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Best advised from September to March // possible all year long

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You will tour the charming town of Dawei on a tuk tuk, stopping punctually to meet with artisans in their workshops and learn about some local products that have become famous throughout Myanmar. This original way of discovering Dawei will give you some insight into a rarely explored face of the town.

Can be combined with

Thematic Leisure

Dawei – Fishing experience at Tizit Beach

Dawei – Moscos Island Snorkeling Trip

Dawei – Jungle trail and Forest Spa

Selling points

  • The tuk tuk ride gives travelers the opportunity to take pictures of the beautiful wooden houses typical of Dawei
  • Some lesser-known and seasonal crafts are discovered, such as: broom making, cashew nut, fish crackers, etc. (program varies according to the time of the year and the time of day)
  • A perfect introduction to the relaxing vibe of Dawei before exploring its empty beaches in the following days
  • Family workshops, completely non-touristy: walk inside homes of Daweian and learn about their family stories and art
  • A refreshing alternative to workshops in the rest of the country – if you visit other regions of the country, keep the workshop visit for Dawei as some crafts could be similar (cheerots, wood carving)
  • Excellent activity for clients who like photography
  • Suitable for families with children: the tuk tuk ride is fun and the workshops are interactive!

Time And Transportation




3h 30min

Morning tour from 08:00 to 11:30

Afternoon tour from 14:00 to 17:30

Not available on Sunday!

How to sell it

  • First activity as an introduction to Dawei
  • Combine in a module with beach visits and junle activity from CBT to balance the program and show different faces of Dawei
  • Suitable for families – the tuk tuk ride + the workshop are interactive for children
  • Suitable for older clients or clients with mobility issues: going everywhere in the tuk tuk is easy and enjoyable
  • English-speaking guide from the supplier is included – if Easia language guide needs to join – you will need to book an extra tuk tuk (Easia guide will be counted as a client)
  • Suitable both in the morning or in the afternoon depending on clients’ program (different workshops at different times of the day) – afternoon tour finished with river sunset
  • Supplier picks up the clients directly at their hotel
  • Excellent activity for clients who like photography: portraits of the population + off the beaten track places

Why this activity

  • To include if clients arrive in the middle of the day and do not have time to go to the beach directly
  • A leisurely tuk tuk ride that works as a great introduction to Dawei: not only the workshops, but also the architecture, the small streets, the atmosphere, etc.
  • A sense of authentic/non-touristy workshops that we don’t have anymore in the other destinations (Inle, Bagan, Mandalay) where clients can really discover the crafts without being asked to buy anything (they don’t even have shops)
  • Most DMCs do not operate regularly in Dawei yet (lack of suppliers, etc.)

Good to combine with

  • Combine in a module with beach visits and jungle activity from CBT to balance the program and show different faces of Dawei
  • Domestic flight, morning arrival
  • Tizit beach experience in the afternoon

Market suggestion















Competitor comparison

  • Most DMCs do not operate regularly in Dawei yet (lack of suppliers, etc.)


  • Very professional supplier – well organized, on time, good communication
  • Doing the tour on tuk tuk is an added value
  • Flexible timing
  • English speaking guide provided by the supplier
  • Pick up and drop off at clients’ hotel


  • Traditional activity for Dawei – some clients might want to focus on the beach only!
  • English speaking guide only – gets expensive if we need to add Easia language guide


The tour starts at 08:00 or 14:00

Not available on Sundays, Water festival days and full moon days

The guide picks up the clients at the hotel, in the tuk tuk directly and starts the tour:

  • Driving around downtown and seeing the beautiful architecture of Dawei Wooden Houses + the local life
  • Stops at 4 or 5 workshops per tour – depending on the season and the time of the year, workshops can include:
    • Wood carving (all year)
    • Fish cracker (all year)
    • Cashew nut (mostly from May to October)
    • Traditional wooden shoe making (all year)
    • Broom factory (all year)
    • Palm tree/toddy
    • Weaving (traditional Dawei pattern)
    • Other


  • Most workshops being family workshops, they might close unexpectedly (family celebration, etc.) – therefore we cannot promise any fixed schedule to the clients. There are many alternatives for clients to see unusual workshops
  • If time allows, guide will stop with the clients at the tea shop for a break

Tuk tuk can fit 2 adults or 1 adult and 1 child + the supplier’s guide next to the driver

The supplier will assign 1 guide for every 4 clients (2  tuk tuks)

IMPORTANT: the tour can be organized by car if clients are not comfortable in the tuk tuk – see service lines on ERP. Tuk tuk is the most enjoyable option though.

