CAMBODIA – Siem Reap – Participate in the Local Village Life

LOCATION: Siem Reap, Cambodia

Experience the authentic Cambodian countryside by visiting multiple local farming villages and witness typical local activities in this remarkable country-side experience. Your travelers will have the chance to actively participate in the creation of local products all while engaging and getting up-close with the welcoming villagers and their unique & traditional farming lifestyle.

Participants will enjoy making their own traditional breakfast by discovering and helping in the different stages of producing hand-made rice noodles. Once they’ve created their own rice noodles they will have the opportunity to enjoy their breakfast together with the family.

Second stop will be to another village that specialises in producing ‘bamboo sticky rice’ as well as harvesting fresh coconuts. Participants will have the chance to take assist in the preparation of these delicious Cambodian snacks while sipping on a fresh coconut.

Along the way, travelers will be able to explore various road-side stalls producing regional palm sugar where the local families will be happy to explain more about how they process the typical Cambodian sugar palm in many different ways.

The last stop will lead to a village house where the local family operates a small business creating palm leaf handicrafts as a source of income. Participants are invited to join in and make a unique handcrafted item themselves which will be theirs to keep and take home as a very personal souvenir from Cambodia!

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