Dragon Legend Cruise

Dragon Legend Cruise


Dragon Legend is the latest member of the Indochina Junk luxury cruise fleet, operating multiple-night cruises on Bai Tu Long Bay, a beautiful, less crowded area of Halong Bay, Vietnam. The name Dragon Legend Cruise echo’s the legendary formation of Halong Bay, where it is said that Mother Dragon and her children descended to help the Vietnamese people fight against invaders.
Dragon Legend’s luxurious accommodation, attentive service, authentic Vietnamese food and the friendliest onboard crew, make a journey here truly exceptional.

What We Love

  • The Dragon Legend Cruise is part of the famous Indochina Junk company, who dedicated to conservation and eco-travel.
  • Luxurious yet featuring a totally distinct Vietnamese style, each Dragon Legend boat has four decks with both inside and outside restaurants, a spa, fitness center, bar, and sundeck area.
  • With handmade art from different regions of Vietnam, these oversized rooms are full of luxe touches.
  • Dine on fresh Vietnamese and international cuisine, prepared by some of the country’s best chefs

More Information

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