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Thailand is known for its friendly locals, fantastic cuisine, and rich culture. It’s safe to say that there is always something new, unique, and authentic for everyone here. However, we’ve got a surprise for those who thought they had seen it all. After months of hard work, we are excited to announce the launch of a brand-new product that will catch the attention of your most adventurous and active travelers: our brand-new Trail Running Chiang Mai SIC.

The Kingdom of Smiles has everything it needs to become a top trail-running destination in Asia and beyond. It has already made its mark on the sport thanks to organizing the World Ultra Running and Trail Championships in Chiang Mai and hosting Asia-Pacific’s only World Series Major, the Doi Inthanon, by UTMB.

Why Did We Decide To Create the Trail Running Chiang Mai SIC


The Trail Running Chiang Mai SIC is the brainchild of two of Easia Active’s finest: Bram Van den Bossche, our Thailand Product Manager, and Matteo Galeazzi, Easia Active’s Manager. This new program was inevitable in many ways, as Bram and Matteo are avid trail runners.

Southeast Asia, particularly Thailand, is the ideal destination for trail running. Based in Chiang Mai, Bram has spent countless hours and days exploring the north of Thailand, never missing an opportunity to hit the trails.

Based in Cambodia for several years, Matteo used to go trail running in and around the temples of the Angkor Archeological Park. He eventually organized a marathon in Cambodia for a large group, giving him helpful experience and inspiration when designing our new Trail Running product.

This new program was born out of a passion for trail running and was made possible by the experience and knowledge of both Matteo and Bram. This can be felt throughout this new itinerary: A trail running holiday by trail runners, for trail runners.

How We Crafted This Tour


Getting our feet dirty

The first step in crafting this tour was intensive scouting, running, and trying out “new” areas to find trails. In Chiang Mai, 90% of trail runners focus on Doi Suthep mountain – a big mountain with undeniably impressive trails. However, Chiang Mai is surrounded by mountains, and where there are mountains, there are trails. Using different apps and maps, as well as his sweat and endurance, Bram could identify the most interesting, off-the-beaten-track scenic trails.

Finding the right local partners

The key to creating this new program was ensuring travelers would be cared for most safely and professionally. After identifying routes and mapping out ideas, we sought out local partners to help us vet and adapt our proposals. As this was a first for Easia Travel, it was essential to work with the partners and leverage their experience in organizing sports events to provide travelers with the best experience possible.

Striking the right balance

When designing this program, finding the right balance between running, exploring, and cultural immersion was always top of mind. However, we also paid close attention to finding the right balance and rhythm regarding our selected trails. We took into account the difficulty of the trails to make sure there was a build-up in difficulty while at the same time choosing courses that offered a variation in terms of scenery and “attractiveness” along the way.

Overall, we tried to include enough free time in the program for relaxation and sightseeing. We didn’t want this program’s sole purpose to be a “running camp” for elite runners but to create a more accessible experience that captures the essence of Chiang Mai’s beauty.

Tour Program and Highlights


The Trail Running Chiang Mai program is a 7-day adventure that takes travelers in and around Chiang Mai to absorb its rich culture, history, and beautiful nature. On top of hitting the trails almost daily, guests can partake in several activities such as cooking classes, ethical elephant encounters, and even a half-day cycling tour.

Several exciting trails await travelers:

  • The Temple Run – This warm-up run is the first introduction to the trails of Chiang Mai and is the perfect way to get a feel of what trail running in Chiang Mai is like temples, breathtaking views, and fun trails through the jungle.
  • The overnight Trails & Tribes Run – Head to the remote mountains north of Chiang Mai for an overnight running adventure. Forgotten trails, scenic mountain roads, and remote villages punctuate this exciting and immersive run.
  • The Champion’s Run – Experience part of the World Mountain and Trail Running Championships trail, the perfect challenge to complete a trail running holiday in northern Thailand.

Meet Bram, Our Product Manager in Thailand

  • How did you get into trail running?

“The outdoors has always been a big part of my life ever since my parents first took me hiking in the Alps when I was a kid. When the pandemic hit and all other activities were impossible, I focused more on running. I decided I’d hit the trail around Chiang Mai instead of running on paved roads like I typically used to do. The difference was like day and night. I immediately fell in love as it perfectly combines exercise and nature. All of a sudden, running, which until then I had found rather boring, took on a whole new dimension. That’s how I discovered more and more amazing trails throughout northern Thailand.”

  • What’s your favorite trail running experience in Thailand?

“It’s difficult to pinpoint one in particular. I love to go out and explore new places by myself or with a couple of friends, but I also love to join big running events from time to time to mingle with fellow trail runners and meet new people. If I had to choose one experience, it would be any of the overnight runs we’ve organized. It’s enjoyable to do a day of trail running, relax in a remote place, and continue the next day.”

  • What does the future look like for trail running in Southeast Asia?

I don’t have a glass ball, but it will grow considerably. A lot of attention was brought to the region thanks to the UTMB and the WMTRC events that took place here. With trail running becoming increasingly popular with locals, I think it is only a matter of time before more casual runners will want to explore the fantastic trails around Chiang Mai and beyond. The spotlight may be on Thailand right now, but I can also see a lot of opportunities in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia, each of which is a unique destination in its own right.

Departure Dates

We have 2 departure dates scheduled so far.

Arrival Chiang Mai
Departure Chiang Mai
28 October 2023
3 November 2023
20 January 2024
26 January 2024


To sum up…

So what is so interesting about Trail Running in Thailand?

  1.  It’s a great way to go off the beaten track and discover less visited places;
  2. There are world-class trails all around Chiang Mai;
  3. It’s a great way to have a positive and direct impact on local communities;
  4. Trail Running is developing quickly in Thailand, be a pioneer and offer a unique product;
  5. And it’s an eco-friendly way of discovering a country.


Interested in learning more about this new guaranteed departure program? Get in touch with our sales team now!

Matteo Galeazzi

Easia Active Manager

Matteo not only has extensive academic background in tourism, but has also gained valuable insight while living and working in multiple destinations around the world. His energy and enthusiasm for active as well as sustainable travel are what make him a strong driving force within the Easia Active team.


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