VIETNAM – Teh Dar: Must-see Cultural Show In Hoi An

Back from its pandemic hiatus, the performance spectacles of Lune Production once again see acrobatic action! Lune production announced that they will open only TEH DAR show in Hoi An Lune Center and close AO & The Mist show from Oct 2022 to Dec 2023.

VIETNAM – The Quintessence of Tonkin

Located 25 km West of central Hanoi, The Quintessence of Tonkin’s unique stage has been set up on Baara Land. This cultural extravaganza is truly a brand new style entertainment,…

VIETNAM – My Village Performance

With a vision to become an excellent entertainment corporation that brings and shares Vietnamese cultural values with the world, Lune Production’s key spectacles, the A O Show, Lang Toi -…