Exploring Laos During the Summer Months

The Emerald in the Crown of Southeast Asia

Traveling to Laos during the “Green Season” can offer a unique and enchanting experience, as this period typically runs from May to October and is characterized by lush landscapes, vibrant foliage, and occasional rainfall. While some may refer to it as the rainy season, it can be more aptly called the “Emerald Season,” as it is when Southeast Asia’s hidden gem transforms into a verdant paradise.

Dispelling the myths surrounding the Emerald Season is crucial for many reasons. First and foremost, it is a time of year characterized by an ambiance of unique charm and unparalleled opportunities. From a practical perspective, focusing on Emerald Season helps spread the economic benefits of tourism more evenly throughout the year, ensuring less strain on resources, local communities, and historical sites.

Embarking on a journey to Laos during the rainy season unveils a side of the country that is often overlooked. Contrary to misconceptions, this period transforms Laos into a lush and vibrant haven where emerald landscapes flourish, and cultural experiences come to life.

The intermittent rain showers refresh the atmosphere, creating a unique charm distinctly different from the dry season. Travelers can revel in the tranquility of less crowded attractions, immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of Laotian festivals, and witness the Mekong River and waterfalls in their full glory.

Understanding the weather in Laos

The Emerald Season, spanning from May to September, encompasses all parts of the country, with each region offering various experiences for a range of travelers. Daily rain showers are a feature of July and August, but the other months of Emerald Season see less precipitation.

As Laos is the only landlocked country in Southeast Asia, the monsoon rainfall characteristic of coastal environments is not a feature here. Rainfall often manifests in short, intense bursts interspersed with periods of sunshine. This weather pattern not only sustains the allure of outdoor activities but also encourages exploration between the refreshing showers.

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Why visit Laos during the Emerald Season?

Cultural Festivals

Cultural festivals during the Emerald Season in Laos provide a vibrant tapestry of traditions and celebrate the country’s rich heritage. During this time of year, the country’s towns and villages transform into settings of joy, community, and shared heritage, where the traditions of Laos come alive in a kaleidoscope of colors and festivities.

One standout event is the Boun Bang Fai, also known as the Rocket Festival, an eagerly awaited spectacle in May. The festival’s heart lies in the launching of handmade rockets into the sky, a spectacle that not only dazzles the senses but also serves a purpose – to entice the rain gods and bring prosperity to the land.

Another famous Emerald Season celebration is the Hae Vor or Boat Racing Festival, commonly held in August. This lively event celebrates the end of Buddhist Lent and showcases the significance of river life in Laos. Teams from various villages skillfully maneuver elaborately decorated longboats, engaging in spirited races along the Mekong River. Hae Vor not only embodies the competitive spirit of the communities but also serves as a cultural extravaganza featuring traditional music, dance, and local delicacies along the riverfront.

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River Adventures

River adventures take on a new dimension during the Emerald Season in Laos, offering travelers various captivating water-based activities. The higher water levels in the rivers create ideal conditions for exploring the tributaries and waterways of the Mekong River. Embarking on scenic boat rides becomes an immersive experience as the landscapes transform into a lush, green paradise. The riverbanks, adorned with vibrant foliage, make up a picturesque scene that seems to be painted by nature itself.

One of the remarkable features of Laos is its abundance of waterfalls, and the Emerald Season most certainly breathes life into these natural wonders. With the increased rainfall, seasonal waterfalls spring to life and cascade down from undulating hills and karst rock formations. Laos boasts numerous waterfalls, each with its own charm and allure. Tad Fane, Tad Yuang, and Kuang Si Falls are just a few of the natural crown jewels found in Emerald Season’s crown.

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Our recommended Experiences in Laos during the Green Season

Easia Travel has a range of products to keep travelers of all types enchanted during the Emerald Season. The products featured below are just some of our favorites during this time of year.

