VIETNAM – Teh Dar: Must-see Cultural Show In Hoi An

Back from its pandemic hiatus, the performance spectacles of Lune Production once again see acrobatic action! Lune production announced that they will open only TEH DAR show in Hoi An Lune Center and close AO & The Mist show from Oct 2022 to Dec 2023.

Distinctly different from the productions that have come before, this show displays the life and customs of the ethnic tribes in Vietnam’s central highlands.

Teh Dar comes with the usual A O Show amenities design excellent provide a great experience for its guests from start to finish.

The Teh Dar audience, however, is quite different from the average opera crowd: elephant trousers, white socks, and flip-flops abound. This event catered not only to residents but also – and above all – to Hoi Ans, many tourists.

When the light goes out, the artists enter the room in a procession that immerses the audience in the show’s theme. The ethnic clothes, tribal sounds, and minimalist-yet-metaphoric stage design outline the setting of the upcoming 60 minutes. “Teh Dar” is roughly translated as “going in a circle,” The circle is indeed the all-dominant symbol throughout the show.

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