VIETNAM – Cua Dai Beach Recovers From Erosion

Cua Dai beach is another great reason to visit Hoi An, where you can soak up all the celebrated cultural and historical sites then head up to the beach and experience what is often claimed to be Vietnam’s most stunning coastal shore.

Due to climate changes and rapid erosion, more than 20ha of beach washed away in 2009-14, and the Cua Dai Beach area saw sea encroachment of 50-200m annually. Nearly 70 percent of the protective forest of Cua Dai Beach was washed away by large waves, intense rains and a higher sea level since 2018.

To save the beach, Quang Nam Province deployed 1,000 iron stakes nine meters in length to mitigate the impact of waves and built a dyke of 3,000 sandbags, but to no avail. Since June 2020, the province has implemented a new project to build an underwater dyke offshore aside from filling up eroded sections along the beach with pumped sand. After restoration, a beach section stretches 300 meters long and 100 meters wide along Au Co Street of Cua Dai Ward. A pristine stretch of sand spanning from An Bang Beach to Cua Dai Beach is a popular spot for foreign tourists in Hoi An.

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