WEBINAR – ‘Myanmar We Think Of You’ – Financial Aid for Myanmar’s Tourism Professionals in Need

Brand: All Brands

Market: All Markets

Language: English

Host: Philippe RICHARD

Speakers: Thuy Hoa, Thomas Preischl, Jasmine Renault

Whereas pretty much all of us, tourism professionals worldwide, experienced various degrees of economic misfortune caused by Covid-19 lockdowns and restrictions in the past two years, our tourism colleagues in Myanmar faced a military coup and political turmoil on top of an already disastrous situation.

During this webinar, the founders of Easia Travel and its family of dedicated travel brands would like to introduce you to our latest initiative to help the travel professionals who once realized holidays of a lifetime for our partners and their travelers.

For more information about this special project from Easia Travel, join us at myanmar-we-think-of-you@easia-travel.com!

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