Easia Training – Cambodia – Kep

LOCATION: Kep, Cambodia

This video training is part of a training series created by Easia Travel to highlight the beauty and potential of the coastal region in tropical Cambodia. At Easia Travel we truly believe that Cambodia has so much more to offer than just Angkor Wat and we are convinced that Cambodia’s charming coast offers plenty of opportunity to excite and satisfy a wide variety of market segments and traveler styles.

Please find below the links to the Easia Travel factsheets of the accommodation options mentioned in the training:

Rainsey Bungalow

Mealea Resort

Kep Bay Hotel & Resort

Veranda Natural Resort

Samanea Beach Resort & Spa

Knai Bang Chatt

For more information on including Kampot into your offer please talk to your Easia Travel sales contact today!

Cambodia: so much more than an extension!

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