MYANMAR – Pindaya – Bike from Heho to Pindaya



Country - City

Myanmar - Pindaya - Heho

Price Level


Level of difficulties


Max pax

1 person


20 persons

Arrival city


Departure city



Guests set out on an invigorating ride along the winding roads of the Southern Shan State. The colourful patchwork of bright green and deep orange, created by the seasonal crops, will be the beautiful backdrop all the way to Pindaya. This is an excellent occasion to take a deep breath and enjoy the cool weather and beautiful relief of this part of the country.

Selling points

  • Alternative to the car for active guests
  • A 40-kilometer bike ride, partly on the tar road and partly on the dirt roads to link Heho airport to Pindaya
  • A first introduction to the colorful landscape of the Shan State
  • Occasion to see some back roads not accessible by car
  • An unusual way to reach Pindaya from Heho airport

Time And Transportation

From To Km By Duration Road condition
Heho Pindaya 41 km bike 3 h 30min Good


Around 4 hours

Min pax

1 persons

Max pax

20 persons

How to sell it

  • Only for active clients
  • When clients arrive with flight to Heho airport
  • Book an early morning flight so clients have time to ride at their own pace – lunch will be taken in Pindaya (snacks provided on the way)
  • Suitable with overnight in Pindaya (if clients want to rest in the afternoon) or drive to Kalaw or Inle Lake
  • Mostly suitable to active clients inside an active program
  • Not advised for families with young children

Why this activity

  • Alternative to the car to reach Pindaya
  • Add a special activity to the classic sightseeing in Pindaya that can still be done later in the afternoon
  • An unusual itinerary to add easily to an active program

Good to combine with

  • Pindaya caves visit in the afternoon
  • Early morning flight to Heho
  • Drive to Kalaw or Nyaung Shwe in the afternoon

Do not combine with

  • Late morning flight to Heho – clients will start biking too late and weather will be too hot

Market suggestion















Competitor comparison



  • Unusual way to reach Pindaya after a domestic flight to Heho
  • Alternative to taking the car to Pindaya
  • Shan State has beautiful landscapes


  • Clients need to be in proper outfit before taking the flight to Heho as they won’t have a chance to change (or in the toilet of the airport)
  • Most itinerary is on the tar road
  • Need to know size of the clients in advance to prepare the bikes


  • Station guide compulsory (and already included in the quotation) – quoted for Fullday
  • If clients wish to have a language guide additionnal – do not forget to quote bike rental extra for the language guide
  • Clients will arrive in Pindaya for late lunch – snack break is provided on the way
  • Helmets will be provided and mechanic will join for any size group
  • Support vehicle on hand in case guests get tired/injured
  • Inform about the size of the clients a few days in advance to choose the correct bikes
  • The tour doesn’t start at Heho aiport itself but a few kilometers from there (car transfer). Still necessary to quote the car for clients (Pindaya car rates) – as the luggage will be transferred in the car as well (which will follow the clients).
  • There is no proper place to change (except toilets of the airport or of a local restaurant) – we advise clients to change before taking the flight


  • Only suitable for active clients
  • Not suitable for children

Important information

Easia Active Level – Level 2 (Difficult):

For those who practice sport at least once a week and are in good physical condition.

  • Average daily distance: less than 60 kilometers (40 miles
  • Difference in height: maximum 300 meters
  • Trails: can include moderate elevations with varying levels of difficulty in some sections

Price range

75 USD/pax based on 2 pax

Quotation guideline

On ERP “Heho to Pindaya by bicycle”


  • Bike for clients
  • Bike for station guide
  • Station guide (compulsory) – Fullday
  • snacks and drinks on the way
  • Light truck (bike transport + back up + technical issue)


  • Transportation for clients
  • Bike rental for language guide if required (10,000 ks)

Possible Extra

  • Bike rental for language guide if required (10,000 ks)

Important notes

  • From Heho Airport, drive to Thae Kone (app 20 min drive)
  • Total biking: 41 kilometers – approx 3h 30 min
  • Elevation: + 475 meters / – 480 meters


Bike Thae Kone to Pindaya:

