A Floating House Experience on the Tonle Sap


For Easia Active, much like our partners, travel in Southeast Asia is about finding something unique, immersive, and the intangible that makes your travelers forget about home. Our team has worked hard to create such an experience, with three of Easia’s very own floating houses introducing guests to a simple retreat of tranquility on the vast Tonle Sap in Cambodia. Activities not only cater toward peace and relaxation, but introduction to floating village life and the stunning biodiversity of Southeast Asia’s largest freshwater lake.


Take a closer look at this floating paradise!


A trip here is also truly respectful to the Tonle Sap environment. We provide biodegradable toiletries in the houses and say no to all plastic-use, and employ and train villagers from the nearby floating communities. While they benefit from the added income guests provide, they retain (and share) their traditions, from a lesson in water hyacinth weaving, to preparing local Khmer meals. The contributions of this experience, whether towards the weaving workshop or an exploration of the nearby bird sanctuary, support a local NGO that seeks to protect the Tonle Sap landscape.

More than just a private escape, time spent here brings travelers closer to Cambodia’s gentle people, wild environment, and fascinating culture in a respectful way.

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Matteo Galeazzi

Easia Active Manager

Matteo not only has extensive academic background in tourism, but has also gained valuable insight while living and working in multiple destinations around the world. His energy and enthusiasm for active as well as sustainable travel are what make him a strong driving force within the Easia Active team.


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