Exploring the Jewel of Northern Laos

Experiencing the call to alms – immersion in Buddhist culture

Laos remains a Buddhist country, where the religion is alive and can be felt around every corner. Each day begins with the ‘call to alms’ when orange-robed monks stream out of pagodas with alms baskets to receive nutritional blessings from the local population.

This activity will particularly interest travelers interested in Buddhism and seeking to immerse themselves in local culture.


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A Visit to Kuang Sy Falls

Kuang Sy Waterfall is truly a crown jewel in the crown of Laos. This waterfall, located in the country’s North near Luang Prabang, is a turquoise-water, multi-tiered natural wonder. The waterfall is perfect for swimmers of any age and ability to enjoy.

Kuang Si Falls makes for a great nature escape, suitable for leisure and more active travelers.

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Buffalo Dairy Farm: cheese tasting for a good cause

No matter the weather, the buffalos and other animals will be happy to see you. This place is more than a farm and more than a petting zoo. As the first buffalo dairy in Laos, this place also happens to be a social enterprise that spearheads nutrition programs in villages around the country and other initiatives that help improve the quality of life for people living in rural communities.

This activity is great for animal lovers and foodies who are sure to enjoy the homemade cheese and gelatos.

Tip: Combining these experiences

After starting the day with the Local Morning Discovery, travelers can enjoy breakfast at their hotel or local eatery before setting off by minivan to Kuang Sy Waterfalls to marvel at this breathtaking natural wonder.

We suggest stopping by the Buffalo Dairy Farm on their way back to Luang Prabang. It is the perfect pit stop for some unusual yet delicious snacks: gelato for the kids while the parents can enjoy some wine and locally made cheese. We recommend taking one of their private tours for the whole experience.

An excellent option for couples: an exclusive sun-down dinner, complete with produce from the farm and a French wine pairing!

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Exploring Southern Laos

The South of Laos is where the mighty Mekong Delta region in South East Asia begins. It is a network of waterways and inhabited river islands supporting a diverse life array thanks to abundant water and fertile land.

In stark contrast with the floodplains is the Bolaven plateau with its unique climate and biosphere and is renowned for its coffee, some of the best in the world. These products offer enchanting journeys into the beautiful landscapes and serene lifestyles that define this region of Laos.

A Leisurely cycle on Don Khone Island

Explore the diversity of Don Khone Island. Travelers will cycle around the island and experience authentic culture through visits to local villages. This tour is a perfect mix of nature and culture.

This activity is ideal for travelers looking for a relaxing cycle as the sun rises and people intrigued by life on the Mekong Delta.

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LAOS – Bolaven – Mystic Mountain Coffee

Bolaven is a unique region in Laos. It is an ancient, volcanic plateau rising above the surrounding topography and is home to unique flora and fauna. This is the country’s central coffee-growing region, where travelers can see a twin waterfall they will never forget. This product is a whirlwind jeep tour highlighting many secrets that can be uncovered up in the plateau.

It is ideal for any traveler searching for an other-worldly cultural experience or families and adventurers who would find life on an ancient volcanic plateau intriguing.

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Tip: Combining these experiences

There are few ways more majestic to start the day than to cycle around a serene island in the Mekong Delta as the sun slowly makes its ascent into the sky. Exploring Don Khone on a bicycle is the perfect start to a day in Siphandon (’4000 Islands’), and travelers can extend the tour with a half-day option, including Don Det, or a full day, including a picnic at a local temple.

Travelers can then continue in the afternoon to Mystic Mountain on the Bolaven Plateau, where the topography and geography of the plateau are incredibly unique. A local farmer and fantastic host ensures every visitor has an unforgettable experience. A resident expert and coffee grower, he gladly shares his expertise while sitting around a campfire should your travelers opt to spend the night in one of his modern bungalows.

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What to pack for the Emerald Season

As travelers will mainly experience light inclement weather, an umbrella or poncho will usually suffice to keep everyone’s holiday hair dry. An insect repellent is recommended when traveling outside urban areas, as everything becomes more fertile and alive. Suitable footwear that keeps the feet dry is also highly recommended.

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