NEW TRAINING VIDEO – Discover Avana Retreat With Us!

Watch our new insider’s guide to Mai Chau and Avana, Vietnam’s first 5-star mountain retreat! 
After being imagined, conceptualized, built and managed by the Co-Owners of Easia Travel, Avana Retreat, a high-end mountain resort in Northern Vietnam has finally opened its doors, and welcomed our team to shoot an amazing virtual inspection video! 
Our beloved Vietnam Project Manager Anh Tho, came back amazed by her inspection there, saying: 
“Sometimes, quite unexpectedly, one can find oneself transported to another world, a world that often only exists in fantasy. Well, that is exactly our experience of 3 days at Avana Retreat.
3 days immersed in the heart of nature’s mountains and forests. 3 days of crisp clean fresh air in a luxurious verdant space, away from Hanoi where at night, lulled to sleep by the sounds of nature, we slept like babies under warm blankets.”
Curious to know more?
Watch our virtual inspection video now!
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