VIETNAM – The Vietage Private Luxury Train Added New Departure Time

Inspired by the beauty of Vietnam and the luxury of vintage rail travel, The Vietage’s six spacious booths feature two comfortable window seats, offering everyone onboard views of Central Vietnam’s verdant plains, forested mountains, and sparkling shores. This beautifully designed carriage also features its sit-up bar, gourmet dining, private restroom, and a dedicated area for head and shoulder treatments. The Vietage departs from Da Nang Railway Station every morning, arriving in Quy Nhon in the afternoon. It makes the return journey in the late afternoon, departing from Dieu Tri Railway Station in the evening and arriving in Da Nang around midnight.

The Vietage Luxury Carriage has just informed us that the train departing from Da Nang at 8.00 AM to Dieu Tri train station at 2.29 PM will be suspended from 17 Oct 2022 until further notice. They will change the new train itinerary from 17 Oct 2022 forward with a new departure time from Da Nang at 09:17 AM and arriving at Dieu Tri railway station in Quy Nhon at 3:38 PM (01 hours later). The return schedule by the train SE8 departing from Dieu Tri train station at 6.33 PM to Da Nang train station at 00.32 AM keep unchanged.


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