Understated Laos: A Unique Incentive Experience

One of our smallest and most mysterious destinations, Laos provides incentive travelers with rustic and unconventional experiences. We recently spoke to our Incentive Project Manager for Laos, Hai Anh, to gather a little info on what it is that makes Laos suitable for incentive travel and particularly relevant for specific groups. While she’s noted that the humble destination is best catered to smaller groups, there’s an abundance of intriguing, fun and relaxing activities on offer.

Hai Anh, our Incentive Project Manager for Laos, at the Khuang Sy Waterfall in Luang Prabang, Laos. 

We’re seeing an increasing demand for “off the beaten track” experiences for incentive groups, and Laos has all the pure laid back charm and exoticism to provide precisely that. Laos is for those looking for something different, intimate, genuine and refreshing.

There’s an unhurried atmosphere here, from its tallest green peaks to its sleepy valley villages. Lao people take their time with pretty much everything they do and exude a relaxed warmth that will especially appeal to incentive travelers looking to unwind from the daily grind. With its genuine Southeast Asian lifestyle and old tradition still present, travelers will feel as though they’ve stepped back in time.

Laos’ main selling point must absolutely be its unparalleled laid back vibe.

Laos is the least populated of our five destinations, with circa 7 million people. That means there’s not much in the way of extensive highways and big luxury chain hotels, but travel is all the more sincere and intimate for it. “It’s perfect for smaller groups, ideally with a maximum between 50-60 pax”, Hai Anh advises. It’s size also makes Laos great for intimate local life encounters with a myriad of ethnic communities, and eco-friendly accommodations are readily available.

An abundance of authentic local life experiences and welcoming communities await travelers. 

“Traveling within Laos can take time, so most incentive groups pick one spot to spend their getaway in”, Hai Anh says. Luang Prabang, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is particularly popular and easy to reach, and displays an incredibly rich culture with iconic historical and religious monuments. “It also boasts bigger accommodation options than most parts of Laos, including the recently opened Pullman Hotel, which offers 100+ rooms”, Hai Anh points out.

Luang Prabang, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, in the north of Laos. 

Boat cruises here (accompanied by massages or aperitifs) are also a great activity for incentive groups. In the past these were limited to 40-45 pax, but boat capacities have increased, and now up to 100 pax can enjoy scenic boat rides along the Mekong River, Hai Anh has told us. While Laos may be growing, the country is doing so at a sustainable pace that retains its calm and exotic allure.

A sunset cruise on the mighty Mekong, one of Southeast Asia’s most impressive ecosystems. 

Outdoor activities are also easily arranged excursions and show off the stunning mountains and green countryside. Groups can enjoy a cruise to Pak Ou Cave or exploring another of Laos’ UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the Vat Phou Complex in the southern part of the country, enjoy breakfast or a cooking class and swimming at the breathtaking Khuang Sy Waterfall, or visit an elephant sanctuary during a free afternoon. And for something truly special, we offer local experience activities in which groups can participate in fishing outings, a weaving workshop, or spend a whole day “living like a local”.

The stunning Khuang Sy Waterfall

Laos is not a typical tourist destination, and that means that it will really appeal to those desiring a more unique and rugged incentive trip. Hai Anh admits that “it may not be easy to travel longer distances here, and there may not be a coastline, but there’s plenty to see and do, especially for those interested in history and culture, and itineraries can easily be extended to nearby Vietnam and Thailand”. It’s a place for monk blessing ceremonies and tuk tuk rides to fascinating ancient relics, hikes through the jungle to spectacular waterfalls, and spa treatments on boat rides along calm river waters. Laos is understated, spiritual and rich in hidden wonders.

Great opportunities for participation in local religious traditions and customs

Best time to book a trip for your clients?

Between November and January, when the landscapes are still lush and green from the rainy season and temperatures are pleasant. February to mid-May are still good months to visit, although the climate starts getting hotter.

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