MYANMAR – Yangon – Circular Train Adventure


Classic, Family

Country - City

Myanmar - Yangon

Market segment

Groups, Thematic Leisure

Price Level


Max pax

100 persons


All Year Round

Arrival city


Departure city



The outskirts of Yangon are as colourful and bustling as the city’s downtown streets. The circular train, though looking derelict, is still the main way to travel in and out of the downtown area for most of the inhabitants. A ride on the window-less train is an adventure within everyone’s reach, mingling with commuters and hawkers, selling everything from fresh fruits to peanuts and tissues on the platforms and in the train. This short train ride is combined with a trishaw tour around local markets and residential areas, where the pulse of the city is even more intense and finishes at a tea shop for an afternoon snack.

Can be combined with

Thematic Leisure

Yangon – Visit Shwedagon like a local pilgrim

Yangon – Flavours of Yangon


Yangon – Urban Sunset Drinks

Yangon – BBQ Night Dinner

Selling points

  • A best seller activity which gives an introduction about the country: its colourful markets, the busy neighbourhoods, street sellers and welcoming population
  • Original mode of transportation: the local train followed by a leisure trishaw ride
  • The circular train is an attraction of itself: many street sellers walking from one carriage to the other, many activities in and outside the train which have no windows
  • A perfect addition to a more cultural discovery of Yangon to discover both faces of the ancient capital city: its cultural heritage and its bustling life

Time And Transportation

From To Distance By Duration Road condition
Kanbe station Bauktaw station  N/A Train 4 minutes N/A
Bauktaw station Tamwe station  N/A Train 3 minutes N/A
Tamwe station Myittanyunt station  N/A Train 4 minutes N/A
Myittanyunt station Mahlwagon station  N/A Train 4 minutes N/A
Mahlwagon station Pazundaung station  N/A Train 4 minutes N/A
Pazundaung station Central station  N/A Train 6 minutes N/A
Shwedagon pagoda Kanbe station 9 kilometers Car 30 minutes Good but crowded
Yangon Central Railway Kanbe station 9 kilometers Car 30 minutes Good but crowded
Shwedagon pagoda Kyee Min Daing station 5 kilometers Car 20 minutes Good but crowded
Yangon Central Railway Kyee Min Daing station 9 kilometers Car 30 minutes Good but crowded


2 to 3 hours

Min pax

1 person

Max pax

100 persons

How to sell it

  • Best seller, suitable for all markets and segments.
  • Note that for Incentive, some Operation notes are different than from GIT and FIT. See all detail in Operation note
  • To include best on the first call in Yangon, as a smooth introduction to street life of the country
  • Ideal for photographers
  • Suitable in the afternoon, around 4 pm, right before everyone comes back from work or in the morning, after 9 am, after the peak time
  • Compulsory with a guide

Why this activity

  • An activity to discover Yangon street life and explore picturesque local markets

Good to combine with

  • f first day in Yangon: allow us to save time if clients cannot check-in early enough at the hotel
  • Before a lunch at local restaurant downtown
  • Downtown walking tour in the afternoon
  • Bogyoke market shopping and free time if on the last day
  • Shwedagon visit (+ oil lamp) in the evening

Do not combine with

  • Not advised if domestic/international arrival in the morning as the market is mostly lively in the morning

Market suggestion
















Competitor comparison

Best seller – suggested by all DMCs


  • Train operates daily – every 30 to 40 minutes (from 05h42 am to 08h37 pm)
  • Enough trishaw available for big groups
  • No traffic on the streets for trishaw ride
  • Can arrange private train carriage
  • Can operate big groups: 370 trishaws available in Yankin township
  • Easy to organize
  • Kanbe station has a lively market and quiet streets


  • Over weight and over size clients are not suitable
  • No toilet available at the train station
  • Local market may be closed on the public holidays without any prior notice
  • During raining season, conditions are not enjoyable (train delay + dirty streets)


For FIT and GIT:

  • Train station is Kyee Mying Daing
  • Client board the train at Yangon Central Railway and stop at Kyee Mying Daing
  • Take a trishaw and visit the markets
  • Stop at banana market
  • Stop at a tea shop

For Incentive:

  • Most suitable train station: Kanbe Road
  • Number of trishaw available @Kanbe station = 30 trishaw

