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Humanity is at the core of everything we do, and these are the people who help us maintain and uphold this value. Each and every one of our staff, from our Board of Management down to our newest interns, has a passion for travel and a genuine desire to make every one of our trips for you absolutely perfect – because they know what makes it so from first-hand experience!

So take a look below and meet some of our outstanding staff. We have Sales Development Managers in your region, ready and excited to help you plan your next journey. Our Board of Management keeps us on track and inspired – read a bit about them, particularly our interviews, and perhaps they’ll inspire you, as well! We are here for you – every one of us – and we’re here to make Asia easy. So don’t delay – contact us today!

Thuy Hoa Nguyen

Co-Founder & General Director

I was born and raised in Hanoi, right next to the iconic Opera House and near the magnificent History Museum. I still have vivid recollections of the Hanoi of my childhood with elegant young ladies riding bicycles while wearing the traditional white “Ao Dai”, catching the rickety electric tramway around Hoan Kiem Lake and the Old Quarter and eating tasty bowls of Pho in the winter time… Hanoi has changed a lot in the last 20 years but still manages to keep its inherent beauty and remain avery unique capital, that once experienced, will never be forgotten.

Huy Vu

Co-Founder & Innovative Projects Director

I come from Hanoi and I love to experience the four seasons that bring so many different feelings, colors and atmosphere that give so much more to the city than any one thing.

I founded Easia, 17 years ago. It is hard to pick one memorable trip, having had the fortune to explore many destinations with so many wonderful people, especially those trips with our amazing Easia family, those hold the most memorable memories in my mind.

Philippe Richard

Co-Founder & Sales Director

After living five years in Hanoi and working since 1997 in Asia, I have developed a true passion for “my destinations”. Each inspection is a new inspiration to understand how to make people discover the very best of these amazing territories and people. I love my job because I love to meet people. Should they be Vietnamese, German, Burmese, Italian, Laotian, American, Cambodian, French, Thai or British, by working together, we discover that we share the same values and the same visions of human beings.

Creating and developing Easia Travel with all the community of Easians is a true human adventure that would require more than one life. I love so much to work with all of them. And my greatest pleasure and reward is to hear our clients tell us that it is a great pleasure to work with us and they say how excellent our teams are. I enjoy serving you and seeing you smiling because your life gets easier by working with us.

Heena Bhudia

Business Development Manager - the UK & Nordic markets

Bringing over 23 years of experience in the travel and aviation sector, Heena has a remarkable background that includes notable positions at British Midlands (BMI), Jet Air UK Limited (GSA for Jet Airways and Gulf Air), and most recently as a marketing executive and business development manager at Travelpack.

Annabelle Devillers

Business Development Manager

My name is Annabelle, but my relatives call me “Hana”: the name of a unique village on Maui Island, located at the end of the panoramic road 360, surrounded by ocean, palm trees, and a gorgeous black beach.

Hana is as tiny as my birth village, “Vendegies-sur-Escaillon”: located in the deepest North of France, a few hundred residents, surrounded by…the minuscule and greyish creek of Escaillon.

Glamour? No. Human & friendly? Yes. This context of birth has defined my values, my “essence.” I like people; I love their differences of spirits, cultures, way of thinking, way of clothing, and way of eating. Then, living on this minuscule point on the globe, I soon wanted to discover the entire world.

Naturally, my feet were unconsciously guided to work in the tourism industry, which I am highly passionate about.

I began 15 years ago in North America, living in the US, then in Montreal, and evolving by working in France as a specialized tour operator and North American product Manager.

Recently, my aspirations changed – mid-life crisis? Maybe. An intense curiosity and interest in discovering a new culture, a new “game field”? Oh yes.

Joining Easia is quite a symbol – new challenges, new horizons, shared values, and a high sense of customer service. As a business developer manager for French-speaking markets, I’ll do my best to promote the colors of Easia & south-east Asia everywhere!

Elodie Blanchot

Sales Manager for Network Agency

My name is Elodie, and I’m the new Sales Manager for a network agency for the French markets.

I grew up in Rhone Alpes, next to Lyon, in a rugby city named Bourgoin Jallieu! Epicurian, Smiling, Spanish, professional Bachata dancer (okay, it’s not true, but I am working on it !), and dog mom are better defining me.

My little dog is a female American shepherd; her name is Romy.

My Spanish origins introduced me to the world of travel very early on, and I spent every summer for ten years in Spain near Valencia; it made me realize that I wanted to discover the world!

