2019 New year’s chat with our Co-Founder, Thuy Hoa

On founding Easia Travel
Easia Travel is a DMC founded and powered by both expert locals and passionate international teams, and since its inception in 2000, one of our three BOM Members, Thuy Hoa (now serving as our General Director) has worked tirelessly over two decades to create a company with a truly global mindset. For Hoa, Easia Travel was founded on and thrives thanks to her commitment to offering the best services and tools for discerning clients all over the world, to create the most amazing tours for the most discerning travelers.

Thuy Hoa’s brainchild, Easia Travel, has actually been twenty-three years in the making, and thanks to the invaluable teamwork with our two other BOM members, Vu Huy and Philippe Richard, has grown to over three-hundred staff all over the world, but always driven by something almost too simple: a love of travel. Hoa doesn’t see “luxury travel” like many others; getting out and active – kayaking clear blue bays and trekking jungle trails into the most authentic parts of our 5 Southeast Asian destinations – these are the experiences that bring the most important element of travel, for Hoa, to our guests: the human element.

As Hoa herself confidently and warmly asserts, we’re “young, active, passionate – and we know what we’re doing!”

Hoa knows that Easia Travel stands out, not only because of her involvement from the very start, twenty-three years ago, when Vietnam was beginning to open its touristic doors, but because she and her fellow BOM members share a simple but powerful vision of travel. This vision is one of humanity, of taking responsibility for the beauty you soak in and of respecting the people you meet along the way.

With over three-hundred staff members around the globe, Hoa is proud to say that we never subcontract, and always serve our clients ourselves. She really can’t stress the human element enough – it’s the basis of trust and security our clients and guests have come to expect. As Hoa herself says, “What makes the difference [between us and the competition] is our people, themselves.”

On Values

If there’s one thing Hoa makes very clear, it’s that all aspects of Easia Travel, from our devoted office teams to our own expertly-trained guides in the field, are dependent on the creativity, honesty, and passion of genuine people. Only by upholding these values, and holding all our partners and companions to the same standard, can we build that ever-important trust with you. And of course, we at Easia Travel always strive to embody these values, ourselves.

Thanks to Thuy Hoa, we Easians can pride ourselves on our honesty and reliability; and thanks to our excellent leadership and the values leaders like Hoa instill in us, our tightly-knit teams truly make Easia Travel more than just a name.

Some fun facts about her

Favorite Beach Stay(s): Hoa adores Bai Tram, near the beautiful Quy Nhon province. Considered “off-the-beaten-path,” she loves to immerse herself in the local life there, especially visiting fishing villages. She favors Kep, Cambodia for the same reasons – beauty and exclusivity.

She’d love to visit Mergui, Myanmar, an archipelago that’s just opening its doors to tourism.

Hoa’s Favorite Quote: “A destination is not a “place”, but memories…”

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