CAMBODIA – Phnom Penh – Nowadays vs. Past: Phnom Penh’s Colonial History on a Tablet

Location: Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Discover the charismatic, yet hidden heritage of Phnom Penh on this private tour. The tuk-tuk driver and a handheld tablet will guide your guests to 22 different culturally important sites, from the Post Office and the UNESCO Office to the Royal University of Fine Arts.

Your guests will select their language on the tablet, put on the headphones, and while seated comfortably in the tuk-tuk, the driver will make stops in front of all the different sites so that your guests will be able to both hear and see a short history about each one. No need to go out: just click on the related site, listen to the history, and view photos from the past to virtually enter and get to know some of Phnom Phen’s sites not available to the public. All the narratives have been developed after years of research from different historians’ knowledge and archives.

This is truly a new and original way of discovering Phnom Penh’s heritage: having a multi-language tablet taking your guests into Phnom Penh’s past, while they comfortably marvel at how they have changed and exist today.

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