BUT we can request trishaw around Yankin township = 370 trishaw

  • 1 pax per trishaw
  • Advised starting time at Kanbe station road: 8.00 am
  • Do not take the 8:07 AM train as it is crowded with locals commuting to work
  • Best train to take: the 8:57 am or 9:32 am (departing time from Kanbe station)
  • If the group is more than 60 pax, we need to divide two groups (Group A & Group B):

Group A – Early depart and take trishaw ride first and wait for Group B at railway station where we can arrange to serve coffee/tea with disposable cup at platform área. (In order to serve, can arrange with the same flower girl at airport)

Group B – Take trishaw and join with Group A

Logistics note:

  • Over 125 kg clients should not be recommended this activity – overweight clients will not be able to sit in the trishaw (seat is too narrow) – as an alternative, those clients can walk close to the train station and meet the rest of the group before embarking on the train
  • Train can be delayed without notice
  • Train comes normally every 30 to 40 minutes – better to board a train after 9 am and before 4 pm to avoid peak hours

Quotation guideline

Quotation for FIT – GIT:

  • YANGON – Activity – Circular Train Experience

Quotation for Incentive:

  • Can select certain type of sellers to be there for our clients only: quote tips extra to pay the sellers for waiting for our clients
  • We can prepare small money for clients to buy items to the sellers – ask with agent which Budget they have
  • Quote extra tips for local police if we need to hire last minute to control traffic when our clients are on the trishaw
  • If group is bigger than 60 pax: quote extra Budget to serve coffee/tea at the train station while client wait for everyone to meet (service can be done by the flower girls)


Quotation for FIT – GIT:

  • Train ticket for guide and clients
  • Trishaw ride
  • Snack and tea at the tea shop



Quotation for FIT – GIT:

  • Transportation to the train station
  • Transportation to the next activity
  • Easia guide fees

Important notes

Itinerary for FIT/GIT:

  • No booking necessary
  • Take train at Yangon Central Railway
  • Ride to Kyee Mying Daing
  • Stop at Kyee Mying Daing and take a trishaw
  • Visit several markets including Shan road, banana market and metal market
  • Take a break at tea shop

Itinerary for Incentive:

Starting point: Car drops clients at Kanbe Station Road

  1. Trishaw ride:
  • Take trishaw at “No.10 Trishaw Gate located at the corner of Sabel Yone 1 Street and Kanbe station road”
  • Ride to Htinshuu Myaing street till the end
  • Turn right to Kwar Nyo Street
  • Turn right to Pa Tauk Myaing Street
  • Trishaw ride finishes at Trishaw gate in front of Kanbe railway station
  • 15 minutes ride
  1. Visit local market in front of Kanbe Station
  2. Take the train at Kanbe Station:
    • Train is every 20 to 40 minutes
    • Best trains are 08h57 or 09h32
    • Avoid 08h07 and 08h37 – too crowded
    • Private carriage: to be booked directly at Yangon Central Railway Station
  1. Train ride is 25 minutes approximately – 6 stations:
    • Sellers in the carriage have been pre-selected by the office
  1. Disembark at Yangon Central railway station
  • If the group is more than 60 pax, we need to divide two groups (Group A & Group B):
  • Group A – Early depart and take trishaw ride first and wait for Group B at railway station where we can arrange to serve coffee/tea with disposable cup at platform área. (In order to serve, can arrange with the same flower girl at airport)
  • Group B – Take trishaw and join with Group A

Book the trishaws

  • Book trishaw 2 days in advance (reconfirm before clients depart from hotel on that day)
  • Trishaw: 3000 kyats/trishaw
  • If the group is more than 60 pax, we need to divide two groups (Group A & Group B):
    Group A – Early depart and take trishaw ride first and wait for Group B at railway station where we can arrange to serve coffee/tea with disposable cup at platform área. (In order to serve, can arrange with the same flower girl at airport)
    Group B – Take trishaw and join with Group A

Book the private carriage

  • Book at Yangon Central Railway station (cannot book at Kanbe)
  • Train ticket price: 200 kyats for foreigners // 100 kyats for local
  • We need to send one Easia operation staff to take privatized carriage from central station to Kanbe station.

