Thailand: The versatile, adventurous and affordable choice for your Incentive groups

Easia Incentive has a long-standing history of creating immersive, fun and motivational incentive experiences. We’re excited to bring our expertise and passion to Thailand, an incredibly diverse destination that has countless adventures in store for your incentive clients.

Thailand has it all: breathtaking natural landscapes (whether that be the northern mountain ranges or the famous beaches of the south), impeccable accommodation and hospitality services, well-developed infrastructure, exquisite local cuisine and incredible cultural sites. And just like our other Southeast Asian destinations, the country retains an authentic exoticism that is only enhanced by the wonderfully warm and welcoming nature of its people. With its balance of modernity and tradition, it makes the perfect backdrop to rewarding incentive experiences for your clients’ groups.

Thailand is a tried-and-trusted destination for incentive travel. As more and more agencies are choosing the country as their long-haul destination for incentive trips, Easia Incentive is proud to become an innovative new player here, enjoying the support that Easia Travel’s fantastic and extensive network affords. We know that the market for such a popular destination can get a little saturated, so we’re more motivated than ever to introduce new fervor and energy into the incentive experiences we offer in Thailand.

Opening Thailand for our Incentive partners!

2019 is an especially exciting year for Easia Incentive! Thanks to our team in Thailand, we are confident and thrilled to welcome your guests and design bespoke and unforgettable experiences in the ‘Land of Smiles.’ With a great new team of French, Spanish and English-speaking staff, we are excited to be able to offer this destination to our incentive partner agencies and their valuable guests.

We know just how popular Thailand is, especially with incentive groups. Our goal here is to always keep things exciting and different, actively working towards creating inspiring and unique activities. Moreover, we realize that each incentive group has its own character and incentive expectations, and that’s why we ensure customized, relevant experiences with full support at every step of the journey.

Why Thailand for an incentive trip?

Although Thailand is one of the world’s favorite tourism destinations, it still offers a few alternatives and under-the-radar experiences. If your guests like adventure, authenticity and exclusivity, they will fall in love with this dynamic country.

It promises pristine beaches and bustling Bangkok, but look a little deeper and you will find hidden gems even in the most popular spots. It’s a truly intriguing place for those who know where to look – and that’s where we come in. Moreover, a trip here guarantees countless high-quality accommodation options, incredible affordability and warm hospitality.

Some incentive inspirations in Thailand

It’s almost impossible to cover everything Thailand has to offer, from its world-renowned gastronomy and cultural icons to heart-pounding adventures, but we can say with certainty that there is something new, unique, and authentic for all. With on-site experts, we’ve sought out some of the best spots and created truly inspiring activities for your travelers.

A visit to the country’s capital city is a must. Incentive groups can typically dedicate 1-2 of days of their trip to discovering the secrets of Bangkok, before catching some sun on the famous white beaches of the south, or setting out on an adventure in the stunning northern mountain valleys.

Bangkok is known for hitting visitors with sensory overload – there’s so much to see and do that it’s hard to know where to start. We’ve narrowed down some must-sees, like the Royal Wat Pho, the culturally-iconic house of Jim Thompson who revived the Thai silk industry after World War II, or the awe-inspiring Ayutthaya Kingdom ruins, which can be reached by a private train trip. Venturing a little further outside of the city, your guests can immerse themselves in nature in the Kanchanaburi region, getting rocked to sleep on a floating house on the Kwai River.

When people think of Thailand, its incredibly beautiful islands are often one of the first things that come to mind. The white sandy beaches and blue waters of Koh Samui, Phuket and the dozens of other surrounding islands provide exceptional opportunities for incentive experiences. Here incentive groups can look forward to boat cruises, catamaran trips, team building activities in the sand, and memorable dinners on stunning beaches.

For more adventurous groups, we suggest extending the trip to Chiang Mai, one of the most beautiful cities in Thailand. Located in the middle of the mountains, it promises fun trekking activities and respectful encounters with the local minority tribes that call this place home.


At Easia Incentive we aim to provide unforgettable experiences for your clients’ groups through meticulous planning, clear communication, and the creation of bespoke itineraries. Thailand’s incredible diversity, infrastructure and hospitality not only make these tasks easier for us, but ensure that your travelers have an unforgettable, seamless experience.

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