Pandora Suite d’Angkor

Pandora Suite d’Angkor


Tucked between the vibrant Siem Reap center and the revered Angkor temples, Pandora Suite d’Angkor welcomes guests with refined serenity in a new, charming 42-room boutique hotel. The unique structure is inspired by a blend of colonial and timeless Cambodian styles and is situated in a peaceful green area ideal for relaxation and contemplation.

Each room boasts a private terrace with sweeping views of the lush garden and the saltwater pool, perfect for personal moments of tranquility. Embrace the intimate setting where simplicity is adorned with elegant touches.

What We Love

  • Colonial Elegance Meets Cambodian Tradition: Each room’s private balconies and terraces provide a colonial feel that complements the Khmer traditional style décor, affording guests a serene escape.
  • Culinary Journey: The Restaurant & Lounge bar offers not just a meal but an experience, with a selection of Cambodian, Asian, and French dishes that tease the palate.
  • Tranquil Oasis: The large saltwater pool in the tropical garden presents a peaceful retreat, perfect for relaxation or a refreshing dip.

More Information

For those who seek a deeper understanding of what makes Pandora Suite d’Angkor a true gem in Siem Reap, we invite you to explore our detailed factsheet.