VIETNAM – Ho Chi Minh City – Attend the circus “A O” show at Ho Chi Minh City Opera House

“À Ố” is the name given to an amazing show and a new kind of art performance for Vietnam, commonly acknowledged globally as “new circus’’


Art & Culture, Classic, Family, Honeymoon, Sustainable

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Vietnam - Ho Chi Minh City

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Groups, Thematic Leisure

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Ho Chi Minh City

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Ho Chi Minh City


“À Ố” is the name given to an amazing show and a new kind of art performance for Vietnam, commonly acknowledged globally as “new circus’’. The show surpasses all the limits that were previously set by many other shows in Vietnam over the years. The main props used in the show are bamboo basket boats and it also dramatically showcases the use of bamboo in the daily life of many Vietnamese.

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Thematic Leisure


Selling points

  • A brilliant show with very impressive visuals
  • Live music on stage performed by traditional musical instruments
  • High levels of energy and passion from the young performers for the full 60 minutes
  • “À Ố”  is the first dance performance show about the lively local life of Mekong Delta & Ho Chi Minh City
  • A perfect show for all art lovers
  • Can be seen before or after having dinner in Ho Chi Minh City

Level Of The Excursion

Medium – This activity offers tangible positive contributions to the local community, culture and/or environment

The Impact Of This Excursion

Social/cultural Impact

Cultural Conservation

Empowerment and education

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Community benefits

Additional Information

Positive Impact:

This activity provides support to an art theater, while (more importantly) it also provides direct income to the artists. This show also helps to maintain traditional music & instruments, as well as indirectly supporting the people who make the instruments (without demand, a lot of instrument manufacturers simply abandon the craft).

Time And Transportation

FromToKmByDurationRoad Condition
 Park Hyatt Opera House 0.16 Foot 2 minutes Good
 Post Office  Opera House0.70Foot10 minutes  Good



1 hour

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How to sell it

  • For Art Lovers, medium, high end and luxury travelers profile
  • The first show in Vietnam that presents daily activities of local people in a modern way.
  • A perfect show for all the art lovers before having dinner in Ho Chi Minh City because the show starts at 18:00
  • Suitable for FIT, GIT, Incentive

Why this activity

  • Great experience for art & culture lover.
  • The performers are all very young and they possess lots of energy and passion
  • A O Show is the first dance show that presents the lively local life of Mekong Delta & Saigon
  • Live music on stage performed by traditional musical instruments
  • Proof of the evolution of Vietnamese Performance Art: A combination of tradition & modernity

Good to combine with

  • Can be a last moment activity before the flight/ departure
  • An other show of Lune Production in Hanoi and Hoi An for Arts lovers
  • New offer : 2 shows Package (Hanoi/Hoi An/ Saigon)

Do not combine with

Other Show in Saigon

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Competitor comparison

  • All Competitors propose the show and there is the possibility for the travelers to book it direct on the website of Lune Production or


  • Saigon Opera House is walking distance from most of the hotels in District 1.
  • Easy to book
  • Seats with number and different prices vs the seats situation in the Opera House
  • No need for the translation


  • Not everyday
  • Need to verify the show calendar before booking


  • Children from 5 years old
  • For Incentive groups,  Lune Production can organize a private show in another venue (budget Private Show from 10 000 USD)


  • There are 3 different shows that are performing in Saigon Opera House from Lune Production : À Ố Show, Teh Dar, and The Mist.
  • They are all produced by Lune Production, similar entertainment with different themes
  • The clients should be informed that the schedule is not fixed very far in advance, and need to check monthly

Important information

  • There are 3 kinds of tickets which are “aah![A]”, “ooh![O]”, “wow![W]”.
    Suggestion for quality of seating and view :  “ooh![O]”, “wow![W]” seats
  • In  Hanoi, Lune Production Show are also available at  Hanoi Opera House or Vietnam Tuong Theater.
  • In Hoi An at Lune Performing Center
  • If no availability in Saigon, check the show calendar in Hanoi and Hoi An , and propose alternative to the client if the travellers’ visit Hoi An and Hanoi