Book the sellers

  • Need to go a couple of days before the clients do the activity and ask sellers to be present when web ring clients
  • Select the type of food/ítems according to Sales/Agent request
  • Take the phone number of the sellers: they need to wait for our clients to climb in our carriage only (and not on the train before or after)
  • Check with Sales about the Budget -what we can pay to the sellers for waiting for us

Different Choicess




Trishaw contact near Kanbe Station (No.10 Trishaw Gate)
U Myint Naing = 09425474050

Ko Phyo = 09795403029

Trishaw contact at Athawka Station
U Myint Naing = 09425474050

Train Ticket Staff at Kanbe Station

Ko Phoe Maung = 09261492119


Circular Train Adventure

The day starts at Yangon’s Central Station, where you board the local “Circular Train”, which runs from Yangon’s main railway station around town. This train travels at a deliberately slow pace, which provides you with time to really enjoy your surroundings and get a clear overview of the city. Disembark at Kyee Myin Daine station, one of the most beautiful station buildings remaining in Yangon. From here, you’ll take a short 10-minute trishaw ride through a local neighborhood. At this hour of the morning, the neighborhood is a vibrant hive of activity, with children heading off to school, people grabbing a bowl of noodles on their way to work, and nuns and monks collecting alms from door to door. After walking around the local market, head for the peculiar banana market, at Yangon’s jetty. The riverbanks here are filled with coconuts, sugar cane and all kind of bananas, including red bananas. You then reach the traditional metal craft market, where you’ll get an overview of the kind of items made for local pagodas. Finish off your day of immersing yourself in local life with a delicious cup of tea and some traditional snacks at a tea shop.


  • The train ride is about 20 minutes, comfort is very basic.
  • Best in the morning to experience the busy markets


Escapade à bord du train circulaire

Ce matin, vous allez vous immerger dans la vie quotidienne de la plus grande ville du Myanmar. Depuis la gare centrale de Yangon vous embarquerez à bord du “Train circulaire” qui dessert les différents quartiers de la ville ainsi que sa périphérie. Descendez à la station Kyee Myin Daine, l’une des plus belles gares de Yangon. A cette heure de la matinée, le quartier est une ruche bourdonnante d’activité avec des enfants sur le chemin de l’école, des habitants prenant un bol de nouilles sur le chemin du travail, ainsi que des nonnes et moines qui récoltent des offrandes auprès des passants. Rendez-vous en trishaw jusqu’au marché sur la Shan Road où vous trouverez certainement quelques articles intéressants. Promenez-vous parmi les étals remplis de fruits exotiques, légumes locaux et viande fraiche. Lorsque vous aurez terminé votre visite du marché, votre chauffeur vous amènera sur les quais où vous découvrirez un marché original de bananes, noix de coco et canne à sucre. Dirigez-vous ensuite vers le célèbre tea shop Lucky Seven, où vous dégusterez un thé ainsi qu’un plat birman que vous pourrez choisir à l’aide de votre guide.
En chemin, découvrez les boutiques spécialisées dans la fabrication artisanale d’objets métalliques, servant essentiellement à orner les nombreuses pagodes de la ville.


  • Le trajet en train est d’environ 20 minutes
  • Le confort est très simple


Aventura en tren circular

La jornada comienza en la Estación Central de Rangún, donde se subirá al «Tren circular» local, que recorre la ciudad saliendo de la estación principal de ferrocarril de Rangún. Este tren se mueve despacio deliberadamente, para que pueda tener tiempo de disfrutar de verdad del entorno y hacerse una idea general de la ciudad. Bájese del tren en la estación de Kyee Myin Daine, una de las estaciones más bonitas que quedan en Rangún. Allí, súbase a un trishaw para dar una vuelta de diez minutos por un barrio local. A esa hora de la mañana, el barrio es un hervidero de actividad, con los niños que se van al colegio, la gente que compra un cuenco de pasta de camino al trabajo y los monjes y monjas que piden donativos de puerta en puerta. Después de pasear por el mercado local, diríjase al peculiar mercado de las bananas, en el muelle de Rangún. Allí, las riberas del río están llenas de cocos, caña de azúcar y todo tipo de bananas, incluidas unas bananas de color rojo. Luego llegará al mercado de artesanías tradicionales de metal, donde podrá hacerse una idea general del tipo de artículos que se elaboran para las pagodas locales. Acabe el día de inmersión en la vida local con una deliciosa taza de té y unos tentempiés tradicionales en una tetería.