I first started working in a travel agency for three years. I became a sales representative for Tour Operators (Vacances Transat, Climats du Monde, and Kuoni), enabling me to visit thirty countries, including Thailand, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia.

I’m delighted and proud to join Easia Travel and make Asia a part of my daily life!

Marco Innocenti

Sales Development Manager - Italy

Philippe Richard

Co-Founder & Sales Director

Co-founder, Associate and BOM member of PHH Group.
Easia Travel – BOM Referent for the Sales Network worldwide and the Marketing.

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Morgan Le Notre

Business Development Manager - The Americas

I come from Megève, a small town in the Alps in eastern France. I’m still astonished each time I go back by how silence can be a luxury, and the pink sky above the snowy mountains during sunset.

I joined Easia Travel in 2016, and have since then enjoyed the great spirit a team can build. In 2018 I found my new home in Bangkok, a bustling city where you never get bored. Being based in Southeast Asia allows me to work closely with the teams on each challenging request, while still being able to travel the US & Canada a few times a year.

On the top of my travel list? India or Brazil, two different regions of the world where the culture speaks for itself.

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  • Phone: +66 83 073 2940

Nguyen Thi Hoai Thu

Sale Executive - UK Market

Pham Le Ngoc Hoa

Sales Team Leader - Easia Exclusive

Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao

Operation Manager - Ho Chi Minh Office

Ta Thi Luyen

Sale Executive - German Speaking

Dang Ngọc Thang

Senior Sale Executive - Easia Exclusive

Nguyen Hoang Oanh

Office Manager

I was born in Phu Giao, a small town in Binh Duong Province.

I left my hometown to be in a bigger city, Ho Chi Minh City, to study and find a job opportunity.

I’ve been with Easia since 2007, and I have had the chance to do many kinds of works, met many interesting people, and learnt how to solve problems.
Traveling, meeting new people, and food are my passions. Wandering in a local market, discovering different food products and methods of selling to local people is my hobby.

For future travels, some hideaway regions in the Mekong Delta are written down in my list.

Nguyen Kim Thu

Office Manager - Easia Danang

I was born and raised in Hoi An, and left in 2008 when I decided to join Easia Travel in Danang.

My favorite trip was to Sapa- Ha Long when I had just joined the Easia team. Here I discovered the beauty of Vietnam and I’ve been keen on travel ever since. I’m determined to discover many corners of Vietnam and show it to foreign visitors.

Apart from work and travel, I like cooking by myself for our family on the weekend. I love the time I spend with my family.

Tran Nhu My Van

Production Officer

I was born in Ninh Hoa, a small town in north of Nha Trang City. I joined Easia in 2006 as the first staff in Danang.

During the time here, I have treated Easia as my “second home”, where I have learnt a lot about the culture, people and hidden places of Vietnam after many memorable trips with my colleagues.

I love traveling and Myanmar is on the top of my travel list, and I’m also a fan of cooking and gardening.

Loan Doan Thi Thanh

Country Director - Vietnam

I was born in Bac Giang, a small province not too far from Hanoi. I started working at Easia Travel in 2007. The most unforgettable trip I had was to Cambodia with Easia in 2011. I was truly impressed by Angkor Wat – a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Reading is one of my hobbies. I especially love reading travel books, something about a famous place, or mouth-watering local foods. As someone wise once said “I think of life as a good book. The further you get into it, the more it begins to make sense.”

Huong Giang Vu

Operation Manager - Vietnam

I started working in the tourism field 18 years ago. “ Life is a trip” and I’m so happy to continue my trip with Easia Travel in August 2017. I would love to spread my passion to my colleagues and my clients. Our professionalism and devotion will make every client’s dream come true when they are travelling with us.

Thi Phuong Hoa Bui

Sales Manager Cum Sales Team Leader – GIT French Speaking Market

Thu Trang Dao

Sales Team Leader - German Speaking Market

Since 2007, I have been working for the German market at Easia Travel. I am always happy knowing that, at Easia Travel, we have the opportunity to show our fascinating destinations to international guests. Foreign travelers are often surprised at how many places and landscapes in Vietnam are recognized as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. One of my personal favorite places in the country is the island of Phu Quoc. White beaches, crystal-clear water and the many palm trees give me the chance to relax and escape the bustling city of Hanoi for a few days.

