Vietnam From North to South: Embracing the Beauty of the Rainy Season

As the summer sun climbs high in the skies of Europe and North America, a different kind of beauty unfolds in Vietnam. Welcome to the Green Season – when Vietnam’s landscapes transform into a vibrant tapestry of lush greenery dotted with the rhythmic dance of the monsoon rains.

Far from the incessant downpours, many imagine this season dots the country with brief showers followed by extended stretches of golden sunlight, making it an idyllic, yet often overlooked, time for exploration. Sure, certain outdoor activities need to be a little less ambitious however, they can easily be adapted depending on the circumstances thanks to our team’s local expertise.

In this blog, we aim to help you better understand how to craft a memorable journey in Vietnam during this time of year and highlight some of our favorite experiences.

The Rainy Season Across Vietnam

Vietnam’s geography stands out compared to its Southeast Asian neighbors, and understanding this is crucial for planning a successful trip. Long and narrow, Vietnam stretches over 1,650 kilometers from north to south, creating three distinct weather regions.

The rainy season in North Vietnam

The rainy season in the north usually starts towards the end of April with mild rains and warmer temperatures. Mountainous areas see heavier rainfall starting in June, while the Red River Delta experiences its peak in July.

In general, the daily rainfall might last anywhere from less than an hour to a few hours, with occasional prolonged periods of rain during more severe weather conditions. It’s also common for the region to experience days with intermittent rain interspersed with periods of clear weather.

The rainy season in Central Vietnam

The rainy season in Central Vietnam typically occurs later than in the North, generally from September to December. However, Central Vietnam experiences its dry season from May to August, which is quite distinct from the following rainy season.

The weather is predominantly sunny, hot, and humid during these months. While rain is rare, occasional brief showers can occur. These are usually short-lived and unlikely to disrupt travel plans significantly. However, they can provide a refreshing break from the heat.

The rainy season in Southern Vietnam

The rainy season in Vietnam’s Southern region is from May to October. During the rainy season, the region, including Ho Chi Minh City and the Mekong Delta, sees frequent rainfall. Still, it is usually characterized by short, intense downpours rather than all-day rain.

However, the rain usually doesn’t last all day. Intense showers usually take place around midday and rarely last more than a few hours, allowing plenty of time to explore during the day.

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Making the most of Vietnam’s Rainy Season

While sunny days may be ideal for traveling to Vietnam, don’t let a little rain disturb your guests. Embracing the occasional showers can lead to unique and memorable experiences. If you’re unsure of what to offer during the rainy season in Vietnam, consider our following suggestions as a start. Finding the right balance between indoor and outdoor activities is the key to success.

Cultural immersion in the North

The North of Vietnam has much to offer besides its iconic rice fields. Travelers are bound to enjoy spending some time in Hanoi, Vietnam’s bustling capital, to discover another side of the country, where traditions and modernity intertwine daily.

Lotus Tea Workshop in Hanoi

Once acclaimed as “Tea for the King,” Lotus tea is an integral part of Vietnamese culture and is often served during traditional festivals, ceremonies, and other special occasions. Only available during the lotus season in June and July, this experience is a true green season gem. For those planning a visit outside of these months our “Art in a Tea Cup” experience is a great alternative.

This activity offers a peaceful break from Hanoi’s bustling streets, affording travelers a peaceful moment in a cozy and peaceful tea house with a great atmosphere.

 Check out our factsheet for more details.


Indigo Dyeing Workshop

This DIY indigo dyeing workshop is an excellent opportunity to interact with local experts to learn all about indigo dyeing, from how the plant is grown and used to how the different shades and motifs are created before the dyeing process.

This fun and educational experience is an excellent choice for those interested in ethnic cultures, textiles, and design.

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A Meal with a Local Family in Hanoi

For as long as anyone can remember, it’s been a custom in Vietnam that after a long hard-working day, all family members gather around the table to enjoy a meal and spend valuable time together. This experience provides a chance to gain real insight into an essential aspect of Vietnamese culture.

This is a great activity for travelers looking to interact with local people and learn about their culture.

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Tip: A Perfect Day in Hanoi

Start the day with a delicious cup of Vietnamese coffee before heading to the Lotus Tea Workshop to learn about one of Vietnam’s most revered traditions. After this peaceful and insightful start to the day, grab a tasty Banh Mi on the way to the Temple of Literature to learn more about Vietnamese culture and history, or choose to get hands-on with the Indigo Dyeing workshop. Finish the day by having dinner with a local family for a day steeped in Vietnamese culture, past, and contemporary.

