Why Thailand?

Thailand has a well-developed infrastructure and accessibility that make it perfect for numerous sport activities like mountain-biking, trekking, hiking, snorkeling, diving, kite surfing, kayaking and more. It’s a popular destination, home to world-renowned cuisine, great accommodation options, welcoming locals, and has an eclectic mix of modern Asia and traditional Thai culture.

But beyond the comfort of its hospitality industry, Thailand still has ample off-the-beaten-track destinations and stunning natural diversity. Remote mountain ranges, dense jungles and pristine beaches are the backdrops to amazing adventure travels here.

North Thailand

Northern Thailand is where travelers can find some of the country’s most hidden gems, with remote hill tribe villages accentuating the exotic atmosphere here. At the same time travelers can still enjoy a large offering of adventure and sport activities, so epic hiking and cycling activities can be combined with cross-cultural exchanges with diverse ethnic minorities.
What makes this region so great for active travel?

  • The mountainous landscape is perfect for challenging hiking and cycling tours.
  • Charming encounters with colorful ethnic minority groups offer opportunities for learning about centuries-old folklore & local practices.
  • Tours here can easily be connected with Laos for multi-country itineraries.

South Thailand

The south of Thailand offers something completely different to the north. Here splendid beaches and islands make for great beach-stay extensions to any adventurous itinerary. What makes this destinations so great for active travel?
  • Countryside terrain that’s perfect for slow-paced cycling activities.
  • Stunning turquoise waters that highlight fun water sport activities.

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Bram Van den Bossche

Born and raised in Belgium, Bram started his career in the travel industry working for a Belgian tour operator in Southeast Asia. While Bram’s experience mainly lies in leisure travel, he’s an avid sportsman who loves more daring sports like mountain biking, snowboarding, rock climbing, scuba diving, and his number one passion, martial arts. Being part of the Easia Active team now allows him to combine all these activities with work, and his love of all things active is translated into every task he takes on.

He describes Thailand’s topography and geography as particularly diverse, with endless opportunities for active travel. It’s especially the north of Thailand that he favors, with its incredible mountain views and unique culture. Here, he says, travelers can experience a different side of Thailand, traverse breathtaking landscapes and interact with diverse ethnic tribes in truly immersive ways.


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