Turtle Conservation Center before returning to your hotel.


  • Can only be operated from November to April.
  • Basic fitness is required to get in/out of the 4×4 and the bamboo raft.
  • The ride in the back of the 4×4 is a bit adventurous (no seatbelts, etc), for guests who are very sensitive to safety, this may be an issue.





Lever de soleil dans la montagne et les merveilles naturelles de Khao Lak

Préparez-vous pour un départ tôt de votre hôtel et dirigez-vous vers un village local, puis montez à l’arrière d’un 4X4 pour une randonnée dans la montagne. En chemin, vous pourrez admirer la jungle verdoyante et les plantations de caoutchouc, où vous verrez souvent les habitants récolter le latex à l’aube. Au sommet de la montagne, vous profiterez d’un lever de soleil époustouflant et d’une vaste vue panoramique tout en savourant du café et des en-cas locaux. Après avoir redescendu et repris votre moyen de transport habituel, découvrez la jungle de plus près et flottez le long d’une rivière sur un radeau en bambou, une excellente occasion d’apercevoir des reptiles, des oiseaux ou d’autres animaux sauvages. Satisfaites vos papilles avec un délicieux repas local et visitez le centre de conservation des tortues de mer avant de retourner à votre hôtel.

Notes :

  • Ce service n’est disponible que de novembre à avril.
  • Une condition physique de base est requise pour monter/descendre du 4×4 et du radeau en
  • bambou.
  • Le trajet à l’arrière du 4×4 est un peu aventureux (pas de ceintures de sécurité, etc.), ce qui peut poser problème aux clients très sensibles à la sécurité.


Amanecer en la montaña y encantos naturales de Khao Lak

Salga temprano de su hotel y diríjase a una aldea local para, a continuación, subirse a un 4×4 y subir a la montaña. Por el camino, disfrute de las vistas de la verde selva y las plantaciones de caucho, donde a menudo podrá ver a los lugareños recolectando látex al amanecer. En la cima de la montaña, disfrute de un impresionante amanecer con una amplia vista panorámica mientras saborea café y aperitivos locales. Tras descender y volver a su transporte habitual, experimente de cerca la selva y flote por un río en una balsa de bambú, una gran oportunidad para avistar reptiles, aves y otros animales salvajes. Satisfaga su paladar con una deliciosa comida local y visite el Centro de Conservación de Tortugas Marinas antes de regresar a su hotel.


  • Sólo puede realizarse de noviembre a abril.
  • Se requiere una forma física básica para subir y bajar del 4×4 y de la balsa de bambú.
  • El viaje en la parte trasera del 4×4 es un poco aventurero (sin cinturones de seguridad, etc), para los huéspedes que son muy sensibles a la seguridad, esto puede ser un problema.


L’alba in montagna e le delizie della natura di Khao Lak

Partite di buon’ora dall’hotel e dirigetevi verso un villaggio locale, poi salite sul retro di un 4X4 per salire su una montagna. Lungo il percorso, godetevi la vista della giungla verde e delle piantagioni di gomma, dove spesso si vedono gli abitanti del luogo raccogliere il lattice all’alba. In cima alla montagna, potrete ammirare una splendida alba con una vasta vista panoramica, sorseggiando caffè e assaggiando snack locali. Dopo essere scesi e aver ripreso i mezzi di trasporto abituali, scoprite la giungla da vicino e galleggiate lungo un fiume con una zattera di bambù, un’ottima occasione per avvistare rettili, uccelli o altri animali selvatici. Soddisfate il vostro palato con un delizioso pasto locale e visitate il Centro di conservazione delle tartarughe marine prima di tornare in hotel.


  • Può essere effettuato solo da novembre ad aprile.
  • Per salire/scendere dal 4×4 e dalla zattera di bambù è richiesta una forma fisica di base.
  • Il viaggio sul retro del 4×4 è un po’ avventuroso (senza cinture di sicurezza, ecc.), e per gli ospiti molto sensibili alla sicurezza questo potrebbe essere un problema.


Sonnenaufgang in den Bergen und Naturerlebnisse in Khao Lak

Machen Sie sich bereit für einen frühen Start von Ihrem Hotel aus und fahren Sie zu einem lokalen Dorf, wo Sie sich auf den Rücksitz eines Geländewagens setzen und auf einen Berg fahren. Genießen Sie unterwegs die Aussicht auf den grünen Dschungel und die Kautschukplantagen, wo Sie oft schon im Morgengrauen die Einheimischen bei der Latexernte beobachten können. Auf dem Gipfel des Berges erleben Sie einen atemberaubenden Sonnenaufgang mit einem weiten Panoramablick, während Sie Kaffee trinken und einheimische Snacks genießen. Nach dem Abstieg und dem Umstieg auf Ihr reguläres Verkehrsmittel erleben Sie den Dschungel aus nächster Nähe und lassen sich mit einem Bambusfloß auf einem Fluss treiben – eine gute Gelegenheit, Reptilien, Vögel und andere Tiere zu beobachten. Verwöhnen Sie Ihre Geschmacksnerven mit einem köstlichen lokalen Essen und besuchen Sie das Meeresschildkröten-Schutzzentrum, bevor Sie zu Ihrem Hotel zurückkehren.


  • Kann nur von November bis April durchgeführt werden.
  • Grundlegende Fitness ist erforderlich, um in den 4×4 und das Bambusfloß ein- und auszusteigen.
  • Die Fahrt auf dem Rücksitz des Geländewagens ist etwas abenteuerlich (keine Sicherheitsgurte usw.), was für Gäste, die sehr sicherheitsbewusst sind, ein Problem darstellen könnte.