COVID-19 Virus Update


We are currently facing the biggest obstacle our industry, and the world, has seen in decades. With travel restrictions imposed on a mass scale (and rightfully so) tourism has come to a screeching halt. It is in these dark times, however, that we look towards the future with even greater optimism and creativity. While we urge you to stay healthy, responsible and safe, we also look forward to future collaboration and are planning ahead during this “hiatus”.

What is especially important during this unpredictable period, is to stay updated with official information. We want to keep you updated with the goings-on in our Southeast Asian destinations and the development of COVID-19, and would therefore like to refer you to Easia Travel’s latest updates on the virus and health tips, as well as the WHO’s public health advice.

At this time, we’d like to remind our concerned partners what travel to Southeast Asia means for the people on the ground. The tourism industry plays a huge role in many local peoples’ lives. Tourism will reemerge, and when it does so, we can all band together to help those who have been hardest hit by current circumstances. We will therefore continue to encourage travel to Southeast Asia…just a little later than we’d hoped.

When in doubt or in need of more information, please make sure to consult only reputable sources.

Matteo Galeazzi

Easia Active Manager

Matteo not only has extensive academic background in tourism, but has also gained valuable insight while living and working in multiple destinations around the world. His energy and enthusiasm for active as well as sustainable travel are what make him a strong driving force within the Easia Active team.


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