THAILAND – Meet Your Project Manager: Kanata Thamawanazint (Shom)

Have you already had the pleasure of meeting or working with Shom, our lovely project manager based in Bangkok?

In this short interview, Shom shares a little about herself, her work, and her home!

How long have you worked with Easia Incentive?

Sawad-dee kha! My name is Kanata Thamawanazint, but everybody calls me Shom. I am a full-time travel designer and project manager for Easia Incentive Thailand, and I will celebrate my 3rd anniversary with Easia in June 2021.

What do you miss most about the pre-Covid travel industry?

That’s a good question! I miss so many things that it will be hard to explain them all.

I’d say what I miss the most is taking care of the groups when they are in the destination; spending many days outside running around during operations and/or inspections for our incentive groups, giving my best to take care of our guests on spot, and providing them the best services and experiences possible.

I also miss handling all the testing (and sometimes funny) challenges we are given sometimes. There’s a genuine satisfaction to managing to keep everything as the client wanted, no matter how unusual or difficult it might be.

And of course, what I definitely miss a lot is seeing the happy faces of our guests when they try Thai food!!

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How has everyday life been in Bangkok since Covid began?

Pretty good actually, people give each other more personal space :D! Since lots of people here have started working from home, it’s actually reduced air pollution in Bangkok, so that’s a very positive point!

Otherwise, Thailand has been credited with managing Covid over the past year very well. The economy has suffered, especially the travel industry, but I think that’s common around the world right now. It’s also an amazing time to travel in Thailand as a domestic tourist, with fewer crowds at attractions, and on transport.

When Thailand reopens, what would you recommend as a “must-do” for your first incentive group?

That’s a good question! I would highly recommend traveling to Southern Thailand to go to the beach and islands. I’d advise this is the best time ever to go island hopping on a chartered yacht and cruise around the islands, go snorkeling in shallow waters, swim among the fishes, and see the coral reefs after a year of recovery. Covid gave our country a break from tourism and nature took the chance to thrive again, so this allows us and similar responsible travel companies to restart travel while protecting the beauty of our country.


What’s your favorite beach in Thailand?

Without any doubt, I can say Railay Beach in Krabi. I am always hypnotized by its beige sand, turquoise sea, limestone in different shapes, and the colorful boats of the local people – basically, everything there reminds me of the beauty of our Kingdom!

But actually, there are so many beautiful beaches, and they are all great options for events! Barefoot dinners & parties are the best in my opinion, and I enjoy them, even more, when I see the joy in the faces of our groups when they experience it for themselves.


A favorite team-building activity in Thailand?

I am a big fan of outdoor sports and water sports too, so in my opinion, every water-based activity is great for team building! Especially kayaking through the small passageways in the mangrove forest in Krabi or Phang Nga Bay. Teams are always amazed when they spot wild animals, immersing themselves in nature together as a team, and meanwhile, racing to win a bucket of ice-cold beer after!

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What’s your favorite food?

I can’t lie…every Thai dish is my favorite 😄 ! But I guess above all I love spicy curries and fresh seafood from Southern Thailand. Not every traveler arrives here a spice lover, but in my experience, most do leave loving the food. We have some amazing restaurants around the country with capacity for groups of any size, serving truly authentic Thai dishes that never fail to impress. We can always adjust the chili levels, to match their preferences – though by the end the groups are usually asking for more!

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What’s your favorite place to observe the sunset in Bangkok?

Sunsets with a view over the river are definitely the best in my opinion. There are so many good spots where we can observe the sun setting slowly down into the river, especially from rooftop bars on the riverside. Sunsets are another very popular option for groups when they visit Bangkok, and (of course) we know all the best places to go, for any kind of budget!


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