Welcome to Easia Travel

What does it mean when we promise to make Asia “easy” for you? Well, from our humble Asian origins to our current network of global partners and companions, we’re constantly driven by exciting new opportunities to show our partners’ travelers the Southeast Asia we love and call home, in the most seamless way possible.

Our Roots

When 3 like-minded citizens of the world, true travelers with curiosity in their heart and some serious ambition, come together with a plan, something great is bound to happen. Easia Travel, the brainchild of our 3 founders, Thuy Hoa, Vu Huy, and Philippe Richard, not only created something great, but continue to instill it with both solid, core values and a dynamism that has come to define our services. Only through passion, humanity, and diligence did this company come together and succeed, and continues to do so because of a solid foundation in a single idea: that a successful trip is made of amazing encounters, and that these encounters are based in human interaction

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Our Affiliations

We say that without our passionate and devoted team, Easia Travel is just a name. The same is true for the partners and companions we meet along our journey. Over the years, we have joined up with Travelife, USTOA, PATA, and Travel Exchange in an effort not only to constantly improve our practices, but so that we can pass the benefits of these practices along to you. Integrity, creativity, and sustainability have always been part of our backbone, and our network serves to reinforce these values –for now and for the future.

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How we work

Easia Travel is a rapidly-growing Southeast Asian DMC; we’re a professional services company with ample local knowledge, expertise and resources. We work in the design and implementation of events, activities, tours, transportation and program logistics – anything and everything you can dream of to make a Southeast Asian getaway seamless. With a strictly BtoB focus, we have dedicated Sales Destination Managers (SDMs) for each of our markets around the world, who serve as your first contact in your market. Learn more about how we work and who your dedicated SDM contact here:

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Meet our team

As we mentioned above, without our dedicated and passionate team, Easia Travel would be a mere name, and not the promise of perfectly-tailored, bespoke trips that suit each and every need, down to the finest detail. Your local points of contact, our SDMs, will work tirelessly with you to make each and every journey perfect. Behind them, hundreds of staff around the world then jump into action, ready to craft something creative and truly transformative for you and your client.

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Join the Easia Family

Do you find yourself wanting to go above and beyond just “tourism” and work towards creating truly special, uniquely authentic experiences for people all over the world? Well, so do we! Here at Easia Travel, from exciting research and activity production to rapidly growing training facilities and resources
all over Southeast Asia, we strive for constant growth, both inside and out, and seek people who want the same experience in the dynamic travel industry. Take a look at the openings we have here:

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Get in touch!

Have a question about how we can work together? Would you like to know more about an itinerary and how we can tailor it best to one of your clients? Or perhaps you have some suggestions on how we can improve (which are always welcome!)? We would love to hear from you – contact us here:

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