EASIA ACTIVE – CAMBODIA – Koh Kong – Cardamom Mountains Jungle Trek With Hammock Camping Experience

Location: Chiphat Village, Koh Kong – Cambodia

This ‘4 days and 3 nights’ module allows travelers to experience a 2 day jungle trek, camping and sleeping in hammocks in the wild Cardamom rain forest.

This product is a collaboration between Easia Active and Chi Phat Community based Ecotourism, in order to support the community by providing additional income to the villagers with the objective to stop the poaching and deforestation in the area. The Chi Phat CBET project started in 2007 supported by Wildlife Alliance, which helped and educated the community and villagers to make a living from tourism instead of poaching and cutting down and selling trees. This project has helped incredibly to conserve part of the Cardamom rain forest.

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