Price range

25 USD/pax based on 2 pax

Quotation guideline

On ERP – Activity – Dawei: “Dawei Arts and Crafts”

==> Option with the tuk tuk


10% commission for agents

Important notes

Supplier provides local English-speaking guide (1 guide for every 4 pax)

If Easia guide joins, he will be counted as a client. Our guide will be there to translate and not to lead (supplier’s guide knows all the addresses and the workshops)


Dawei Panorama Travel and Tours

Contact Ma Aye for all bookings:

+959 45 000 98 60 // +959 781800181 (whatsapp: +959450009860)

No 580, Myo Twin Road, Myauk Yuar Quarter, Dawei

Special Information

  • Provide the name of hotel to the supplier as they will need it to pick up the clients


Dawei Arts and Crafts

On board of a tuktuk, you will tour Dawei and its surrounding countryside to meet with local artisans who will show you their traditional craft: from fish crackers to rubber production, cashew nut factory and broom making, you will discover the many faces of Dawei’s arts and crafts. Depending on the season, your guide will lead you from one workshop to another, on the way sharing stories about the beautiful streets of Dawei and the history of this lesser-known part of Myanmar. The tour is also a great opportunity for you to learn more about the inhabitants of Tavoy and visit their home.


Art et artisanat de Dawei

Vous vous installerez dans un tuktuk pour faire le tour de Dawei et de la campagne alentour afin de rencontrer des artisans qui vous montreront leur savoir faire traditionnel, que ce soit dans la préparation de biscuits de poisson ou la production de caoutchouc, dans une usine de noix de cajou ou de balais, vous découvrirez les diverses facettes artistiques et artisanales de Dawei. En fonction de la saison, votre guide vous fera découvrir divers ateliers en vous racontant des histoires sur les belles rues de Dawei et sur l’histoire méconnue du Myanmar. Ce tour vous offrira également l’opportunité d’en apprendre davantage sur les habitants de Tavoy et de visiter leur maison.


Artes y oficios de Dawei

A bordo de un tuk tuk, viajará por Dawei y sus rurales alrededores para conocer a artesanos locales, quienes le mostrarán sus artes tradicionales: desde galletitas de pescado a la producción de caucho, la fábrica de anacardos y la fabricación de escobas… Descubrirá las múltiples caras de la artesanía de Dawei. Dependiendo de la estación, su guía le llevará de un taller a otro, compartiendo historias por el camino sobre las preciosas calles de Dawei y la historia de esta zona menos transitada de Myanmar. La visita también supondrá una gran oportunidad para aprender más sobre los lugareños de Tavoy y visitar su hogar.


Artigianato di Dawei

A bordo di un tuktuk visiterete la città di Dawei e la sua campagna circostante, per incontrare gli artigiani locali che vi mostreranno la loro produzione tradizionale: dai cracker di pesce alla produzione di gomma, dalla fabbrica di anacardi alla fabbricazione di scope; scoprirete i mille volti dell’artigianato di Dawei. A seconda della stagione, la vostra guida vi condurrà da un laboratorio all’altro, il tutto mentre condivide storie sulle splendide strade di Dawei e la storia di questa parte meno conosciuta del Myanmar. Il tour è anche una grande opportunità per saperne di più sugli abitanti di Tavoy e visitare la loro casa.


Daweis Kunst und Handwerk

An Bord eines Tuk-Tuks werden Sie durch Dawei und die umgebende Landschaft fahren, um auf lokale Handwerker zu treffen, die Ihnen ihr traditionelles Handwerk zeigen werden: Sie entdecken die vielen Gesichter von Daweis Kunst und Handwerk – von Fischcracker über die Gummiproduktion und Cashewnuss-Fabrik bis hin zur Besenherstellung. Je nach Saison wird Sie Ihr Reiseleiter von einer zur nächsten Werkstatt führen und Ihnen unterwegs Geschichten über die schönen Straßen Daweis und die weniger bekannten Teile Myanmars erzählen. Bei der Tour handelt es sich zudem um eine großartige Möglichkeit für Sie, mehr über die Einwohner von Tavoy zu erfahren und ihr Zuhause zu besuchen.