Shinta Mani Wild

Shinta Mani Wild


World-renowned resort designer and owner of Shinta Mani Wild, Bill Bensley, identified an unprotected wildlife corridor connecting the Bokor National Park with Kirirom National Park, and set out to protect this 350-hectare river valley from poaching, mining, and logging.

Set along 1.5 kilometers of river and waterfalls, Bensley created his most ambitious project to date: a luxury campsite. 15 spacious and tailor-made tents assure a view and experience unlike any other resort in Asia. Each tent has been meticulously designed to evoke a nostalgic feeling of a luxury safari in the jungles of Cambodia with the likes of Jackie Onassis or

A luxury adventure driven by creative experiences, guests will have more activity options than time to do them. To the Southeast, guests will be able to spend an entire day exploring the untrammeled waterways of Southeast Asia’s last wild estuarine ecosystem aboard one of Shinta Mani Wild’s private, Bensley-designed expedition boats. To the North, guests will have the chance to accompany rangers and researchers as they check camera traps and study the wild forests and their inhabitants – a fantastic opportunity to explore these untamed lands with those who know them best.

What We Love

  • New concept for a luxury tented camp experience in Cambodia
  • A unique combination of world-class design and top-notch services in the middle of a beautifully preserved area
  • Due to the rich and lush environment, Shinta Mani Wild focuses on preserving its surrounding environment while making it an immersive experience for guests

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