Veronique Chappe

Product R&D Consultant

I was born in Versailles near Paris and I used to live in Paris and its region.
Paris is the most beautiful city in the world with its historical and cultural Heritage but too cold for me!
That is one of the reasons I have decided to move to Asia and to join the Easia Travel Team in June 2016.
I have two most memorable trips – Bhutan and Yemen. Amazing scenery, culture, architecture, people, a perfect balance. WOW moments in my life.
My passion apart from travel and work (or vice versa ! ) is to read, and what I like most , is a book with a cup of tea.

Vu Thuan Nguyen Nguyen

Sales Team Leader - UK Market

I’ve always loved being a country girl, coming from Thanh Hoa – a small city 150 km from Hanoi.
In 2012 I became a part of Easia Travel by chance, but have come to be passionate about what I am doing. I’m really lucky to have had the chance to visit places such as China, Cambodia, Shangri-la, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, and India. Top on my bucket list are Tibet, Mongolia, Iran, Turkey, Sri Lanka and Africa.

Besides traveling, I enjoy photography, listening to music, drawing, playing computer games or just going out for a trek up a mountain when time permits.

Thuy Linh Vu

Sales Team Leader - Italian Speaking Market

I was born and grew up in a small town in northern Vietnam.  
I joined Easia Travel in 2008. Working at Easia Travel has given me many opportunities to travel. Every destination has its own beauty, but my most memorable trip was to Hoi An in 2009. Here I learned what the Easia team is really about: we work hard but with strong team spirit and passion. 
I hope to return to Italy to visit the famous places that I didn’t get to see the last time I went. 

Ngoc Linh Nguyen

SIC Coordinator

I was born and raised in Hanoi – the capital city of Vietnam. It’s difficult to specify what the most thing I like about my hometown because I love everything about it no matter how it changed speedily. But the drizzle during the rainy season leaves the deepest impression on me. It drizzles over the day, sometimes prolongs for a week. That makes the road slippery and dirty, the locals annoyed and the weather more humid. I recognize that the drizzle challenged my patience and built up my personality. As a result I know how to smile when it’s raining suddenly or for the whole day long even a week.

I’ve been working in Easia Travel for almost a year. The most memorable trip I had with Easia travel is the time we went to MAI CHAU for several reasons. Firstly ,this was the first time I took a trip with people from different countries : French , Italian and Vietnamese, interestingly we had a English speaking guide, as we know all the foreign languages we acquired, definitely have a strong influence on your mind. Therefore we had a row ‘bout waking or biking around the village luckily thank to the guide we all settled down with the decision of walking. Secondly the walking day was the best choice ever because the valley was filled up with lush vegetation, moreover we had a chance to observe the daily life of the locals.

Now I desire to go to antique citadel of Vietnam Hue because the Hue cuisine is well-known and I would love to taste some signature dishes, besides from Hue I can set off to Hoi An and Danang.

I want to promote our country’s image to the world.

Hong Phan

Sales Executive - German Speaking Market

I was born and raised in Ha Nam province. It is located on south of Red River Delta, southern gateway of Hanoi. It is not hustle and bustle as Hanoi, it is a peaceful countryside where containing my childhood memories. Although I have now moved to live and work in Hanoi, I still remember everything there. I will never forget the smile of the people here, bike ride in summer afternoon along the green rice field to breathe fresh air, play traditional games with friends or enjoy our local foods.
I started working for Easia Travel from December 2012 as Sales. I think that was the right decision, because I was doing my favorite job and learned a lot of things here from my managers, my colleagues and my clients.
Until now I still cannot forget my trip to Cambodia in 2013. It’s hard to describe in words about this trip: the friendliness of the people, the mystery of Angkor temples, unique culture and delicious food. It is really worth to visit this country.
I love travelling. I wish I can put my foot on all countries in the world. However, for this year Myanmar is at the top of my list for travelling. With beautiful countryside and spectacular, surreal temples and friendly, genuine local people, from the other worldly landscape of the 4000 sacred stupas scattered across the plains of Bagan to the impossibly golden glittering stupas of Shwedagon Pagoda. It is really excited when I think about it.
Apart from work and travel, cooking has always been my passion. That is the reason why I send almost my weekend time at the kitchen. It is extremely great when you can treat your family or friends the delicious food by yourself.

Minh Trang Nguyen

Sales Executive - German Speaking Market

I was born and I grew up in Hanoi – the capital of Vietnam. Since I graduated Foreign Languages – National University Hanoi I have been working for Easia Travel. I would like to introduce as many people as possible our beautiful country. I personally travel much, as I can always experience new people, different cultures and customs. The most impressive in Vietnam is the Mekong Delta. The life there is so quiet, the people are exceptionally friendly and the landscape is very beautiful. It’s a perfect place to spend a relaxing holiday.

