Refill Not Landfill

Refill Not Landfill Project

Our Partnership on Progress

With an increasing awareness of our global environmental crisis, the world has come to realize the importance of sustainability and the role that each person plays in the protection of our environment. That is why, in 2016, we decided to take action of our own, forming a partnership with the “Refill Not Landfill” campaign. Through this project we aim to reduce the impact of travel in our destinations, step-by-step working towards making these places cleaner and more environmentally responsible.

We have been working hard with our suppliers to achieve an important goal: reduce plastic consumption by replacing single-use water bottles with refillable ones and providing a network of refill stations.
After a trial period where we tested the challenges of this project, we are now ready to launch this service on each departure by late 2019/early 2020 onward.

Watch our video below:


Join Hands for a Sustainable Future

By taking part of the “Refill Not Landfill” campaign, you can directly contribute to the protection of the environment of the destination that you offer to your travelers.
Through this campaign we give travelers the opportunity to join us in building a sustainable travel practice, established by members of the tourism industry who aim to reduce the use of disposable plastic bottles to foster a greener and cleaner Southeast Asia.
We hope you will join our efforts and our project, because its only together that we can achieve more sustainable tourism practices!

To learn more about our progress, please check out the Project Brochure HERE. Should you have further inquires, please don’t hesitate to contact our Green Team at