  • Thae Kone to Baw Sai Junction: 10 km. Sealed road, about 1.5 lanes wide. Rolling hills with 2 steep parts but they are short. Minimum traffic but now some tour buses on this part of road going a little fast.
  • From Baw Sai Junction to Thit Eai Pin- mix of packed dirt and sealed roads. Traffic is little and this road passes through many small villages. Lots of chances to stop and see cheroot leaf trees/flattening/packing, some houses have weaving, but in general it is just a lovely ride through typical villages.
  • Thit Eai Pin – Pindaya – mostly sealed and downhill. Road enters town on the eastern side near Pindaya Inle Inn

Special Guide notes

  • Helmets will be provided and mechanic will join for any size group.
  • Mechanic/guide MUST give a safety briefing before starting on how to use the bikes, proper braking and traffic warnings.
  • Mechanic needs to check bikes before every trip, especially brakes and back gearing.
  • Support vehicle on hand in case guests get tired/injured.
  • We need a first aid kit for the vehicle
  • In rainy season need to be especially careful with the braking

Different Choicess

  • Inle Lake – Cycling across the bamboo forest
  • Inle Lake – Around the lake by bike
  • Inle Lake – Amarapura to Ava by bike


  • Operated by Inle office
  • Bikes are property of Easia (14 bikes)
  • Extra bikes will be rented from Myo Thu (Inle Lake bike suppliers)
  • Mechanic provided by Myo Thu

Special Information

Request size of clients a few days before the trip and send our supplier (to choose correct size of bike).





Bike from Heho to Pindaya

Take off on a bike ride through the stunning Shan Hills today. On a quiet road, not far from the town of Heho, you will start pedaling towards the tranquil town of Pindaya. The road winds past farms of cauliflower, sunflowers, and other beautiful crops, and will snake its way through the small villages of Danu, Shan, and Pa-Oh people. There will be many occasions to stop for photos on the way and enjoy the jaw-dropping views of the vibrant hills, or even to meet the friendly locals. You will be riding a hybrid mountain multi-speed bike, which will help when you need to climb some of the gentle hills. A support vehicle will be on hand with snacks and drinking water for your comfort and safety. You will arrive in Pindaya, greatly invigorated by this breath of fresh air and the beautiful countryside you have just enjoyed.

Meals: …
Accommodation: …
Level: 2

Distance & duration of cycling: 41 kilometers – 3h 30 min 
Different in elevation: + 475 meters / – 480 meters
Terrain: 95% sealed roads, 5% packed dirt roads. Challenging hills mixed with flat terrain
Transportation: Heho airport to departure point: 20 minutes
Note: Possibility to make it shorter extending the initial transfer


Excursion à vélo de Heho à Pindaya

Vous partirez à vélo à la découverte des splendides collines de Shan. Sur une route paisible non loin de la ville d’Heho, vous commencerez à pédaler vers la ville de Pindaya. En chemin, vous passerez devant des fermes de choux-fleurs, de tournesols et d’autres champs très esthétiques et vous serpenterez entre les petits villages des ethnies Danu, Shan et Pa-Oh. Vous aurez de belles occasions pour vous arrêter pour rencontrer les locaux et prendre des photos de ces paysages de collines à couper le souffle.  Vous conduirez un vélo tout-terrain hybride à plusieurs vitesses ce qui vous permettra de grimper les pentes douces. Un véhicule vous suivra toute la journée avec des snacks et de l’eau potable pour s’assurer de votre confort et de votre sécurité. Vous arriverez à Pindaya revigorés par cette bouffée d’air frais et charmés par la beauté du paysage que vous aurez traversé.


Repas inclus: …
Hébergement: … 
Niveau: 2
Distance et durée de l’activité à vélo: 41 kilomètres – 3h 30 
Différence de dénivelé : + 475 mètres / – 480 mètres
Type de terrain: 95% de routes goudronnées, 5% de chemins de terre. Des collines difficiles et du terrain plat.

  • un véhicule vous accompagnera toute la journée 
  • Aéroport de Heho – point de départ; 20 minutes en voiture

Remarque: il est possible de raccourcir le temps passé à vélo en augmentant la durée du transfert initial.