Huong Thi Vu

Sales Executive - French Speaking GIT Market

I was born in the province of Thai Binh in northern Vietnam. Different from the occupied cities, it is a calm province because the major activity is agricultural production. I often come back to my countryside for all my holiday.

I have been working at Easia since 2014. It is a chance for me to be able to work in this good environment.

I always remember my holiday in Cat Ba (about 120 km east of Hanoi) with my friends a few years ago. The atmosphere and beaches are beautiful. I like to go back there someday.

My next trips will be in Laos, a country of one million elephants and Cambodia, well known with magnificent temples of Angkor.
I hope that you could discover our country, our culture one day.

Quan Tran

Sales Executive - German Speaking Market

I was born and grew up in Hanoi. My favorite part of the city is the old quarter, where you can feel the heartbeat of the city and have chance to taste amazing street food around every corner.
I joined Easia Travel in February 2015.
My favorite city in Vietnam is Hue. I went there 2 times, the last time was with the entire Easia team for our annual motivation trip. This city was the capital of Vietnam during the last feudal dynasty. It always has some sort of “royal” atmosphere, as you can find a lot of historic monuments here. The city is peaceful, and the people here are extremely friendly.
It is not that easy to travel the world if you are from Vietnam. However, I hope that one day I can visit Istanbul, the city that connects Europe and Asia. Its cultural diversity always interests me. Dan Brown’s novel, and Doner Kebab, also inspire me as well.
In my free time, I’d love to play video games with my friends, read books/newspapers or play sport.

Ngoc Vu

Sales Executive - French speaking FIT market

I was born and I grew up in Ha Nam, in the north of Viet Nam.

I love my city for its peaceful atmosphere. I love cycling through the rice fields when I come back home

I joined the Easia team 7 years ago.

My most memorable trip was for sure the Easia motivation trip in Hoian in 2013 with my colleagues, nice landscape and I had unforgettable moments with my colleagues: night on the common room, bike ride, team building game …

Next trip on my list: Mekong delta to enjoy the fruits, take the cruise, go cycling via yards.

When I am not working or travelling, I like reading the comics, cooking or walking!

Clemence Carcanague

Country Manager Cambodia

I was born in Auvergne, a green region in the center of France. After my studies, I worked 10 years in adventure travel production in France. Since my childhood, I’ve always been fascinated by Asia so I naturally became specialized on this part of the world.

I travelled a lot on this continent for personal and professional purposes from Mongolia to Indonesia and through my beloved South-East Asia. After having Easia Travel as a DMC many years, I happily joined the team in 2015 and my dream of living in Asia became true. Being in charge to promote this amazing country which is Cambodia and having Angkor complex as a playground, what a jammy’s job, right ? Next dream ? To walk along Camino de Santiago trail and to cross US in a camper van with my husband and our little baby girl.

Thi Phuong Hoa Bui

Sales Manager Cum Sales Team Leader – GIT French Speaking Market

Sichan Orm

Production Executive

Born in Kampong Thom Province, I moved to Siem Reap in 2006 to attend Sala Bai School from which I got graduated in 2007. After working in the hospitality industry for several years, I joined Easia travel’s production team in 2017. It is a real pleasure for me to create new products and share my tips with our travelers.
What I love to do and would advise any visitors in Cambodia? Hiking in the jungle and finding beautiful waterfalls, and more especially Phnom Kulen’s waterfall, my favorite one!

Thiri Htet

Sales Executive - French FIT Market

I’m from Yangon. In my original city, I like the Shwedagon Pagoda the most. I joined Easia Travel on 6th June 2017. The most memorable trip for me was to Bagan in November 2016 with my beloved colleagues because this was my first trip and my first traveling experience. The top of my travel wish list is to go and trek to Mount Victoria, and I would like to see the view from the top of the mountain. Apart from work and travel, I love going to the cinema, shopping with friends, and making handicrafts.


Production Manager

Hi there, I’m Ben, the Production Manager at the Easia Laos office.
I’m from France, but I’ve been living in Luang Prabang for seven years with my wife, Mone, and my two children, aged 1 and 5, and I’ve been working in the tourism industry in Laos for five years. I like to spend time with my family and friends, occasionally escape to laid-back places outside the city, and eat Khao Piak, the local rice noodle soup! When it’s not for lunch, that means I’ll be eating it for dinner.

