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Discovering Vietnam: Pedaling across the land of rice fields

Cycling excursions have become increasingly popular in Vietnam, and with good reason. A low-impact, languorous outdoor pursuit that enables travelers to cover long distances and navigate remote and intimate areas that conventional vehicles cannot reach, cycling has become synonymous with sustainable, immersive travel. We’ve designed 6 tailor-made cycling day tours that cover the most exciting and charming highlights of Vietnam, revealing an incredible diversity of landscapes and the wonderful warmth of its people.

Hard to beat the wonderful views over the verdant green rice terraces of North Vietnam.

Why cycling?

Travelers have become ever more conscious of the impacts of international travel, both environmentally and culturally, and it is no surprise that we in the tourism industry continue to see a growing demand for sportive activities like cycling. The benefits of this mode of discovery are evident: little to zero carbon footprint, noiseless, safe, and all the while, fun.

Beyond that, while cycling is guaranteed to be less invasive than a rumbling tourist bus, it also gives travelers the priceless opportunity of seeing local communities up close at a slower pace, and discovering hidden gems away from tourist hot-spots. With our 6 cycling day tours below travelers can determine their own speed, stopping to observe curious sights or local daily activities, or even to partake in unique Vietnamese crafts and practices.


With a full range of cycling tours catering to different physical levels and cycling experience, your travelers don’t need to be pro-cyclists to enjoy Vietnam’s charm on two wheels.

What our day tours offer

Our day tours in Vietnam are specifically designed to give travelers an insightful introduction to local life and culture, with relaxing ambles through the countryside or visits to intriguing historical and cultural monuments. Two of the tours, a full-day exploration of Hoi An and full-day exploration of the My Son Sanctuary and its surroundings, require a slightly higher level of fitness and are ideally suited for travelers who are in decent physical condition. These tours will also give travelers the opportunity to meet and interact with local villagers along the way, and even get a lesson or two in local trades, such as rice-making.

A local vendor selling street food in central Vietnam’s idyllic old town of Hoi An.

Our other full-day tour, cycling through the peaceful Mai Chau Valley, is a little more relaxing and covers a shorter distance. It can be extended with extra kilometers, truly giving travelers the chance to explore the valley with ample moments to meet locals and immerse themselves in the tranquil life of Vietnam’s countryside.

Cycling through Vietnam’s lush countryside allows for a less intrusive and more intimate observation of local life.

Hanoi is a popular stop for visitors to Vietnam, with its frenzied traffic and exciting atmosphere a backdrop to a culturally rich city landscape. Going beyond the city’s limits, travelers can enjoy a slow-paced half-day cycle around Hanoi’s peaceful countryside, getting insight into Vietnam’s complex history and interacting with local villagers. It’s a wonderful way to learn about their way of life. Our half-day tour to Duong Lam Ancient Village gives travelers a more in-depth exploration of one of these villages, which happens to be one of the oldest in Vietnam. The fascinating, beautifully retained ancient architecture here will take travelers far back into Vietnam’s history.

Our cycling programs offer your travelers unique encounters and insights into local culture and history. 

Finally, a half-day excursion around the “unknown Mekong” gives travelers insight into Vietnam’s Khmer influences, with wonderful activities and visits to small markets and pagodas. Moreover, it reveals the charm of a unique Mekong Delta community, where religion and agriculture are at the core of daily goings-on.


Cyclists tasting a refreshing coconut harvested in Vietnam’s abundant Mekong Delta.

Why us?

Our day tours in Vietnam cater to those who have a true interest in discovering the country’s colorful culture and history, and they can do so at their own pace with flexible itineraries. These experiences are unique and fully supported by a dedicated in-country Active team, and are especially suited to couples, families or groups who want to explore the land of rice fields in a more active and immersive way.

And if your travelers are cycling enthusiasts who are looking for something a little more challenging, we also have multi-day seat-in-coach cycling tours through Vietnam that can be adapted to their abilities, needs and wishes, and can even be fully privatized.

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