Excursión en bicicleta de Heho a Pindaya

Salga a recorrer las colinas ondulantes de Shan en bicicleta. En un camino tranquilo, no muy alejado de la población de Heho, empezará a pedalear hacia el apacible pueblo de Pindaya. El camino sinuoso recorre las granjas de coliflores, girasoles y otros cultivos, y atraviesa aldeas de las tribus danu, shan y Pa-Oh. Hay muchos lugares en los que podrá detenerse a hacer fotos por el camino y disfrutar de las vistas de las colinas de los alrededores, o a conocer a los amables habitantes. Usará una bicicleta de montaña híbrida de varias marchas, que le resultará útil cuando tenga que subir algunas de las colinas más suaves. Tendrá a mano un vehículo de ayuda, con tentempiés y agua para beber, para su comodidad y seguridad. Llegará a Pindaya para disfrutar de su aire fresco y las hermosas vistas del campo por el que acaba de pasar.


Comidas: …
Alojamiento: …
Nivel: 2
Distancia y duración de la excursión en bici: 41 kilómetros – 3 horas 30
Altitud total: + 475 metros / – 480 metros.
Terreno: 95 % carreteras asfaltadas, 5 % carreteras de tierra compactada. Colinas abruptas combinadas con terreno llano.

  • soporte en vehículo durante todo el día.
  • Heho – punto de partida: 20 minutos coche

Nota: posibilidad de acortar el camino ampliando el traslado inicial.


In bicicletta da Heho a Pindaya

Fate un giro in bicicletta attraverso le splendide colline di Shan oggi. Su una strada quieta, non lontano dalla città di Heho, inizierete a pedalare verso la tranquilla città di Pindaya. La strada attraversa fattorie di cavolfiori, girasoli e altri splendidi raccolti, e si snoderà attraverso i piccoli villaggi di Danu, Shan e Pa-Oh. Ci saranno molte occasioni per fermarsi per le foto sulla strada e godersi le viste mozzafiato delle colline vibranti, o anche per incontrare i locali amichevoli. Salirete in sella a una bici ibrida da montagna a più velocità, che vi aiuterà quando dovrete scalare alcune delle dolci colline. Un veicolo di supporto sarà a disposizione con snack e acqua potabile per il vostro comfort e sicurezza. Arriverete a Pindaya, molto rinvigoriti da questa boccata d’aria fresca e dalla bellissima campagna della quale avete appena beneficiato.


Pasti: …

Sistemazione: …

Livello: 2

Distanza e durata del giro in bicicletta: 41 chilometri – 3 ore 30

Dislivello: + 475 metri / – 480 metri

Terreno: 95% di strade asfaltate, 5% di strade sterrate. Colline impegnative combinate con terreno pianeggiante


  • veicolo di supporto per l’intera giornata
  • Heho – punto di partenza: 20 minuti en auto

Nota: possibilità di abbreviare il percorso estendendo il trasferimento iniziale


Mit dem Fahrrad von Heho nach Pindaya

Sie brechen auf eine Radtour durch die erstaunlichen Shan-Hügel auf. Auf einer ruhigen Straße, nicht weit entfernt von der Stadt Heho, beginnen Sie die Fahrt mit dem Rad in Richtung der friedlichen Stadt Pindaya. Die Straße schlängelt sich entlang von Farmen mit Blumenkohl, Sonnenblumen und anderen schönen Feldfrüchten sowie auch durch die kleinen Dörfer der Danu-, Shan- und Pa-Oh-Ethnien. Unterwegs wird es viele Möglichkeiten geben, um für Fotos zu halten und die atemberaubende Aussicht auf die leuchtenden Hügel zu genießen oder eben um freundliche Einheimische zu treffen. Sie werden mit einem Hybrid-Multi-Speed-Mountainbike fahren, was gut ist, wenn Sie einige der sanfteren Hügel erklimmen müssen. Ein Begleitfahrzeug ist für Ihren Komfort und Ihre Sicherheit mit Snacks und Trinkwasser ausgerüstet. Gestärkt von der frischen Luft und der soeben genossenen wunderschönen Landschaft werden Sie Pindaya erreichen. 


Mahlzeiten: … 
Unterbringung: …
Level: 2
Länge & Dauer der Radtour: 41 Kilometer – 3 Std 30
Höhenunterschied: +475 Meter / -480 Meter
Terrain: 95 % Asphaltstraße, 5 % stark befahrene, unbefestigte Wege, anspruchsvolle Hügel gemischt mit ebenem Gelände

  • Fahrzeug steht ganztägig zur Verfügung
  • Heho – Ausgangpunkt  : 20 Minuten mit dem Auto

Hinweis: Möglichkeit zur Verkürzung der Radtour und zur Verlängerung der Transferstrecke