I’m used to bringing and designing new, unique experiences for travelers, and now that I’ve just joined the Easia family, it motivates me even more. The fact is, when travelers arrive in Laos, they don’t know what to expect; they come here to have authentic encounters with communities and locals and to see unspoiled landscapes and pristine places. Well, we’re here to make their experience even more exciting than they could have imagined!

The Laos Production team will be working hand in hand with our beloved Sales and Operations teams to make sure our clients get the best programs possible. We’re committed to offering new products that are genuine novelties and innovations, in line with the company’s ambition to develop unique, authentic, and sustainable experiences for our clients. Do you have a question on Laos’ products or itineraries? Just give the Production team a ring! We’ll keep you posted on all the exciting new products coming soon.

PhetAnong Phonsavath

Country Director

Phetanong, or “Anong” for short, was born in Luang Prabang in northern Laos. It was while studying in Vientiane (the capital of Laos) that Anong caught the travel bug and took a job working in tourism after university.

Anong joined Easia Travel in January 2014 as an Operation and office Manager and was promoted to Country Manager in 2016. She oversees all areas of the company for Laos, with particular attention to the guest experience while traveling to the destination.

Thi Phuong Hoa Bui

Sales Manager Cum Sales Team Leader – GIT French Speaking Market

Thomas Preischl

Country Director

Being from Munich (Germany), I call myself a true Bavarian. You can’t actually help falling in love with Munich’s old-school Bavarian charm. It may be Germany’s third largest city, but what I love most is the fact that it feels like a small village. People bump into each other everywhere, you cycle for 5 minutes (from anywhere in the city) and you are in another world and we have the best bakeries all over the world.
My personal story that led me to Easia began way back in 2005. Whilst on an independent holiday to Myanmar, I knew I had discovered something special. The people, the culture, the sights, the sounds! I was instantly in love with the country. After establishing my own travel company in 2010, I merged with Easia Travel in 2012 and continue to deliver unforgettable tailor-made holidays.
I am fortunate to be able to share this passion with the customers from Easia, giving them the chance to feel the same overwhelming joy that I first experienced many years ago. I feel immense pride in the results of Easia Myanmar: not only do we have happy guests but we are also building capacity and confidence among the younger generation of Myanmar citizens.

Htin Yadanar Win (Nadi)

Head of Sustainability cum Office Manager Yangon

I was born in Sagaing – Sagaing Region is an administrative region of Myanmar located in the north-western part of the country. However, I grew up in Yangon, Myanmar, since I was three years old. I joined the Easia team when the company started establishing itself in Myanmar. My work is indispensable for upholding sustainable development standards and promoting an ethical working culture for Easia Travel and our companions. My responsibilities span not just the five destinations but throughout Easia’s network of travel experts and partners globally. Easia Travel connects with people and our human values by promoting community-based tourism (CBT) activities encouraging individuals to develop services or programs that create positive impacts.

Wai Lin Tun

Sales Senior Manager

I was born in Yangon. I love my hometown as there is a diverse ethnic community living in harmony.

I joined Easia Travel Myanmar in 2013 and left the company for further studies in the UK after one year. When I arrived in Myanmar in 2015, I joined the company again, so there’s a strong connection between me and the company. It was the trip to Chiang Mai in 2016, which I still find very memorable and exciting until now. I like the town as it has a rich culture similar to neighboring countries.

I want to visit the Putao area in the northernmost part of my country to try advanced hiking in the Snowcapped Mountains.
Besides traveling, I love to read and sing.


‎Bram Van den Bossche‎

Vice Director & Product Manager

I was born in a small town near Antwerp in Belgium. I had a great time growing up there because everyone knew everyone and there was always something to do.

Traveling to Thailand for the first time in 2004 was my first encounter with a different culture. Experiencing the variety of colors, smells and tastes, combined with the nice weather and hospitality, really changed my life.

After working all over Southeast Asia for almost a decade, I settled down in Chiang Mai, Thailand and joined Easia Travel in 2016.

Zar Yi Hnin

Sales Team Leader - German Speaking Market

I was born in beautiful Yangon, the former capital of Myanmar. It’s famous for its glittering pagodas and old colonial buildings.

I joined the Easia Travel family in 2016, and I’m happily coordinating with my team now. One of my favorite trips was to Keng Tung in eastern Shan State. Pristine mountain landscapes and isolated hill tribe villages surround it. My dream trip is to go to Berlin. It’s a charming city full of history and fun facts. I would love to see the Berlin Wall.


Suvaree Uamkhao (Tan)

Operations and Quality Manager