Check Out These 6 Twists That’ll Sweeten Your Travelers’ Classic Southeast Asian Honeymoon

For 2019, we want to propose a few twists on a classic honeymoon getaway, newer trends that won’t just give your lovebird travelers a new perspective on life, but on their own relationship.

Surprise Destination: For the truly adventurous, why not have a surprise destination honeymoon? Travel companies have been offering surprise getaway, planning couples’ honeymoons down to the last detail. All newlyweds have to do is show up and enjoy the lovely, stress-free journey.

Our recommendation: Go for it! This is a fun and unique honeymoon idea for couples who don’t have a dream honeymoon destination or like the idea of being surprised.

Familymoon / Babymoon: Perhaps your newlyweds are looking for one last “hurrah!” before starting a family, or, if they already have kids, make the honeymoon into more of a family affair. Familymoons are a great time to bond together as a new family – a multigenerational trip, often planned around a destination wedding. Babymoons, on the other hand, are the last hurrah before couples make that big decision: having a child!

Our recommendation: The more the merrier! Southeast Asia is quickly becoming more and more family-friendly, and both Vietnam and Myanmar are especially set to welcome everyone with open arms, with plenty for kids and adults to do.

Ecomoon: Ecotourism has been booming in recent years and honeymoons with a focus on minimal environmental impact and responsible tourism are becoming all the rage. Under this huge umbrella of responsible travel, Plastic-Free tours are in full swing, as well as the newer “volunteering,” for those who want to start off married life with some good karma, helping in communities, planting trees, and giving support around the globe.

Our recommendation: This honeymoon journey is all about showing endless compassion – great for couples who just can’t help but give back! We offer sustainable itineraries in all our destinations, as well as initiatives like “Refill Not Landfill” to eliminate single-use plastics.

Cruisemoon: As enticing as new trends may be, some classics are hard to beat: the relaxing, intimate cruise. Forget the tourist mobs: this year, couples are opting for smaller, luxury vessels, with limited passenger lists, deluxe accommodations, and attentive service, and places like Vietnam’s Halong Bay are unbeatable for couples looking to escape to paradise. However, even more, adventurous travelers are taking cruises to less-traveled islands, truly off the beaten path…

Our recommendation: Couples can simply be whisked away to a tranquil, marine paradise on our Mekong River cruises in Vietnam, as well as Laos, Cambodia, and Myanmar.

Classic Beach Honeymoon…with a Twist: Like cruising, escaping to a seaside paradise is practically synonymous with “honeymoon.” Recent trends are taking newlyweds to more adventurous, but so much more intimate locales. Hidden beaches, less-traveled islands – these are the places to be before they’re discovered and overrun!

Our recommendation: The Mergui Archipelago in Myanmar is stunning, still far from any tourist hustle and bustle. Vietnam’s Con Dao Islands boast beautiful blue waters and a wonderful national park for nature-loving couples. For truly unique, off-the-beaten-path island adventures, The Si Phan Don Islands in Laos are gorgeous must-sees – especially for a land-locked country!

Whether your newlyweds are looking to express their love as worldly compassion on a “giving mood” or simply want to escape into the mystical waters of the Mekong Delta, Easia Travel is here to make any and every honeymoon more than just a uniquely lovely experience – a fulfillment of the intimate dream getaway, tailored perfectly to the lovebirds’ every whim and desire. After all, we make Asia easy for you – and after something as big as a wedding, your travelers deserve the pampering and service we’ve proudly offered for almost two decades.

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