Southeast Asia – a Street Food Paradise (Part 1: Thailand)

“The unique taste of a simple street food stand is sometimes worth a million visits to an ordinary restaurant. But, thinking about it, it’s as much about the atmosphere around as it is the food: the evening illuminations of Chinatown? The open-air kitchen experience to watch experts handcraft a unique recipe? It’s all that, and more – a genuine experience we don’t have in Europe any more.”

A huge part of Southeast Asia travel experience, street food is so synonymous and ubiquitous in local communities that making a trip to this corner of the world is incomplete without the experience. As well as being a window into the local culture, the food served on the street often hits the target with a fine balance of affordability & delicious taste.

So popular is the allure of alfresco fare, it was showcased in Netflix’s recent appetite-inspiring “Street Food” documentary series, as they tell the stories of struggle from local hawker heroes who dutifully serve up iconic dishes against the odds in Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh and other areas of Asia.

As a DMC, we understand how difficult it can be for our clients to send their customers across the world to enjoy the best “local” food options with confidence. In such a dynamic, fast-changing environment we utilize our local knowledge and physical presence in the destinations to ensure we always have the inside scoop on the tastiest & safest locations to indulge.

The Netflix “Street Food” episode for Thailand focuses on the wonderful street-stall-turned-restaurant by Jai Fai, a street food hero who (spoiler alert) also gained a Michelin Star for her unique crab omelette. The restaurant is (or was) one of many hidden gems across the city that have to be tasted to be believed.

Our Easia Travel Thailand team have their own secret suggestions for hard-to-find delights, and give your travelers the opportunity to eat, indulge and enjoy like locals with such tours as Bangkok – A feast in a Dragon’s Belly and Discover the delights of Bangkok street food after dark by tuk-tuk.

“Having access to delicious, affordable food makes me feel lucky to live in Thailand,” said Vincent Roudaut, Easia Travel’s Product Manager when pushed for his thoughts on local cuisine.

Great culinary experiences are certainly not limited to the Thai capital, however. Food is an integral part of the culture in every corner of the country, and we can help your clients discover off-the-beaten-path gastronomy, with special Easia experiences in Phitsanulok – Explore Phitsanulok under the moonlight by local transport or Chiang Rai – Nature walk with bamboo-cooked lunch at the waterfall.

“The great thing about street food is there’s an unlimited diversity around the Kingdom,” confides Bram Van den Bossche, Easia Travel Thailand’s Production Manager. “The food on offer varies from region to region, and sometimes even from seller to seller. So no matter where you go there are always exciting new tastes and dishes to discover.”

As well as our captivating culinary tours, our agents can also source information for their travelers from our handy Restaurant Guides, which are available from the following links: Easia Travel – Restaurant Guide – Thailand (EN) or view all of Southeast Asia at Easia Travel – Restaurant Guide – Regional (EN).

If you would like to book one of the tours or find out more information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our sales network here.

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