Sala Lodges

Sala Lodges


Sala Lodges is more than a hotel that offers its guests a truly unique and authentic experience. The eleven traditional wooden stilted houses, situated in an “idyllic village” just 8 kilometers from the Angkor site, contribute to the preservation of an age-old architectural heritage, which is threatened with extinction. By choosing to conserve existing Khmer houses’ aged luster the founders of Sala Lodges allow you to delve into the deepest, most genuine aspects of Cambodian culture.
Discovered in the Cambodian countryside, the houses of Sala Lodges were dismantled, transported and restored, and all boast fascinating, individual histories and beautiful architecture. The oldest of them date to the late 1950s. While the exterior has been carefully conserved, the interiors have been meticulously converted to meet the exacting and high standards of their guests. Subtly adorned with local artisanal touches, each house reveals a pure and refined interior that reflects the local culture. Sala Lodges makes simplicity an absolute luxury.
The restaurant and bar, the open-air lounge, and the infinity pool, which looks toward the sunset, are fantastic places to meet up, kick back, and enjoy the sheer beauty of a Cambodian sunset surrounded by the lush, tropical garden.

What We Love

  •  Charming boutique hotel with unique concept. Each of the wooden stilt houses has its own architecture and the inside of the houses displays a combination of traditional and modern design elements.
  • The authenticity and uniqueness of this hotel makes each guest’s stay an unforgettable experience.
  • Sala Lodge is suitable for couples and families.
  • Service is friendly and switched on. Some staff are housekeeping students from the Sala Bai hotel school

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