Laos’ rivers, one paddle at a time


Laos’ Nam Ou and Nam Khan rivers are majestically wide, calm, and fringed with incredible scenery and humble village life. Sometimes hiking or cycling along a river just isn’t enough, and when the inviting waters call, kayaking is a great way to experience the water-world up close and see the surrounds from a new angle.

In the northern parts of Laos we have designed two kayaking itineraries that can be both challenging and relaxing. More than just active experiences in impressive scenery, the activities also reveal the beguiling nature of Laos’ laid back countryside and its modest people.

Take a look!

Kayaking on the Nam Ou River


Kayaking on the Nam Khan River


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Matteo Galeazzi

Easia Active Manager

Matteo not only has extensive academic background in tourism, but has also gained valuable insight while living and working in multiple destinations around the world. His energy and enthusiasm for active as well as sustainable travel are what make him a strong driving force within the Easia Active team.


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