Meet our Incentive Sales Team Leader; Luu Anh Tho

Easia Incentive is a talented, driven and creative team. We want you to get to know each member a little better, and we’re excited to introduce our Incentive Sales Team Leader, Luu Anh Tho. She is based in our Southeast Asia headquarters in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Anh Tho is incredibly well-traveled and along her many journeys has developed a deep love for diversity and novelty, saying that “communication is near and dear” to her heart. She spent five years studying in the south of France, so it’s not surprising that French became her second language. On top of that she is fluent in English and has an incredible awareness of the cultural nuances and market demands of our European incentive groups. This has made her a wonderful asset to Easia Incentive, as we highly value close communication with and understanding of our clients (and their clients) needs.

Her passion for client communication stems from an interesting place. During her time as a student she worked as a waitress and seller at restaurants and a Subway franchise. “It was here that I realized how much I like interacting with people and providing customer service”, she says. Years later, when she met one of Easia Travel’s founders, Thuy Hoa, she realized that she could combine her love of working with people and providing unforgettable experiences for others, in the travel industry. She joined Easia Travel in 2009 and has continued to grow with the company ever since. She has delighted in being a part of the Easia family, first joining the Marketing Team and then shifting over to MICE sales in 2012. She’s gained many skills along the way and enjoys the new challenges and opportunities that continue to emerge in the incentive field.

The wonder of Southeast Asia

Our teams are experts in the region, and Anh Tho and her team know better than anyone what makes Southeast Asia so special. “With growing economic developments, traveling here has become more accessible than ever before. While that means that our destinations can offer quality accommodations, well-connected transport systems and professional services, there is still an amazing authenticity and exoticism on offer for incentive groups. I think that there’s a really unique balance between convenience and wonder here”, she points out. What makes our destinations even more special are their incredibly welcoming, friendly people. It’s this hospitality that Anh Tho is always especially excited to introduce travelers to.

Why Easia Incentive

Our teams and in-destination project managers are constantly seeking out new and unique activities in our five destinations to create different experiences for an increasing number of incentive travelers. This is especially important to Anh Tho, who always wants to surprise incentive groups with truly special activities. And as our teams keep expanding to meet this demand, we provide continuous on-the-job training so that we can elevate our existing offerings and B2B relations, and continue to foster creativity.

Anh Tho is particularly proud of Easia Incentive’s positive journey and growth over the last few years. “Everyone is so dedicated, and this allows us to seamlessly coordinate and deliver consistently excellent experiences with meticulous budget planning for businesses from all over the world. It feels like Easia Incentive is becoming more robust than ever!”, Anh Tho proudly says.


Anh Tho is a positively driven force in the Incentive market, because she’s motivated by providing extraordinary experiences: “I love seeing a group happy and having fun in one of our destinations – this is our bonus, not money. I find our elaborate gala dinners especially exciting – I love that big-eyed, “WOW!” moment when incentive groups see what a special treat awaits them”.

Get in Touch!

Interested in how Easia Incentive can help you expand your qualitative offer for incentive travel to Southeast Asia? Talk to us today and learn how our expert in-destination services can help your business stand out from the crowd. Leave us a message at and our team of professional project managers will be in touch with you shortly.

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