Building The Future of Sustainable Travel Together

The travel industry has experienced more than its fair share of turmoil these past few years. Whether the pandemic is bringing everything to a halt or the ongoing digitalization of our ecosystem, tourism has been experiencing one wave of change after another.

  1. The impact of OTAs has had a tremendous impact on the travel industry. Tech giants seemingly appeared out of nowhere, disrupted the travel industry, and took center stage when planning and booking trips. So much so even TOs have been influenced, and the ripple effects are felt throughout the industry.
  2. The internet has reshaped our lives, from how we consume to how we conduct business. An instantaneity is no longer an option but a benchmark to which every company is expected to live up to. This phenomenon hasn’t spared tour Operators. The rise of service banks such as Booking, Expedia, Viator, or GetYourGuide has made much mono-product content available globally.
  3. Instant bookings have become a must-have norm. Without any other options, TOs have had to give in to the lure of instantaneity and resort to service banks to satisfy their customers’ expectations. However, in doing so, they have accentuated the disintermediation of the industry, propping up OTAs, and helping them gain market share, which has harmed the classic tour operating industry.

As expansion into the world of online platforms is expensive and complicated and not the area of expertise for most traditional TOs and DMCs, they must resist the need to evolve, further enabling the OTAs to keep gaining market share as consumers enjoy the ease and convenience of online booking, and the benefits of disintermediation.

In this process, DMCs and suppliers have been left by the wayside. Those who fail to take the initiative to innovate have a steep slope ahead of them. That’s why Easia Travel has chosen to work with KOOB. Tech and put the TO/DMC/Supplier relationship back at the heart of the travel industry.


Why Should You Start Using KOOB?

KOOB is a channel manager offering a range of functionalities designed to strengthen connectivity and help federate a community of like-minded travel professionals committed to a sustainable approach. As an innovative future-proofing solution, KOOB enables Tour Operators, B2B platforms, and B2C marketplaces to connect instantly and directly to their network of sustainable DMCs worldwide without requiring additional software development or API connectivity.


Instant Live Access Sales Efficiency Human Resources
TOs can access the live inventory of hotels supplied by the contracting teams of the local DMC TOs gain time & sales efficiency by reducing the sales cycle length and proposing instant confirmation. TO staff save time by no longer needing to manually copy program content, allowing teams to focus on more critical tasks

Independence Sustainable Approach
TOs can decrease their dependence on B2B bed banks KOOB helps TOs to improve their sustainable approach to tourism


A Message From Our Co-founder


Travelers’ expectations have changed and more than ever, whether they realize it or not, need travel professionals to help them fulfill their wanderlust. Our expertise and destination knowledge are the keys to ushering in a new travel age.

Tomorrow’s tourism will either be sustainable or won’t be at all. Sustainability is the new gold standard that will ensure professionals in our sector have a viable future. We must take action and change how we work, operate, and produce so we can focus on collaboration, transparency, and integrity.

Philippe Richard, Co-founder


How to get started?

To get started, visit the Koob website to sign up and create an account.

Do you have any questions about how it can help your business? Get in touch with our sales team.

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