2019 chat with our Co-Founder: Vu Huy

Lastly, but surely not least, allow us to introduce our third BOM member and co-founder, Vu Huy, who has been with Hoa and Philippe from the beginning, and has never taken his eyes off the almost endless opportunities for creative research and development tourism presents – most notably, information technology.

As Philippe recounts:

“[Huy] really created our first ERP [Enterprise Resource Planning] from scratch…And I have always been amazed by that capacity and this is the way he is doing for everything!”

Easia Travel: Forward Thinking from the Beginning

Huy sees access to information and smooth communication as empowering, allowing our clients to gain all the information they could possibly want, so that they come to us with the best version of their dream trip. With access to our on-spot and global teams, not to mention our expanding website and Agent Hub, Easia Travel provides clients and travelers with the technology to draw on our expertise anytime, anywhere.

Easia’s Future: Facilitating Communication and Information Access

If there’s one thing that drives Huy, it is, in his words, “how to bring real value to the client” in terms of both products and information. Information, and access to it, is the real key to the future in Huy’s eyes. Despite the fact that independent travel platforms continue to grow, allowing travelers to take charge of all the logistics, Huy is confident that focusing on the speed and quality of the information our travel experts produce is critical. Also, in terms of sustainability, easy information access and communication goes a long way to reduce carbon footprints, as well as the health of our individual Easians, themselves.

Huy notes that a decade ago, we pursued more robust tour management software to maintain our ability to provide bespoke tours and respond flexibly to client needs. As this system strained under company growth, Huy pursued Hanoi-based developers to design the system we now use today to more quickly and efficiently handle our client volume and communication needs, one that can grow with us.

Conclusion: The Power of People and Information

Balancing human values with the efficiency of digital automation is a challenge that drives Huy forward, constantly striving to provide the best service, as well as the best possible work culture for our Easians. Huy understands well that we must keep pace with technological growth, but ultimately it’s about finding passionate people, ones who seek to cooperate and collaborate for a better future:

“This is our measure of success…the humans we work with.” Huy says.

Building the customizable, advanced information systems for our clients is only one part of the equation, albeit a very important one; the other, of course, is good, old-fashioned human expertise – the human element Easia Travel can’t live without.

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