  • El trayecto en tren dura unos veinte minutos y el tren ofrece comodidades básicas.
  • El mejor momento para visitar los bulliciosos mercados es por la mañana.


Durante questa mattinata potrete immergervi nella vita quotidiana della più grande città del Myanmar. Dalla stazione centrale di Yangon salirete a bordo del “Treno circolare” che si ferma nei differenti rioni della città e in periferia. Questo treno si sposta molto lentamente il che vi permetterá di approfittare veramente dell’atmosfera della zona e vi fornirá una visione globale della città (il viaggio in treno dura circa 20 minuti, il treno non è molto confortevole dal momento che gli abitanti lo utilizzano speso durante la giornata). Scendete alla stazione Kyee Myin Daino, una delle più belle stazioni di Yangon. A quest’ora del mattino il quartiere è pieno di movimento con i bambini che vanno a scuola, le persone che fanno colazione prima di andare al lavoro, i monaci e le monache che raccolgono le offerte. Continuerete in trishaw su Shan Road per recarvi al mercato dove potrete trovare alcuni prodotti interessanti. Passeggiare tra le bancarelle piene di frutta esotica, verdura locale e carne fresca . Una volta che avrete terminato la vostra visita al mercato , il vostro autista vi condurrá verso i moli dove scoprirete un mercato di banane, noci di cocco e canna di zucchero. Dirigetevi poi verso il celebre salone del the Lucky Seven dove potrete degustare del the o un piatto tipico birmano che potrete scegliere con l’aiuto della vostra guida.

Durante il percorso avrete la possibilitá di scoprire i negozi specializzati della fabbricazione artigianale di oggetti in metallo utilizzati principalmente per decorare le numerose pagode della cittá.


Heute bekommen Sie einen einmaligen Einblick in die Alltagsaktivitäten der Menschen in Myanmars größter Stadt. Am Hauptbahnhof steigen Sie in die Ringbahn, die bis in das Umland, außerhalb der Stadtgrenzen, im Kreis fährt. Dieser Zug fährt extra langsam, so dass Sie alle Zeit der Welt haben, um mit den Einheimischen neben sich Smalltalk zu halten und einen Überblick über die Stadt zu bekommen. Hinweis: Die Zugfahrt dauert ca. 20-30 Minuten; wir möchten Sie auf die sehr einfache Ausstattung des Zugs aufmerksam machen, der tagsüber auch von vielen Einheimischen genutzt wird.
Steigen Sie an der Haltestelle Kyee Myin Daine aus; hier befindet sich eines der schönsten Bahnhofsgebäude vonYangon. Während einer kurzen Fahrt mit der Rikscha durch den Vorort, erleben Sie hautnah Yangons pulsierendes und geschäftiges Alltagsleben der Mittelklasse. Kinder sind auf dem Weg zur Schule; Erwachsene ergattern schnell eine Schüssel Nudeln auf ihrem Weg zur Arbeit; Nonnen und Mönche gehen von Tür zu Tür, um Spenden zu sammeln. Sie halten am Shan Road Markt, wo Sie einige interessante Waren finden werden. Die freundlichen Verkäufer freuen sich auch immer über ein kleines Schwätzchen. Am Hafen von Yangon wartet bereits ihr nächstes Abenteuer auf Sie – der Bananenmarkt! Erleben Sie birmanisches Chaos pur: Kokosnüsse, Zuckerrohr und alle erdenklichen Bananensorten (z.B. rote Bananen) werden hier verladen. Auf dem sog. „Metallmarkt“ werden Sie mehr über die verschiedenen Techniken und Werkzeuge des Pagodenbaus erfahren. Die meisten Länder und Kulturen verfügen auch über ganz typische Eigenschaften, Sitten und Gebräuche. Das Teetrinken ist eine der wesentlichen burmesischen Gepflogenheit. Um an diesem wichtigen Bestandteil des myanmarischen Lebensstils teilzuhaben, müssen Sie unbedingt einem lokalen „Teashop“ einen Besuch abstatten. Saugen Sie die Atmosphäre in sich auf und beobachten Sie die Einheimischen, die das Teetrinken als Kulisse für zwanglose Plaudereien und auch für Geschäftsgespräche nutzen.