2019 New Year’s chat with Brice Van Huffel, Product Manager in Vietnam

Hailing from France, Brice joined Easia in March 2018. Having worked in the travel industry for almost five years in Myanmar and then Vietnam, Brice’s experience in Southeast Asia has given him a wonderful platform from which to enhance our experiential products already available in Vietnam. A keen photographer and writer, Brice’s personal travel blog receives approximately 50,000 readers per month, making it one of the top-ranking French language blogs in Southeast Asia.

After living in Phnom Penh, Manila and Yangon, Brice now calls Hanoi home.

Why did you choose to come to Southeast Asia? Why Easia Travel? 

I chose to live in Southeast Asia initially because I liked the idea of working abroad, and now I simply love it. People are friendly, the landscapes are amazing and the food is delicious. This combination is perfect for short term visitors and, for me, an irresistible environment to live and work in.

I decided to join Easia Travel since it’s one of the leading DMCs in Asia. I had great feedback from my friends working there and good contact with everyone during the entire HR process. Plus, I was really impressed to see that a lot of staff have been working here for more than 10 years – it’s usually a good sign regarding the working environment, especially in the tourism industry!

What is your role at Easia Travel in Vietnam?

My role as Product Manager covers a range of responsibilities, from understanding market demands to creating new and exciting products, through to internal training to ensure the sales teams perfectly match the correct product with partners and their respective clients.

I love to share my knowledge and experience with others, something I think that comes through in my blogging. I think this passion helps me whenever we develop a new product, or helping colleagues with their inquiries, to either find the perfect Cao Lau* restaurant, which floating market is ideal for passionate photographers, or which cruise showcases the most beautiful parts of the Mekong Delta, for example.

What are your hobbies? And how do they help you in your position at Easia Travel? 

My main hobby is actually photography; I spend most of my weekends traveling in Vietnam or in Asia and I travel for my pictures! Therefore, it helps when we need to put beautiful photos in a product fact sheet.

Where would you recommend to go, and what to do in 2019 in Vietnam? 

I would recommend to reconsider Hue, and not seeing it as a combination of tombs with the Citadel. Hue has so much more to offer: beautiful countrysides, an endless list of small rural villages, and one of the best gastronomy scenes in Vietnam. New destinations, such as Pu Luong, Hoang Su Phi, or Y Ty are also increasingly showing up on travelers’ maps.

What to do in 2019

– Take time to meet with local experts, artists, teachers, journalists, architects… they will all bring their personal vision & history of Vietnam

– Forget the Vespa in Hanoi and jump on a Russian Minsk!

– Try a food tour in Hue; Banh Beo is really a must-try in Vietnam

– Escape the crowds in Hoi An and cycle in Duy Vinh

– Visit the best gallery of contemporary arts in Saigon and meet with their curators

For innovative ideas for your travelers’ next trip to Vietnam, please contact our team here for more information on Easia’s range of tours & activities.

*Cao Lau: a regional Vietnamese dish made with noodles, pork, and local greens, that is found only in the town of Hoi An, Quang Nam Province, Central Vietnam.

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