Price range

From 630,000 VND (“aah![A]” seats) to 1,470,000 VND (“wow![W]” seats) for 01 ticket for 01 person

Quotation guideline

“ooh![O]”, “wow![W]”. seats


Ticket for 1 hour show


Drinks, snacks

Important notes

  • Schedule of the show on Lune production website
  • Check the name of the show before booking

Different Choice

  • In Hanoi and Hoi An , Lune Production Show
  • In Hanoi, Phù Sa Lab theater


“A O” is the name given to a new kind of art performance, commonly acknowledged as “new circus” across the globe. The show surpasses all the limits that were previously set by many other shows in Vietnam over the years. You will have the opportunity to let loose your imagination as you witness the visual creations and lighting of each performance. The main props used in the show are bamboo basket boats, which are also used in the daily life of many Vietnamese. During 60 magical minutes, you will be gradually introduced to many different forms of emotion.

Schedule and programming to be checked on the site:
Seats:  ooh![O]” and “wow![W]” categories are recommended 
Duration of the activity: 60 minutes


« A O » est un des spectacles de la troupe Lune Production, nouveau type de performance artistique plus communément connu sous le nom de « nouveau cirque ». Le spectacle surpasse les codes et conventions qui avaient été imposés jusqu’à maintenant par les autres spectacles artistiques vietnamiens de ces dernières années. La scène principale du spectacle est celle des bateaux en bambous et de leur utilisation dans la vie quotidienne de nombreux vietnamiens. Pendant 60 minutes, vous serez transportés en douceur vers plusieurs et différents types d’émotions.

Durée de l’activité : 60 minutes
Notes :
Horaires et programmation à vérifier sur le site :
Sièges : les catégories ooh![O]”, “wow![W]”  sont conseillées


«A O» es el nombre de un nuevo tipo de representación artística comúnmente llamado «nuevo circo» en el mundo entero. Este espectáculo va más allá de los límites de las representaciones anteriores de este arte en Vietnam. Tendrá la oportunidad de dejar volar la imaginación gracias a las creaciones visuales y a las iluminaciones de cada actuación. La utilería principal del espectáculo son unos barcos-cestas de bambú que los vietnamitas aún usan en su cotidiano. Durante una mágica hora, experimentará varias emociones que crecerán poco a poco.

Se puede consultar el horario y el programa en la página web:
Asientos: Se recomienda elegir las categorías ooh![O]”, y “wow![W]”
Duración de la actividad: 60 minutos


“A O” è il nome dato allo spettacolo conosciuto globalmente come “nuovo circo”, moderno genere di performance artistica. Lo show supera la qualità di tutti gli altri spettacoli fino a ora messi in scena in Vietnam. Lasciate galoppare la vostra immaginazione mentre assistete a unici e sorprendenti giochi di luce e forme. Le barche cestino spesso utilizzate nella vita locale di ogni giorno sono l’elemento attorno al quale ruota la performance. Lasciatevi coinvolgere da uno spettacolo unico e capace di trasmettere forti emozioni.

Orari e programmazione da controllare sul sito:
Posti: categorie ooh![O]” e “wow![W]”  consigliate
Durata dello spettacolo: 60 minuti


„A O“ ist der Name einer neuen Art der Kunstperformance, gemeinhin bekannt als „neuer Zirkus“. Die Vorführung überschreitet alle Grenzen, die zuvor in vielen anderen Performance-Arten in Vietnam über die Jahre konstruiert wurden. Sie haben die Möglichkeit, Ihrer Vorstellungskraft freien Lauf zu lassen, sobald Sie die visuellen Kreationen und die Beleuchtung jeder der Vorführungen sehen. Die Hauptrequisiten der Show sind Bambuskorb-Boote, welche auch Teil des täglichen Lebens vieler Vietnamesen sind. In den 60 magischen Minuten werden Sie nach und nach in die unterschiedlichen Formen von Emotionen eintauchen.

Plan und Programm sind auf der Webseite zu sehen:
Plätze: ooh![O]”und “wow![W]” -Kategorie werden empfohlen
Dauer der Aktivität: 1 Stunde