Why Myanmar is ideal for traveling families for winter vacation?

Whether your client’s family is artistic or adventurous, big or small, Myanmar has something for everyone.

Your guests and their families can put a new twist on the traditional winter vacation by embarking on a journey to a unique country that promises a complete escape from their day-to-day lives and experiences. The region has been and continues to be a constant source of fascination and wonder for those who journey here. Even though the cities are now a bit more modernized, in some special ways, the rural Burmese lifestyle has remained unchanged and untouched for generations.

1. Rejuvenate in a Timeless Land:
Traveling in this area of the world guarantees true discovery of fundamentally different cultures and peoples. Here in Myanmar, life is vibrant, the people are real, emotions are strong, and the landscapes are breathtaking – yet the Burmese lifestyle and culture is a real breath of fresh air.

Take the opportunity to transform your travelers’ families’ classic winter getaways into deep cultural and culinary experiences. They can have a taste of the famously popular Shan Noodles and the surprisingly spicy Burmese ‘Tea Leaf Salad,’ but why stop there?

Your traveling families can join another local family and discover authentic Myanmar cuisine through real human connection. From learning traditional cooking techniques to seeking out the perfect local products, a private class is a truly immersive experience in the culture of Myanmar cooking, and a great way to expand one’s culinary horizons. Enjoying and sharing these moments with locals will put your guests into an experience that cooking and dining in Asia should always do: bring people together around tasty food!

2. Make Friends and Forge Bonds, Beyond Any Borders
An excursion through Myanmar is so much more than a trip full of beautiful landscapes, punctuated by immersive culinary experiences. Humanity is at the core of what we value, and your travelers will come away with deeply amazing cultural experiences that show the true face of Myanmar. Encounters with locals are numerous (and welcome!), thanks to their enthusiasm to share their culture, lives, and country with everyone who stops by.

By fostering these deep human connections, traveling through the region ensures both true and sincere encounters, as well as new friendships as your travelers make their way through this unbelievably accommodating and friendly country. Chatting with locals, playing football with some kids, and sharing a cup of tea – these little moments are the glue that hold this incredible journey together as more than just a vacation.

Transformative experiences are the keys to our trips, and often involve locals who play a pivotal role in awing your travelers. They can delve headlong into Buddhist culture with a mid-morning offering of the soan meal to local monks, their final meal of the day. The monks will thank those who donate with a blessing of wishes for health and happiness and, while they eat, guests can relax outside with a cup of tea or coffee and some local snacks.

Your adventurers, both big and small, will also love a lower-key, charming escape to a nearby temple by E-bicycle. The large plains of Bagan are better visited at a leisurely, tranquil pace, and are both great for exploring and a feast for photographers. With a silent, electric hum, the families will easily weave around the temples on the narrow sandy paths, marveling at their beauty.

To experience Bagan’s charm and culture to the fullest, be sure to pair the powerful spirituality of the temples with U Pan Hmwe’s ox-cart experience, bringing your travelers a truly moving and authentic experience they certainly wouldn’t find at home!

We love, respect, and admire the Shan State’s wild beauty; invite your travelers to discover this region’s lush forests on a unique visit to a conservation project near Kalaw, and see, firsthand, the majesty of nature worth saving. A trek through the jungle, lessons on local foliage, and an incredible encounter with rehabilitated logging elephants in their natural habitat, all bring your travelers face-to-face with the awesome beauty of Myanmar’s wild environment.

Our projects and authentic encounters are created with the utmost respect for both people and places; we always seek a win-win partnership with local communities. Our guides, in particular, are key links between travelers and locals. They don’t just rattle off dry facts; they’re cultural facilitators and guides, helping your travelers and locals understand one another.

Thanks to such quality guides, our travelers have the rare opportunity to learn so much more about the region’s civilization, habits, customs, and history, directly from a local. Our guides are also just plain friendly and charismatic – they’re truly a delight to have as travel companions!

In keeping with our bespoke design process, we carefully select the guide according to the needs and wishes of your client’s family, the languages your clients speak, and your clients’ every interest. No specialty or need goes unfulfilled: we have qualified guides for all types of interests, from history, geography, and nature, to religion, eco-tourism, and photography!


3. Enjoy Picturesque Moments on Beautiful Beaches
The winter can bring you down, so why not go up? Even a ski trip is all downhill until summertime! Kick the classic winter vacation trends with a trek into the Mynmar mountains deep in the Shan State region, or a perfectly tranquil stay on a pristine beach, soaking up the sun and splashing in the waves.
Myanmar’s winter weather is perfect: cooler than the summer months in April or May and far from the rainy season. During this winter holiday season, your travelers can take the time not only to connect with a whole new world waiting to be discovered, but to reconnect with themselves and spend time with their loved ones, to take some time away from the bustle of everyday life, and soak up the natural splendor Myanmar has to offer.
Southeast Asia is a region rich not only in diverse culture and people but also in the sheer quality of its landscapes. Every country has well-known destinations and hidden gems in equal measure, all waiting to be discovered by your travelers. Myanmar caters to the family looking for it all: magnificent white sand beaches, lush green rice fields, deep clear lakes, and ancient colonial cities, all ensuring an endless flow of “must-sees” and “must-dos.”


4. Marvel at the Awe-Inspiring Monuments of Myanmar… and Make Their Vacation an Adventure! 
While some travelers may never grow weary of the splendid mountain views, Myanmar is home to some truly unique and unbelievable monuments, rightly renowned worldwide, and on the bucket list of travelers the world over. A large proportion of well-known Southeast Asian sites, like Myanmar’s Pyu Ancient Cities, are recognized as UNESCO World Heritage Sites, with locations like Bagan, dotted by over 2500 stunning Buddhist monuments, having recently joined the list as well. Trade in the standard winter scenery you get in the West and replace it with snow-white temples, ancient Indochinese towns, and imposing religious citadels. What better way to have the “coolest” gift this holiday season by returning from Myanmar, warmed by the smiles of friendly locals and the quiet majesty of the country’s greatest cultural treasures?


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