VIETNAM – Con Dao Airport To Be Temporary Closed In 9 Months for Upgrading

According to the expected plan of the Civil Aviation Administration, Con Dao airport will be temporarily closed for upgrading and expansion from April 2023, expected to complete reopening the airport in December 2023 (the last nine months).

The Ministry of Transport said that the expected closure of Con Dao airport would affect the transportation and travel needs of people connecting the mainland and the island. The Ministry of Transport has planned to increase sea transport and helicopters to connect the island with the mainland.

There are currently 4 licensed passenger train routes connecting the mainland to Con Dao for passenger ships by sea. However, in Con Dao, there is currently only 1 Ben Dam wharf to receive passenger ships. At the same time, the Ben Dam Port Management Board still restricts the number of ships entering/leaving the port, only allowing two trains/per day under the direction of the People’s Committee of Con Dao district. In the first six months of this year, the number of visitors to Con Dao has exceeded the whole year of 2021. However, Con Dao is still limited to receiving passenger ships to the island.

After the temporary closure of Con Dao airport for expansion, guests only have two options to go to the island by sea or helicopter. The Southern Helicopter Company is exploiting helicopters for passenger transport by helicopter connecting the mainland and Con Dao currently connecting. Therefore, the Ministry of Transport will coordinate with relevant sectors and units to study the option of exploiting helicopter flights during the expansion of Con Dao airport.

According to the plan, Con Dao airport will be expanded to reach a capacity of 2 million passengers/year (5 times higher than the current one) and 4,400 tonnes of cargo per year, with 8 aircraft parking positions (6 new positions added); the runway is 15m longer and 5m wider than the current one, meeting the ability to operate aircraft A320/321 and equivalent; additional signal lights, flight management works to be able to operate at night.

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Source: Dan Tri News

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