My Dream Boutique Resort

My Dream Boutique Resort


My Dream Boutique Resort constitutes a unique, natural extension of the Nam Khan riverside, cultivating lush, tranquil grounds and beautiful gardens. The accommodation, consisting of rooms and bungalows, also features a restaurant and swimming pool that blend into the beautiful, natural environment. The rooms are constructed with the best natural materials and boast gorgeous, wooden floors and ceilings of the brightest natural hues, as well as floor-to-ceiling glass balcony doors, giving guests the feeling of airy lightness and peace.  The furnishings are carved from the finest wood and fitted with beautiful fabric, helping to contribute to an ambiance of authentic and tranquil simplicity. The staff is made up of highly skilled professionals, and they always ensure the guests are catered for with precision, respect, and empathy.

What We Love

  • Charming and natural setting, ideal for relaxing.
  • Only 5 minutes by tuk-tuk or car to the city center.
  • Beautiful rooms surrounded by gardens.
  • Swimming pool available for guests to enjoy.

More Information

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