A Historical Journey in Central Vietnam

The Center of Vietnam experiences the brunt of its rainy season from October to December. Summer is an excellent time to visit some of Vietnam’s historical and cultural highlights.

An Enchanting Garden House in Hue

Lan Vien Co Tich is an ancient garden house of the Thai family’s estate with more than 200 years of history. It is a Hue-style garden with a traditional “rung” house filled with rare royal treasures, countless ceramic antiques, and abundant exciting and well-documented historical stories.

Upon request, travelers have the opportunity to meet and discuss with the owner, Prof. Dr. Thai Kim Lan.

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Tip: Planning a day steeped in history in Hue

Start the day by visiting Hue’s famed Citadel and Thien Mu Pagoda in the morning and heading to the Enchanted Garden house before Tu Duc’s or Minh Mang’s Tomb in the afternoon.

Hue – Paper Flower Workshop at a Local Pagoda

During this activity, guests join a paper flower-making class, converse with monks, and explore Buddhism’s role in rural life. The workshop starts by introducing the technique required before guests begin to craft their flowers under the guidance of an expert.

This interactive experience gives travelers an opportunity to craft their own beautiful souvenir of Hue and their holiday.

 Check out our factsheet for more details.


Tip: Take this experience to the next level

In the morning, set off on a cycling tour through the heart of Hue city and into the lovely countryside along small rural roads. Stop at Thanh Toan Bridge before reaching the pagoda, where the flower-making process will occur. Guests get started crafting their flowers under a professional local woman’s guidance. After the workshop, the abbot monk meets guests to have a short conversation about the influence of Buddhism in Hue before enjoying a vegetarian lunch in a cozy atmosphere.

Hands-on Wood Carving at the Driftwood Village outside Hoi An

A highly recommended activity for families with kids or those keen on wood arts. Escape to Hoi An’s countryside to explore a driftwood village showcasing exquisitely carved artworks by seasoned local artisans. Enjoy a refreshing drink before embarking on a wood carving workshop led by skilled craftsmen. Craft a personal masterpiece to cherish, a perfect souvenir of your time in Hoi An.

This activity supports a sustainable wood carving center using recycled wood to make wooden masterpieces.

 Check out our factsheet for more details.


Experience with Locals in Tra Que Herbal Village

This experience starts with a bicycle ride through the countryside to Tra Que Village, famous for its vegetable crops. Here, locals grow unique herbs, spices, and bountiful vegetable gardens. Guests join in preparing the land and learning about traditional farming methods. Also on the program are a foot massage, a cooking demonstration, and delicious local specialties for lunch.

This activity is an excellent chance to get close to the locals, taste local food and learn about rural life in Hoi An.

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Tip: Combine these activities

Start the day by strolling through the Old Town before getting on a bicycle for a casual ride into the countryside. The first stop is Driftwood Village, where you can visit the art space and admire hand-carved works of art by local craftsmen. Next comes Tra Que village, just a short ride away, for lunch and total immersion into countryside life!

Our suggestion in the South

Southern Vietnam’s tropical climate means rain is more prevalent than in the center or the North. However, there is still plenty to do in and around Ho Chi Minh City.

Ho Chi Minh City – Culinary Experience and Meal With a Local Saigonese

A culinary adventure through Saigon’s rich culture and tastes. Accompanied by a local host, travelers explore a local market and its daily life as they seek out and bargain for the ingredients they’ll use later. The experience includes stops at historical sites, hands-on cooking, and a family meal to top it off.

A immersive and insightful dive into Saigon’s daily life, history, and cuisine.

 Check out our factsheet for more details.


Ho Chi Minh City – Mindful Coffee Experience With a Local Barista

Meet a seasoned barista at a cozy café to learn about Vietnamese coffee, its production, and Saigon’s contemporary coffee culture. This experience takes guests from bean to cup, raw bean to roasting, tasting, and making their latte coffee art.

A wonderful experience for travelers who love cultural immersion, coffee and interacting with locals.

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Tip: A Foodies’ Day in Ho Chi Minh City

Combine these activities for a day of cultural immersion packed with flavors, encounters, and insightful conversations.

Crafting a journey during Vietnam’s Green Season doesn’t have to be a challenging task, especially with the support and expertise of our sales team. For more information about our Green Season recommendations and to plan an exceptional journey for your travelers, contact our sales team at

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